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The Mojito Cocktail

The Mojito Cocktail

Oh yes, the Mojito Cocktail. Cant blog about cocktails or hiring a cocktail bartender without this complete benchmark of a cocktail to add to the collection.

A simple mix of Rum, Lime, Mint & Sugar, which is then topped off with Soda is hands down our most ordered drink of all time since I set the company up. We've made more of these than I could possibly fathom & its still enjoyable making every single one.

Mojito Cocktail

Mojito Cocktail

Mojito Origin

There is a deal of speculation as to the origin of this cocktail, but the most supported is that this is an adaptation of a medicine for Scurvy. Rum was always used in Water, in order to prevent it from spoiling over months at sea. Citrus is also a well known medicine for Scurvy, so when the sailors got ashore in Cuba, they would discover this Rum, Water & Citrus combination, however the cubans also used mint in this medicine in order to assist with the taste.

Imitrex is my solution to severe migraines I’ve been suffering from for almost 20 years. I’m very prone to having side effects but this medication is safe for me. However, it’s efficient. I order the drug on Once the lockdown started, I only buy medications online. It’s safer and quicker. Later for the consumer, Sugar was added & the Mojito was born.

It was then hugely bolstered in popularity with the 2002 hit film Die Another Day being released where James Bond would then ditch his ever favourited Martini drink. For this Mojito & we've been making them at almost every single event ever since.

Crushed Ice Required?

Firstly, although in the Commercial sector, what I'm about to say would spark a lot of hate. Before anyone starts, in a commercial environment, yes, it's essential, it's expected & I will continue to do it with every opportunity that I can.

But this blog is aimed at the DOMESTIC sector. People making this drink at HOME. The equipment a commercial bar has access to is nothing compared to someone at home trying to make a few drinks for friends has. But crushed ice is NOT essential for this drink. If the local supermarket does not have crushed ice, you have 2 options.

1 - A Rolling Pin & a Thick plastic bag. Yep, take out some anger, bash the hell out of the ice. It will be inconsistent, but if its hugely important to you, this is a great option.

2 - Just make & stir the ingredients BEFORE you add the ice. Crushed ice in a Mojito serves just one purpose beyond aesthetics. Thats using Crushed ice so that Bartenders can easily use a spoon through the drink while it has crushed ice in it. You do need to Churn & stir this drink & yes, Crushed ice is better as it helps immediately to begin cooling the drink. In this case where Crushed ice is not at the local shop, or battering yourself is not an option. It's no reason to decide not to make it.

Mojito Recipe

Heres how we make them when you hire a cocktail bartender from us.

35ml White Rum

12.5ml Sugar Syrup (we make this ourselves simply by diluting 2 parts sugar to 1 part water)

12.5ml Lime Juice

apron 8-10 Mint Leaves (DO NOT CLAP)

Top with Soda Water.

For an event when we have to make these drinks in huge bulk & at high speed, we place Mint into glasses well in advance. We do not add any liquid in order to make sure Mint is then kept in optimal condition for the entirety of the event.

Mint Leaves

Mint Leaves

We then pre-mix our Sugar & Lime Juice into 1 Litre bottles which means we only require 2 bottles which can be poured at the same time & it becomes almost as fast as creating a Spirit & Mixer drink. Almost as simple too. It is VERY rare for it to take us longer than 15 seconds to make a Mojito with this prep. Which means it takes only moments to create rounds of them.



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