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Hire a Cocktail Maker – Stepping in on an event cancelled by another company

Cocktail maker hire in Berkshire for an 21st birthday party. 

A last minute call came in last month, for a birthday girl in Berkshire, looking for a couple of cocktail makers to cater cocktails for 70 guests at very last minute because another event company which they had booked previously had let them down. 

This is a devastating situation to be in & we hate to have them, but we experience calls like this all the time. Other companies claiming all kinds of excuses as to why they cannot complete events that have been paid for. 

In this case, they used the Covid isolation as their excuse as to why they could not attend this event. 

When cocktail makers need to cancel. 

We have no idea why this company failed to attend the clients event, we also have no idea what alternative methods they even proposed to complete the event. Unfortunately, I was not able to extract the name of the company in conversing with the client which let the hosts down, in order to name & shame them. I wish I did have this information.

But it still devastates us in the office when we get calls of this nature. Birthday girls, Bridesmaids organising the ultimate hen party, Parents, Company event organisers, whomever makes the calls to book Cocktail Makers, Bartenders, hiring mobile bars. Anything in this nature. 

Its like the companies just forget what they do & lose touch about what matters to the very people who have paid for an event. Leaving them stranded without the very thing they were relying on to make their event a special one. 

We do see all too often, an events company or drinks caterer, post on social media, or even some of their bartenders who may also do events for different companies, Tag the companies on social media. Simply proving, the events company was too small to handle multiple events in multiple locations & simply bailed on the clients event, to attend one of higher specification, attendance & in essence. More money. It happens more times than I wish to see. But on this occasion, due to the Director taking a month out of the field in order to work on the admin side of the business. We had bodies available to take on this event. 

The Location of the Cocktail Party 

A stunning farm in Berkshire, very close to the M4, the clients had the most ideal setting. A barn, with the most beautiful beams across the ceiling. It housed a plastic LED bar which was already hired in from another Mobile Bar Hire company. Only these guys delivered. 

LED blocks Cocktail Makers

A barn in Berkshire for cocktail makers to bartend in for the evening.

Glassware was also hired from a further different company. But again, they had turned up. 

So we began preparing for our side of the event. 

Alex & Stu, Alex being very experienced in the high end side of our cocktail making business & Stu, the company director began on finding a source of hot water to create the Coffee for the espresso martinis on the cocktail menu. 

The client came to meet us, introduce themselves & thank us so heavily for this last minute step in. 

Of course for every event, Fruit preparation is a part of the setup. But because of the LED Bar being very restrictive in the space it offered. We had to adapt. So we began using pre-mix bottles in order to merge many ingredients into a single Dispense unit. 

Espresso Martinis. We would pour the Coffee mix we had made, the sugar syrup & the coffee liquor into one premix bottle, meaning it only needs to be poured with vodka, to complete. 

Pornstar Martini a very similar approach, the Passion fruit puree, Passoa, Pineapple & vanilla all merged into one bottle, meaning it frees up so many of the necessary space to hold all these ingredients individually. & likewise with the previous cocktail. Only the vodka needed to be added. 

Cosmopolitan again, very similar, the Cranberry, Lime & Triple sec, compiled into a single bottle. So again, just vodka need be poured & shaken to make this drink work. Its such an efficient way to do things if you are restricted on work space & our cocktail makers made it work so well for them. 

LED mobile bar

Cocktail Makers preparing for the 21st Birthday in Berkshire

The LED mobile bar at the cocktail party. 

Without sounding like we’re complaining about the products just because another company provided them. The Plastic LED bars are so commonplace in our industry. 

They are super lightweight. Which may serve an amazing help when loading into or out of a venue. 

But during an event, its the hardest thing to work with, a Mobile Bar, which moves if you blow on it, let alone if a guest leans on it. By the end of an event, a Circular plastic LED mobile bar, will be in 4 different sections spread around the venue in a vague shape of what was formed at the beginning of an event. They contain zero linking tools, in order to keep the bars together. 

They also offer ZERO workspace. The huge plastic moulding, cares so much about its aesthetic & keeping the LED looking the way it does, that it offers zero spaces behind the mobile bar for storage, Working space to prepare or because again of this lightweight form factor. An unstable bar top to even have drinks prepared on its top. 

Inadequate Glassware hire for the Cocktail volume: 

The company hiring the glasses should have asked more questions. There were 70 guests at this event where our hired cocktail makers had to provide for, The cocktail party was 4 hours in duration. The glassware company provided only 70 Martinis & 70 Highball glasses. Which means they were expecting over 4 hours, for each guest to only have 2 drinks. The maths always baffles us. 

But the problem this generated for the hosts. Is now, they’ve hired cocktail makers, Mobile bars, glassware hire in order to be relieved of this pressure so they can enjoy their birthday party in which they’ve organised. 

But instead, they are now spending the entire night in a kitchen washing up these glasses so the cocktail makers can keep filling them with cocktails for the guests. It became an extremely labour intensive evening for them. 

Our Director Stu, helped where he could, but this can only be done when the Bar service is quiet enough for him to apply his attentions to areas like this. 

Pornstar Martini Cocktail makers

Cocktail Makers lining up the drinks moments before service

The obstacles to overcome to attend this cocktail event. 

This event was during the Fuel crisis of September 2021, Our van was on one quarter of a tank, with approx 125 miles left on the range. It was enough to get to the event & possibly 25% of the way home. So at 00:30 on the Friday night, Stu had to drive around a substantial portion of Hampshire in order to find fuel. This was seemingly counter productive, to use incredible amounts of fuel, In order to find fuel. But it needed to be done. After almost 3 hours & 60 miles of the range now depleted. He found somewhere at 3am where he could top up a maximum of £50 due to the forecourt rules in place because of this situation. Luckily this was enough to execute the journey & the cocktail party was saved. 

The cocktails our bartenders made. 

There were 4 cocktails on this menu. 

  • Espresso Martini
  • Pornstar Martini 
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Mojito 

Super popular classic cocktails, always go down an absolute storm. Which is where the event for these moments, did not feel so thrown together last minute. The service was smooth, Our Cocktail Makers were able to not only have an initial 70 Cocktails out on the bar top (somehow balanced as it was not a stable bar) & guests were thoroughly enjoying their cocktail experience throughout the service 4 hours. 

cocktail making pornstar martinis

Hire a cocktail maker

The Summary of the Cocktail Event 

All in all, the client was happy. They appreciated the event given that their original cocktail makers cancelled on them. Our bartenders were able to step in. The DJ for the event was a victim of the Fuel crisis & could not attend. So we were grateful to have gone out late at night beforehand to remedy this issue. 

Given the things that go into organising something like this. 

- A Mobile Bar 

- Cocktail Makers to be hired. 

- Glassware Hire 

- DJ’s

- Caterers

- Sound & light production. 

Companies cannot let clients down, even in fuel crisis moments, or indeed covid. Everyone worked harder than would normally be expected in order for the Cocktail party to work. But it was certainly a less than deal situation. 

So if you’re booking or hiring a cocktail maker. Please ensure that you can trust the company you’re booking with. Find out their cancelation policies, not just from your side if you cancel. But from theirs if they cannot fulfil an event. Find out what they will do to find alternative cocktail makers, bartenders or mixologists. You’re paying for a service, you want the service you paid for, So always make sure to hire the cocktail makers, or any other factor of your event, that has good reviews, good policies & just in general. A sense of trust if built whilst you discuss your event with them. 

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