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How to make an Old Fashioned at home

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How to make an Old Fashioned Cocktail at Home:

There is so much attention on the different recipes behind this cocktail. But when making cocktails, Old Fashioned included, at home, we find the principles of sticking to the absolute basics, is always the correct way to go.

-50ml Bourbon, or Whisky. Whatever is to hand.

-Half a teaspoon of Sugar, Brown is best, but again, whatever you have works.

-Dash of Angostura Bitters (this stuff keeps for YEARS & is a great staple to any cupboard)

-Piece of Orange Peel (for zesting, extracting the oil from the skin)

This is it. You have enough to create the bare bones of the Old Fashioned Cocktail.

There are so many variations, accentuations & spin offs of this cocktail recipe. We shall cover a few of these later.

The method of this drink, is to muddle the bitters with the sugar together, add the liquid ingredients & stir until dilution & temperature is reached. No need to complicate it.

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Mobile Bar Hire with Cocktail Makers

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Mobile Bar hire with Cocktail Makers for a Ball 

Earlier this month saw us take 3 of our mobile bar units along with 3 bartenders for a ball in Plymouth, which had unfortunately been postponed over 5 times throughout covid, originally booked in April of 2020, June 2020, then onto September of 2020, this client has tried so many times to make his gathering happen. 

We finally managed it during early December. Read More »Mobile Bar Hire with Cocktail Makers

Hiring A Bartender During Covid Restrictions

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Hiring a bartender during Covid restrictions. 

Can you hire a bartender during the Covid restrictions?

Yes, (as current of 22.9.20) you can still hire a bartender for a gathering in your home, provided the total number of attendees including the bartender does not exceed 6 people. 
Under the current guidelines (published 22.9.20) The English Government have stated that you can still gather across different households, provided the total number does not exceed 6 people in England.
Although Scotland, Northern Ireland & even Wales have gone one step further & restricted inter household gatherings. For England it is still a total number of 6 people, regardless of however many households they come from. 

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Mobile Bar Hire – 10 Things To Consider

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Mobile Bar Hire – 10 things to consider

From small private parties to large festivities and corporate events, mobile bar hire ensures that all guests get the perfect flow of drinks. The popularity of mobile bars is based on the convenience they offer, in terms of portability and service delivery. You, as the event organizer, have the freedom to choose where and when to use it.

Even though there are numerous businesses that offer mobile bar hire services, choosing one can be challenging. But with years of experience in this industry, we can tell you that once you know what to look out for, everything becomes very easy. So, what are some of the things you need to consider when choosing a mobile bar company?

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What is a Cocktail Masterclass?

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What is a Cocktail Masterclass?

You’ll no doubt have seen an advert telling you to try a cocktail masterclass in one of your local chain bars, or maybe you’ve been told about them by a friend but you are still a little sceptical as to what exactly you’ll be getting out of them!

Well, do not worry I will be going through all about cocktail masterclasses right here and explaining to you the benefits of a cocktail masterclass and what you should expect from a good one.Read More »What is a Cocktail Masterclass?