Mobile Bar Hire for Sony 

Flair Bartenders & Mobile Bar hire for Sony

In light of the Camera conference near Oxford, we were hired in by Sony Cameras in order to be subjects for shooting in Lowlight & capturing motion.

The event last the entire day at The Oxford Belfry hotel & our Flair Bartenders were not only  showing skills for the camera, but Cocktail Making for guests to enjoy the drinks too. Even towards the final groups, our bartenders even switched over to teaching cocktail masterclasses for a bit of extra fun at the event.

Flair Bartender hire Near Oxford

hire a flair bartender

Sony Hired the darkest bar front we had, just so it would accentuate the cameras low light capability. We were unable to get the original shots taken, so these iPhone 8 ones, will have to do.

While making more Pornstar Martinis than anything else, which is definitely a highly trending drink right now. We also knocked out some Old Fashioned, some Mojitos & a large selection of Soft Drinks too.

Bartender hire

Cocktail Making Classes

Ice Supply

Sony also requested that we supply the ice for the event also, which is a service we happily offer. We have Gigantic 165 Quart  156 Litre Ice Igloos which can keep ice, as ice for up to one week. So using these on events is an absolute breeze if Clients dont have large chest freezers to hand, or just dont want to deal with the logistics of needing 50+kgs of ice without anywhere to store it.

cocktail hire supplies this ice at a lower cost than the local supermarket can supply it, so it definitely a no brainer to have us supply your ice to your event.


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