Mobile Bar Chesterfield

Mobile Bar hire with Cocktail Makers for a Ball 

Earlier this month saw us take 3 of our mobile bar units along with 3 bartenders for a ball in Plymouth, which had unfortunately been postponed over 5 times throughout covid, originally booked in April of 2020, June 2020, then onto September of 2020, this client has tried so many times to make his gathering happen. 

We finally managed it during early December. 

A 1920’s theme, set in a picturesque building in Plymouths Historic Sea walls, the general vibe was that of a Gatsby era, although our client did not go for the typical Art Deco style bar fronts we have & were expecting though & instead opted for the Black Leather Chesterfield look for the Mobile Bar. These bar fronts were actually brand new also & all 3 have never featured together, so I was of course excited to see how they would all look next to each other. 

Black Mobile Bar tops were chosen to also match. 

We do have other options with our Mobile bar. Our Mobile bar tops are made from a composite called DiBond, used to make the extreme heavy weather duty you would see for example as makeshift panels outside new housing builds or the printed boards during a building construction. These panels are extremely resistant to wear & tear like scratching & general heavy duty use, let alone its purposes as a bar top. We feel over the top possibly, but worth it, definitely.

Mobile Bar Chesterfield

Chesterfield Mobile Bar Front in Plymouth

The bar tops we offer currently at the time of writing this are:

– White Mobile Bar Tops 

– Black Mobile Bar Tops 

– Aluminium / Silver Mobile Bar Tops

– Wooden Mobile Bar Tops 

Meaning that whatever your event, whatever your theme, whatever your aesthetic is. We are one of the only Mobile Bar hire companies with fully customisable bar tops to match the remaining aesthetic of your event. 

Loading in & setting up the Mobile Bar 

This presented a challenge of its own. Once we arrived, we were then told (which was not informed prior) That the event was being held on the third floor. There was a service lift, but now it meant extreme restriction as we had to now wait on a lift for each load ascending up to the floor in which the event was being held on. We also had to share this lift with a caterer loading in food supply for the event also. 

This meant we also took turns in taking up our appropriate items. This stage of loading in took longer than expected, a lot longer. But we also arrived with plenty of time to spare on top of our already scheduled hour prior. Giving us the excess lenience in time we needed to get this Mobile Bar up onto the 3rd floor. 

This client also hired Glassware to cover 120 guests. Most of the cocktail menu was in Coupette’s too, which mean A-LOT of boxes of Coupette cocktail glassware along with the Mobile Bar, the Bartenders of course began the setup on the Event floor, Pornstar Martini was on the menu, alone with Espresso Martini & Margarita. So Coupette’s really were the main glass of the evening, also matching the 1920’s Gatsby theme. These glasses looked perfect place along with the mobile bar, for fancy dress theme & 120 guests all dressed in their Art Deco period outfits. 

Speed of service of the Bartenders on a Mobile Bar: 

The reason we would always promote the hire of our Mobile bars are for the increase in speed of service for the bartenders. We have a video here on why we promote the use of designed layouts for our bartenders to have, which not only re-create, but improve upon the setups they would have in a fully installed permanent cocktail bar. 

This always ensures that our guests have their drinks in a faster timeframe, as we do not want guests waiting for drinks. At any moment of the event. This was a little “Overkill” giving all 3 bartenders a station each, but if the client wanted 3 bar units as the aesthetic covered a whole area, we are not going to argue it. But sensibly advise that the Bartenders would only need 2 units or 3 metres of mobile bar in order to adequately cover this event. 

The Mobile Bars we have feature & boast Speed rails, which are sections that hang at knee level off the edge of the bar, which store all the stock bottles required for immediate service, at the perfect height for bartenders to effortlessly & speedily grab at their convenience to make the drinks. 

However, on an event where space is extremely limited. They also fulfil another purpose. Creating space on the work surfaces of the bar. This allows for glassware to be put in place of where stock bottles would go on any other design from other companies. Meaning a far more efficient bartender working on your event. 

It also boasts fully fitted ice wells, these are full stainless sink units that are fitted with insulation also, to the bar unit itself integrated & flush with the work surface, again, this increases the speed & efficiency in which a cocktail maker thats been hired can work behind our hired mobile bar & in turn, as we have mentioned a few times now. Get the drinks to your guests in a much faster timeframe. 

We know that clients do not care about what the bartenders side of the mobile bar looks like. We are aware that as long as a mobile bar looks good on the guest facing side. That a client tends to not be fussed about the workings of the industrial side. 

However we do encourage clients to factor in the necessity of the speed of service at an event in the forefront of choosing which mobile bar to put their cocktail makers or bartenders that have hired behind.

Mobile Bar Hire Behind

Working industrial side of Mobile Bar setup

Mobile Bars & Bartenders working alongside other services. 

This venue also wanted to provide another bar of their own, this was a general service mobile bar, which provided the general Spirit & Mixers, alongside some prosecco & a large selection of gins. 

Upon booking our services, we did inform the client that our bartenders would be more than capable of having these items behind our bar & that they could save on labour & efforts by not having these. But if the client wants to offer different choices over different locations. Who are we to argue. 

By the end of the event, the bartenders working alongside the other other mobile bar, were asking for selections of our cocktails to be placed on the other bar top also. Not a boast that our cocktails were more popular, just more a message of practicality as they were the novelty items. Therefore the guests wanted to really use it. 

Our bartenders Harry & Steven working alongside the Director Stu loved this event, the guests were full of life, jokes & happy vibes over the bar & entertaining these guests was super easy. Packing up the event, ok. 3 Floors back down wasn’t the best. But wed had accepted it by this stage. 

Alternative Bar front options: 

  • Wooden Mobile Bar Front:

By literally MILES, our most popular bar front is always the Wooden one. We thought the we had them designed & fabricated, that these would be the least used, possibly for the occasional tiki party, or outdoor Teepee tent style wedding. 

We were wrong, every bbq, every indoor event involving anything with Pina coladas, even luxurious stately homes, this bar front is chosen as it truly matches the aesthetics of the environment perfectly. 

  • LED Mobile Bar Front: 

This one quite the reverse, when we fabricated these LED panels custom to our bar, we expected these to be hands down the most popular of all the bars we have. Oh how we were wrong, these are the least used. We couldn’t believe it, but its true. The LED is not only the multitude of colours as an LED panel which creates an aesthetic of its own merits. 

But the LED panels can also be a backlighted for other artwork. We have a frame that encloses the LED panel, which also houses in posters, printed logos & other things such in which clients can have printed for their event. 

We ourselves, have Art Deco panels, Martini Neon style cocktail bar prints, Disco Prints & some branded work too, however, we of course don’t expect clients to want our branded bar fronts to be featured anywhere. 

  • White Chesterfield Mobile Bar Front: 

A new addition for this year, we have the black ones already, so White was a logical choice & they are beautiful, even if we do say so ourselves. Faux leather, teamed with a white bar top, it has such elegance. A Fantastic choice for anyone wanting the class of Chesterfield, but the lighter shade of white to match an outdoor setting for example, or a clean looking Art Gallery. 

  • Marble Print Mobile Bar Front: 

This admittedly is a faux marble, of course it is. But its look is fantastic & we have had this in a palatial setting. Unfortunately though, this was also a setting in which Non Disclosure agreements were signed & photography was not allowed. So we have no images of this bar in play. But We will work on this. 

  • Faux Brick Mobile Bar Front: 

We featured this very heavily throughout 2021 at summer outdoor events, as it seemed to be just as popular as the wooden bar front for outdoor events. Again, these are not real bricks. But the aesthetic looks authentic enough for a mobile bar front. Teamed we feel with the Black Bar Top, it has a very elegant feel to it. 

To hire any of these Mobile Bars, or of course our Bartenders & Cocktail Makers. Please do feel free to check out our enquiry form & send us over an enquiry for your event. 

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