What is a Cocktail Masterclass?

You’ll no doubt have seen an advert telling you to try a cocktail masterclass in one of your local chain bars, or maybe you’ve been told about them by a friend but you are still a little sceptical as to what exactly you’ll be getting out of them!

Well, do not worry I will be going through all about cocktail masterclasses right here and explaining to you the benefits of a cocktail masterclass and what you should expect from a good one.

What exactly is a cocktail masterclass?

Having done my fair share of cocktail masterclass both participated and hosted them I would say I have got a good idea of what they should include. Strictly speaking, a cocktail masterclass or cocktail class as I have seen them described as should be exactly what it says in the title, you should be taught a masterclass in cocktail making and mixing.

Now let’s break that down for you, a cocktail masterclass is an excellent opportunity for anyone whether you’ve had some experience working in your local pub or helped out your friend’s dads bar or whether you have absolutely no clue what a cocktail even is! All will be laid bare in this multi-hour lesson and exploration into the key aspects of cocktails.

You’ll be shown how to use the correct equipment and what they’re used for, the correct technique when shaking cocktails and why we shake them the way we do.  The difference between shaking and stirring cocktails, even why some cocktails are simply built in the glass and not shaken at all!

But more importantly, it should be enjoyable! If at the end of the class, you have not had a good time I’d ask for your money back as it should be an absolute blast for everyone involved.

Hen Party cocktailhire

Hen Party cocktailhire

What makes a good cocktail masterclass?

So, you have googled what cocktail masterclasses are and now you have had a look at what different venues or companies offer from their masterclasses.  You’re now wondering what one to pick, but what makes a cocktail masterclass better than the next?

Firstly, and most importantly the bartender/instructor. As I said above, having done this before you need someone who has a passion for what they are doing and knows their stuff. With each cocktail you make I always explain a brief history of the cocktail, where it came from, how it came about how long ago it was invented.

Then as you go through an initial demonstration on how to make the cocktail you should be told what each ingredient going into the cocktail is and what effect it has on the final outcome of the cocktail.

Once all that is said and done you should be told to give it a go yourself! I always liked to get people to come behind the bar and make them in pairs and make games and competitions as we go along, who can make the cocktail quickest, who makes the best-looking cocktail etc.  All of this makes the whole experience so much more fun and enriching which is really what you are looking for.

Next, you want to be making a range of cocktails, preferably 3-4 cocktails all using different techniques and equipment so that you get the full experience of being behind the bar! The whole group of yours should really be engaged and getting involved with what is going on, even in the larger groups.

Why a masterclass over simply hiring a bartender to make your drinks for you?

Now this is an excellent question and the simple answer is that you get far more out of a masterclass, but it is got to be for the right occasion! You do not really want to be making and learning about cocktails at a wedding reception but it’s perfect for hen or stag do’s.

Furthermore, the interaction and enjoyment of getting behind a bar and making cocktails is so much fun – throwing a drink around your hands as your shaking so hard you think your elbows are going to fall off!

Then once you have finished your masterclass you should have picked up enough skills to be able to make some drinks at home for yourself after buying some ingredients. Mojitos to daiquiris… Pornstar Martinis to Old fashioned’s. They all require you to know what you are doing to make them the right way, but it is SO worth it.

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Cocktail Making Classes

Still not sure who to do your cocktail masterclass with?

It goes without saying that if you have read all the way down to here, you are probably quite serious about partaking in a cocktail masterclass. But it does involve a lot of hassle and planning, especially if it is for a big group and we have all been there… it just does not seem worthwhile sometimes. Well, let us take that issue off your hands. Send an enquiry to cocktailhire.com and we’ll ensure you have such a good time you’ll want to do our masterclasses twice.

Fill out the booking form below to find out more & speak to someone in the office about hiring our bartenders for your cocktail masterclass.



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