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The Pornstar Martini

The Pornstar Martini

Everyone knows the Pornstar Martini nowadays. It's sweet, it's fruity, it's got a punch of not only Vodka, but also some Prosecco to back it up. Whats not to like? There is a reason why it's blown up in popularity over the last few years.

Its almost impossible to go to any bar nowadays & not see Pornstar Martini on the menu. Or littered around the tables of groups on a night out.

Pornstar Martini Tree

Group of Pornstar Martinis


As a brief history, this drink was originally called "Maverick Martini" & created by a guy called Douglas Ankrah but re-named to Pornstar Martini to create something more provocative in order to bring guests out of their comfort zone & seem a little wild when in his bar.

How to make a Pornstar Martini AT HOME

The Recipe

How we do it in cocktailhire when you hire a cocktail bartender from us is in its simplest possible form.

30ml Vodka

15ml Passion Fruit Liqueur

25ml Passion Fruit Puree

25ml Pineapple Juice

5ml Vanilla Extract (the small bottles in any baking section in a supermarket)

25ml Prosecco (DO NOT ADD until AFTER the shake, things will get very messy if you add before)

Many people will argue about why we use Vanilla Extract instead of Vanilla Vodka. The reason we do so, is simply client simplicity & product usage.

Vanilla vodka is not always readily available on supermarket shelves & we try to make things as easy for our clients as possible. Plus, we go to homes all the time where clients open their liquor cabinets & give us vintage bottles from pre-1960 & say, things like "This was my grandads, please find a way to use it & get rid of it" By giving a client Vanilla Vodka that was not used at the end of the event, this ends up being one of those products that sit in their liquor cabinets. So a normal bottle of vodka, in which our client is happy to use if there is any left over, then we add Extract as we need it.

Pornstar Martini Stock footage

Pornstar Martini Stock footage

For events & speed efficiency, we also pre-mix the Vanilla Extract, Passion Fruit & Pineapple into a 2 litre bottle all ready, so we only need pour 3 bottles before the shake. It makes for incredibly fast cocktail making & allows our cocktail bartenders to focus on keeping guests entertained as well as the Cocktail Making that we have been hired to do.



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