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Hire a Bartender in Brighton

Looking for Bartender Hire in Brighton? There are so many event companies out there offering what is appearing to be the same product. How do I know which companies are providing quality Bartenders for Hire? And how to spot the companies to avoid?

Hiring a Bartender in Brighton is just the same as hiring one anywhere else in the country. Or even any other product that you’re about to part with a sum of cash for, do some research. Check Reviews & Dont part with any money or deposits until you’re secure in your mind that you’ve found the right company.

How to Hire a Cocktail Maker Bartender for your Party or Event

Bartender hire

hire a flair bartender

Why should I hire a bartender for my event?

A Bartender is a fantastic way to elevate your event, be it a small gathering of 12 girls in an AirBnB style apartment booked for a Hen Weekend away in Brighton. A birthday party of 50 guests in your own home. Or a Dinner party, right through to a massive Marquee wedding catering for 250/300+ guests. Hiring a Cocktail Bartender not only provides a huge elevation to the event, they can also provide entertainment, Hospitality & service to your guests.

Should you Hire a Bartender local to Brighton?

Facts are, the Bartender for hire will almost ALWAYS be local to Brighton, certainly within an hour away in a car. Chances are, regardless of what company you book through. You’ll get the same bartender as many of the bartenders are Freelance. There are freelance Cocktail Bartenders to hire all over the country based in their respective hometowns. These companies online like us which you book through always send not only the closest bartender possible, but also the most appropriate one to the style of your event. A lot of these bartenders are registered on almost all the Bartender Hire companies books they can be to maximise their own work.

So what you’re really looking for, is the quality of the company you’re booking through. It’s so much more than a pretty website. You need to know the people in the office which you speak too are competent, sending you the Correct Hire Bartender & just make you feel safe & secure in why you should book a bartender in Brighton with them.

So how do I know which Bartender Hire Companies to trust?

Simple. Go with your gut feeling…. There are some companies out there that exclusively deal with Email Only. We personally have no idea how they get, or are in business. If they have no idea what kind of event a person is having. Or be to select the correct style of bartender you would like to hire based on what a client is telling us. How can they be any good?

We find Bartender hire companies that only deal in email, lazy & showing how little they care for your event, what you require & would advise very heavily to steer clear from these companies.

I have been told that one company out there, refuses to call potential clients until a deposit is laid down. Like above, we have no idea how this company is in business. If I had to put money down before I even got to talk to someone about my event… They wouldn’t get to talk to me.

So I’m hiring a bartender from these above companies, how do I know they’re legit?

These above companies also do not work the events themselves, were never at any point Bartenders in their lives & are just simply not equipped to answer your questions or in my opinion, event be trusted to run your event. We covered a much more in depth blog Click Here to read it about how to identify these above companies that farm your event out after booking to complete strangers that they have never met through public forums.

Whether you’re hiring a Bartender in Brighton, Birmingham, Manchester. Doesn’t matter, all these above companies claim they are nationwide, but they don’t have bartenders in these locations, they just take to the bartender forums in force paying pennies for staff while charging you hundreds. Definitely worth checking out that guide.

How do I make sure I dont book one of these dodgy Bartender Hire Companies?

Before I go too much into how bad some of these companies are, these are just finds from experience of seeing how so many of them operate. But there are some excellent companies out there too, of course I would recommend my own, this is why we are writing these guides. Because we know we are one of the Bartender Hire businesses that is there for the client above all else. But we’re not the only ones. There are LOADS of great bartender hire businesses out there that are doing a fantastic job. You can find them.


Simply find the companies, that will TAKE TIME TO LISTEN to your event. Each Bartender hire company is different. Yet each event is special to the person hosting it.

When sending an enquiry into us, you will speak to someone in our office within 2 working days. this person is also not there to sell you anything. Just listen to your requirements. So we can put the perfect package together for you. Fill out the Enquiry form at the base & someone from our office will call to find out all about your event. Then we send you the quotation paperwork, a List of cocktails to choose from & leave the ball completely in your court. No salespeople.

Im seeing lots of companies offering Cocktail Makers for hire, or Mixologists for hire. Is that the same thing? 

YES, in short. But like many trades in the world, Bartenders are also called many different things. 

The most common terms we have & google reports that more people find us through searching “Cocktail Maker For Hire” than they do “Hire a Bartender”.

Mixologists is also another term thats used heavily, however this is more a term used by the event companies. Far more than our domestic side of our business. 

So a Cocktail Maker is definitely the same as a Cocktail Bartender & a Mixologist, you can hire all of these with us. 

Bartender Hire Brighton

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But I want to hire a Flair bartender in Brighton?

Thats fine. Plenty of companies do this. We do & you can check this page out here. 

But dont let a company talk you into this because they want you to have it, Flair Bartenders are more expensive to hire. you should only book it, if you think it will really add value to your event.

The best way to approach this, is very straight forward. Gather as much information as possible from all the different companies. Send as many enquiries out as you have time to request. Then very simply go through all those company quotes for Bartender hire in Brighton & whichever you feel the most comfortable with at the end of your research. Book that one.

You can get a quote from us by filling out this Enquiry form & someone will call you back in 2 working days to talk about your plans for your event.


Stu Hoyland – Director. @ cocktailhire

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