How to Hire a Cocktail Maker Bartender for your Party or Event

Mobile Bar & Cocktail Makers to Hire 

If you’re looking to party with your friends and show your liveliness, then we’ve got some good news for you! We have an assortment of services that will wow you from the get-go and start your exciting event at any store.

But wait, there’s something entirely missing in your party, and you just can’t put your fingers on it. You need to:

Are you puzzled about where to look for these services? Look no further, for Cocktail Hire is here to support your partying dreams to their fullest glory. We offer an assortment of services to ensure that your party life won’t go stale, and we bring the fun anywhere!

Where can you have your Cocktail party?

The short answer to that is: everywhere! You can party at your home, office, and even Airbnb’s if you book them, and we can provide the beautiful services that grant you the most enjoyable cocktail party you’ll ever have.

Hiring a mobile bar should do the trick if you can’t go to either of the places we mentioned. What is a mobile bar, you ask? The name says it all; it’s a bar that can move around to bring the party everywhere you want to go. It’s perfect for outings in the lush forests and sunny beaches where you can have all sorts of parties anywhere in the country.

So, there’s no excuse not to go and have fun partying, because we can give it to you in a neat little package as a gift. Life is too short, so you go and party like there’s no tomorrow and enjoy the day like it’s your last with cocktails and martinis to go.

How to hire a bartender

Bartending takes a lot of skill to master. You might think that bartending is simple, but when you get to try it at parties, you’ll soon realise that it’s incredibly technical. The flashiness comes out of the masterful techniques bestowed upon talented bartenders. Here’s what to look for in  bartenders:

Experienced bartenders are experts at their craft, and all they need to do is keep on improving until they make no mistakes when bartending. A seasoned bartender usually gives you the best drinks, and it’s not even close.When your drink tastes special, you know you hired the right bartender for your party. With all the tricks up the bartender’s sleeve, your drink must taste delicious where the party gets better after that first sip.Bartenders must know neat tricks that amuse a crowd to keep the party going. Usually, bartenders are so skillful at tricks that they even go on talent shows to impress people with their craftsmanship and skill in bartending. It’s truly an art, and a great bartender knows that.

How to hire a cocktail maker

Cocktail makers can create delicious cocktails like it’s nothing. When  hiring one, be sure to read these tips below to get the best cocktail maker:

A great cocktail maker can effortlessly turn any cocktail ingredients into something special. It doesn’t take the time nor a lot of thinking to brew you a delicious cocktail for your party.Cocktail makers who are experienced are always a great fit at parties. They have made so many cocktails in their career, and you’ll be lucky to have them in yours to make your party even more fun.A cocktail maker can tell you in detail what the different ingredients are in making the perfect cocktail drink and tell you which two or three ingredients combinations don’t work at all. The ideal cocktail maker also shows you how to make the ideal drink and credits you for making great cocktails from their teachings.

How to hire a barman

Barmen are stationed in the bar to get you some drinks. Sometimes, the party can become mellow, and barmen are the best at making the night more tolerable during slow parties. To  find the perfect barman, here are a few tips that might help you:

Barmen can think of fascinating conversations to get the talk starting on bars. They usually talk to you and have a fun personality. It’s best to find a barman that’s good at talking and can sustain a great conversation.A great barman is also a good listener. Because he can make great conversations, he should have the natural ability to listen to you talk and make you feel like a long-time friend that you just met that evening.They are great servers of some of the best drinks of the house. You’ll appreciate their skills in service when offering a beer or any other type of drink in his bar, and you’ll want to talk to them and become their friends.

My heading is awesome

Mobile bars are perfect for the outgoing types, and you can bring the party everywhere you go! It’s also amazing to see different places while you party and find other unique places that you won’t imagine are great for parties.

Here are some mobile bar hiring tips for you to know to get the perfect mobile bar in town:

Make sure the bar looks aesthetically pleasing. Nowadays, taking pictures is ubiquitous among partygoers, and you may want to give them an incentive to pull out their phones and take a picture of your mobile bar which should look spectacular.Ensure that the insides of the bar are adequately maintained and cleaned. You don’t want a dirty bar that nobody wants to go to. A clean bar is a healthy bar and thus making it more fun because nobody will worry about health problems when partying.Make sure the mobile bar you hire isn’t too large or too small when going out there to party. It must have an acceptable size that can serve the mobile aspect of the bar while not being too cramped to fit inside for the staff. A perfect balance goes a long way when finding the perfect mobile bar.

Here’s what our partygoers had to say about Cocktail Hire!

“That was the best party I’ve ever gone to! Seriously! I remembered everything about that night and it was spectacular. Everybody had a good time, and our cocktails were so delicious! Can’t wait to go back and party with Cocktail Hire again soon.” – Donald Barns. 

“That was amazing! If you want to party, then get Cocktail Hire’s services right now. If you don’t, you’re seriously missing out on a lot of fun stuff you would otherwise have if you call them. 

Their bartenders do these crazy moves and tricks, and we all gasped in joy then started partying right after. Can’t wait to party again with these fun people shortly!” – Joel Winger.

“I had a few drinks, and this bartender made me a drink that was out of this world. The barmen, bartenders, and cocktail makers were all professional and made the party even more enjoyable as we went all night having some fun.

I honestly cannot wait to go back to hiring Cocktail Hire to give us another fabulous party to experience. That night with them is another beautiful memory I’ll be cherishing for the rest of my life.” – Sherly Orita. 

What other services do we offer?

Aside from hiring the best bartender, cocktail maker, and bartender, we also teach  masterclasses for different party skills if you are into bartending and learning more about what makes a successful cocktail business.

Moreover, we offer classes that teach our students the best way to make the perfect cocktail that will keep you coming back for more! Try out our educational services to be an expert partygoer anywhere you go.

Aside from that, we offer  glassware and ice to make your cocktail party even more fantastic with the right glasses to pour in your cocktail drinks. You can look sophisticated while you party, so don’t let anybody else tell you otherwise.

How to book our services

Booking our services is as easy as ABC or 123.  Call us through our cellphone and telephone numbers and email us for inquiries for specific services. If you want to hire mobile bars, we are also the people to call for that beautiful service so you can start partying like there’s no tomorrow!

The art of cocktail parties and why we love it

Cocktail parties can become the most memorable events you’ll be lucky to witness someday. If you haven’t tried partying inside cocktail bars, then you’re seriously missing out. These are not the typical disco and wild party nights you see on television, and instead are events that portray a very professional setting and feel during these types of parties.

If you’re looking to try your very first cocktail parties where men are in their suits and women are in their beautiful cocktail dresses, then look no further than booking our cocktail services and learning more from us about the industry.

Click the ‘Make Enquiry’ button now and we’ll be back in touch within 2 working days to discuss your event.

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