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Hire a Cocktail Maker, Hire a Cocktail Bartender, Mobile Bar – 2023

Cocktailhire provides Cocktail Makers, Bartenders, Mixologists & Mobile bars to your event. Be it in the home just celebrating with a few of your friends, to a huge marquee rented in for a big occasion such as a wedding. If you’re looking to party with your friends and have a special extra something at your event, then we’ve got some good news for you! We have an assortment of services around cocktail makers or mobile bars that will wow you from the get-go.

We offer stunning service at any event. If you’re planning a 50th, 21st or any Birthday, a Halloween event, Weddings, Or just the first Saturday afternoon of the Summer & want to make an event of it. You can have any of these things become a feature at your event. We at Cocktailhire provide:

Hire a cocktail maker to make you and your friends excellent party cocktails.

Hiring a cocktail bartender to mix and match certain beverages.

Hire a bartender to station the delicious cocktails.

And bar hires to get your cocktail party ready.

Glassware is also available along with Mobile Bar Hires, but ONLY Mobile Bar Hires.

If you hire a cocktail bartender, where can you and your guests have parties?

The short answer to that is: everywhere! You can party at your home, office, and even Airbnb’s if you book them. This is super popular with Hen Parties, and we can provide the beautiful services that grant you the most enjoyable cocktail party you’ll ever have.

Hiring a bar should do the trick if you need that little extra for your event, wedding or party. What is a mobile bar, you ask? The name says it all. It’s a bar that can move around to bring the party everywhere you want to go. It’s perfect for remote locations in which events have been booked. Garden parties, even indoors at homes to keep everyone from mobbing your kitchen islands.

We’ve done events from strange locations in basements, or underground closed down stations, right through to the Fish Markets of Venice. But 90% of our events, are simply in the homes, usually kitchens of the hosts that hire us.

The kitchen island for example is a perfect place, this is our most common place to be put. Everyone can gather around it so easily & it just becomes the perfect central place to have your party with a hired Cocktail Maker, Mixologist or Cocktail Bartender.

Our director Stu Hoyland, one of our cocktail makers for hire

How to hire a mixologist to make your cocktails:

It's super simple, fill out the enquiry form on the site, we call you back to hear all about your event & to make sure you’re not over doing it, or under doing it. Make recommendations to get the best from this service for your event & answer any questions you may have on this service.

Then on your event, our bartenders are there to make delicious cocktails for the allotted time frame. Our bartenders for their events will bring all the equipment they need to perform their tasks on your event. This is inclusive of shaker tins, pour spouts for the bottles to ensure accurate pouring. Spoons etc. We do not include glassware in this service, we touch on this later in the page, but glassware is only a service we can now provide alongside mobile bars for logistical reasons.

From Mojitos, to Espresso Martinis, even Pornstar Martinis. Our bartenders & cocktail makers that you can hire, will make the cocktails you select for a chosen time frame at an allocated location. Super Simple, just fill out the Enquiry form now to find out more.

Getting cocktail bartenders for your event guests:

Very much like we listed above, to hire a cocktail maker. First you need to fill out the enquiry form on our site. Someone from the office will aim to call you within 2 working days. This isn’t set in stone, we may have insanely busy weeks & it may take a little longer. We talk with you about your event, answer any questions you may have then we leave you with the information emailed over after the call. 

We do get people who don't leave telephone contact information & “demand” that we only speak by email.

I'm sorry, but we just outright clean delete these enquiries. They’ll never be responded to.

It opens the door to complete inefficiency & weeks of emailing back & forth questions that could have been answered in minutes at the beginning. We are too busy for that & can't run a business this way. Unless a short 5 minute phone call can be factored into enquiring, we simply just discard the enquiry. 

Along with confirmation & cementing of the pricing you’ve just been told, we also send a cocktail menu.

All we ever need back as an email response, is the address of the event, then the cocktails chosen. We can finish absolutely everything off with only those 2 pieces of information. 

Hire Bartender, Cocktail Bartender Hire

In the exact same way listed above. We only provide cocktail bartenders. This entire paragraph is just to answer a commonly written question on Google. 

We of course don't offer specific genders, you get the best bartender for the event, be it male or female. We also only provide cocktail bartenders, but if they are used to make normal cocktails, such as Gin & tonics, or to open beers. These things are fine, but know we do not offer any discounts for lesser workloads. We operate on a “By the hour basis” & the only 2 tiers in which we offer, are Cocktail Bartenders, or Flair Bartenders. 

Send an enquiry over, we can give you all the information you require. We are on hand to answer any questions & then the information is left with you to take it or leave it. 

Is a Mixologist the same thing as cocktail bartender hire?

Yes, A Mixologist is just another name Bartenders or Cocktail Makers go by. 

There are a few “industry” squabbles about what makes a Mixologist, or what makes a bartender, but ultimately, no matter what title they give themselves, their role is to make guests cocktails. 

So yes, you can hire one from us too, honestly, we’d send the same person.

Only our Mixologists don’t follow the typical stereotype of taking forever to make a drink, or that they will bore their guests with stories of prohibition, or what year their special batch of home made bitters was created. Our Mixologists, Bartenders & Cocktail Makers are there to make sure you get your cocktails in a timely fashion, be able to engage in conversation with your guests & make sure that you as the host have a great time at your party. 

A cocktail maker stands behind a mobile bar, with greenery around

Mobile Bar with your cocktail bartenders:

Mobile bars to hire are perfect for Parties, we have hired out Mobile Bars for all kinds of Locations. From Clothes shops doing Promotions for new stock lines, or launches. To Kitchens or Hallways in homes. To Marquees in back gardens, to completely remote locations in the middle of woodlands on private grounds. 

Most commonly, our Mobile bars are hired & used in Hotels, the ballrooms, function rooms & event spaces in which they have. 

Our Mobile Bars for hire were designed by ourselves & fabricated to our exact specifications, to be the best possible bars on the market, purpose built for our own requirements.

What else?

And then we made sure they were not for sale by any other company. Originally designed so that they could fit in the back of a standard car to be transported. It turns out over the years, our design had a better feature from the fact that it condenses so small when packed up. This means that that our Mobile bar can get into the tightest spaces when loading in. Including difficult staircases, tight hallways & extremely restricted doorways. This has helped us so much over the years with some of the strange locations we have been asked to build a mobile bar.

But in addition, makes a far more attractive hire for clients, as they know getting the bar inside their kitchen, despite a tight hallway, would not be a problem. 

We begin by installing the Steel & Aluminium framework, this is the solid base for ALL our bars, this takes less than 5 minutes once loaded in. 

Then the fun part, we have a vast selection of different aesthetics for bar fronts & bar tops, to create a huge variety of looks on the bar for hire. 

To take a closer look at those fronts & tops that you can currently select. Please take a look at the Bar Page. Or send us an enquiry

Hire a mobile bar for your cocktail maker to stand behind. This is our chesterfield leather effect bar.

Here’s what our partygoers had to say about Cocktailhire!

“That was the best party I’ve ever gone to! Seriously! I remembered everything about that night and it was spectacular. Everybody had a good time, and our cocktails were so delicious! Can’t wait to go back and party with Cocktail Hire again soon.” – Donald Barns. 

“That was amazing! If you want to party, then get Cocktail Hire’s services right now. If you don’t, you’re seriously missing out on a lot of fun stuff you would otherwise have if you call them. 

Their bartenders do these crazy moves and tricks, and we all gasped in joy then started partying right after. Can’t wait to party again with these fun people shortly!” – Joel Winger.

“I had a few cocktails, and this bartender made me a drink that was out of this world. The barmen, bartenders, and cocktail makers were all professional and made the party even more enjoyable as we went all night having some fun.

I honestly cannot wait to go back to hiring Cocktail Hire to give us another fabulous party to experience. That night with them is another beautiful memory I’ll be cherishing for the rest of my life.” – Shirley Orita. 

What other services do we offer?

Aside from hiring cocktail makers, and bartenders, along with Mobile Bars, we also teach  masterclasses for cocktails. This service is mostly found in either a Hen Party, or a Corporate office environment as a team fun & bonding event. But it has plenty of other applications as well. 

How this works is simply select 3 cocktails. A Cocktail bartender provides all the ingredients, we (usually via Amazon) send glasses to your event ahead of time. Then we come along to teach you, your 3 chosen cocktails & have some fun with everyone. 

Our classes are designed around fun, we won't send an over educated, obsessed bartender that's going to drone on about what year a special batch of prohibition bitters was invented etc. We are more than aware you won't care about this. Our guys concentrate on the fun aspects & make sure everyone stays quite lively during our classes & have actual personality. It's a fun activity, not a lecture. 

How to book one of our services

Booking our services is as easy as ABC or 123.  Call us or email us for enquiries. If you want to hire mobile bars, or our Cocktail Makers, Cocktail Bartenders or Mixologists!

The art of cocktail parties and why we love it

Cocktail parties can become the most memorable events you’ll be lucky to witness someday. If you haven’t tried partying inside cocktail bars, then you’re seriously missing out. These are not the typical disco and wild party nights you see on television, and instead are events that portray a very professional setting and feel during these types of parties.

If you’re looking to try your very first cocktail parties where men are in their suits and women are in their beautiful cocktail dresses. Then look no further than booking our cocktail services and learning more from us about the industry.

Click the ‘Make Enquiry’ button now and we’ll be back in touch within 2 working days to discuss your event.

Glassware with Mobile Bar

Glassware hire is an aspect of our services that can be hired, however it is very important to know, that Glassware hire is ONLY available alongside bar hire. 

We are a national company, with bartenders spread throughout the land. Glassware, alongside bars come from a centralised location & are priced accordingly to factor in these logistics, Glassware only, the delivery & pickup charge would be so vast, we cant justify offering this service as a standalone product.

We do offer a page of advice on where to source glassware hire from for your event, you can find this here. 

Or of course, if you’re hiring a bar with us, this is a very simple add on, making your event even easier to organise. 

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