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Cocktail Makers for hire in London September 2021

Hiring a cocktail maker & mobile bar in Shoreditch, London 

End of September 2021 saw a booking for us in the Old Truman Brewery in Shoreditch. A beautiful site, Situated on Brick Lane in Londons E1 district. Where Design Agency BLUP wanted to hire 3 of our cocktail makers, 3 Metres of Mobile Bar & all the accompanying glassware hire for their unveiling of a new line within their agency. 

Their Brief was simple. They wanted to hire the Cocktail Bartenders to make cocktails very quickly, with minimal fuss, guests not to wait for any drinks & for the drinks to still look pretty enough for the event. 

The Cocktail menu they chose was exactly that, simple, yet elegant. 

Espresso Martini’s were the first on the docket. Being that Ciroc Vodka sponsored their side of the event, they wanted to ensure this product was used heavily for the choices. 

This was closely followed by a Joan Collins (Vodka Sour, with Soda) To give the guests a longer drink option, without the posh Martini glass. 

We had in addition, a Moscow Mule, Vodka, with Ginger beer, Lime & a touch of Bitters. 

They also wanted to make sure plenty of options for normal Spirit & mixer drinks were available, alongside beers & a special wine they had created for this event. 

Our director spent the time on the phone to this & very much like all of our clients, listening to their needs, how they want their event to be portrayed in not only their eyes, but the perception of their guests & how they want their guests experience to be of the event. BLUP agency has used Cocktailhire plenty of times before, so the BLUP team were very clear, they wish for the cocktail bartenders to be very much an integral part of the entertainment, as well as the drinks service. 

Installing the Mobile Bar for our cocktail makers:

Our head bartenders arrived with plenty of time before the remaining Cocktail Bartenders in order to have the Mobile bar completely installed & built before their arrival. Of course, once parking access was achieved, our Mobile bars are very simply brought into the venue piece by piece. Our Bar units, the largest section of it, I just 1M x 0.75M & only 15cm thickness. It can get through the smallest doorways, the tightest of hallways, the most difficult flights of stairs, or the most restricting corners. Our mobile bars can literally be installed ANYWHERE & its a truly unique design, created in house with our experience & requirements working closely with the most incredible metal fabricators so our mobile bars can guarantee to be built to exactly what we NEED, without the faff of providing features or bulk in which we don't. 

Firstly, some protective drugget is installed on the floor, this offers protection against 2 things. 

1- Damage to any floor surface. This is a metal bar, although the feet on the base of it are adjustable & also rubber outfitted. Its still best to take an extra precaution. 

2- Collection of any potential spilled liquids. Our rubber drugget flooring is ribbed, this ensures any liquid spilled, as rare as it is in which this would happen. Is contained within the bar space & can be dealt with by the cocktail bartenders before it makes contact with any floor surface. 

Once the initial Frame pieces fold out, 2 stabilising shelves are placed to lock the entire frame in place, as well as being functional platforms themselves. 

A support strut is installed before an Ice well is then sunken into the mobile bar. This entire process barely takes 2 to 3 minutes. 

The Mobile Bar is now ready for the cladding. A Huge selection of cladding is available for our bars, taking on a variety of looks. From Chesterfield in both White, or Black. To pink, or even Marble looks. There are also LED panels, which although look great just on their own, we recommend clients order their own artwork, banners or posters, which can then be installed into the LED panels & be elegantly backlit for the duration of the event. 

BLUP chose the wooding Pallet bar style cladding, with the matching Wooden tops.

Mobile Bar Hire London

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Preparation work for the cocktail makers: 

Once the mobile bar is built, its time to begin the Preparation. We made the Americano Coffees, for the Espresso Martini & placed it all into bottles to cool, ready in time for service. We also added sugar & the coffee Liqueur to this mix in advance, so we can save on time during service. This means our cocktail bartenders only need use this pre-mixed bottle, alongside the Vodka for the drink & shake it up, minimal time, minimal fuss. Meaning guests get their drinks far faster. 

In addition to this, we had to prepare for the Joan Collins in a similar way. The Cocktail Makers then made the sugar syrup by simply boiling a kettle, dissolving 2 parts sugar to 1 part boiling water. Letting it cool & placing it in bottles much like the previous cocktail. Its then mixed 50% with Sugar Syrup & 50% Lemon Juice. This also meant, we only need to pour this singular bottle, alongside the Vodka & this drink too, was quickly ready for shaking & serving. 

Ice supply for cocktail making:

Due to the nature of BLUP being a design agency & the site being difficult access for large quantities of anything to be purchased & carried by the internal team at BLUP. For a 5 hour long event, for 120 people. We provided the ice for this, we brought along over 85KGs of ice with us. This is not a service we offer as standard. Only with Bar & glassware supply, as logistics for this would be impossible on a working day. But for one less job for the client to worry about, it works when clients are hiring the entire package. 

  • Mobile Bar Hire 
  • Cocktail Maker / Cocktail Bartender hire 
  • Glassware Hire 
  • Ice Supply 

Cocktail Bartenders during Service: 

Thanks to the meticulous attention to preparation on events such as this, our team of cocktail makers were able to seamlessly handle service, not only without fluster, any sense of rush, or stress because a guest was waiting. But to effortlessly deliver drinks in such prompt time scales. That they also had more than enough time to actually interact & chat with the guests. Making them feel so much more welcome to the event. 

Personality in our cocktail bartenders were truly appreciated at this event, while we do respect, a few of our clients prefer to have the Cocktail bartenders more of a background feature. A place to quietly retrieve a drink, in which our bartenders take on a much quieter role. 

This particular client, wanted to ensure the bar dominated the entire space it was installed in. So our Cocktail Makers adopted much more of a hospitable attitude, ensuring every single guests truly enjoyed coming to the bar for a drink, as opposed to seeing it as a chore. 

The Cocktail Makers dress code, as standard if a client has not asked for anything different, will always be a white formal shirt & black trousers, with black shoes. A female Bartender may adopt whatever suitable equivalent to this, in order to match as close she can to the other cocktail makers as possible. 

For this event, our cocktail makers were requested to be in full waistcoat, tie & white formal shirts. 

We have been asked to present ourselves in Jeans & T-Shirts for product lunches, yet in Peaky Blinder style outfits, for themed events. A lot of the time, clients want our cocktail bartenders to wear the companies branded uniforms or clothing. This is not a problem, If you need a different presentation, please do not hesitate to ask us about what your cocktail maker can wear as uniform for your event.

Hire Cocktail Makers for an event in London

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What happens at the end of my event:

The cocktail makers once they have finished service will begin to pack down the mobile bar into the pieces in which it arrived in. It is then portaged out of the venue & into the van waiting close by. 

The rubber drugget is left in place until the last minute incase of any spillages from the ice well, or the water retention units underneath the ice wells. Once this is removed, the cocktail bartenders will then take all the collected glassware, also take out to the awaiting van. 

Any unused Ice is then discarded in a nearby drainage system, if that is not available, it will also be packed back onto the van for removal from the site. 

The fact is, we leave the area as we found it. Occasionally, building policies will require that we leave the refuse bags in place for an allocated team to remove it. But once we are finished, you would never have even known a bar was there. 

If you wish to contact us to hire a service like this, or talk to someone about your requirements in a cocktail bartender hire, or mobile bar. 

Please click this link & don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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