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Cocktail Making Class – Find the right Masterclass in 2020

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Sex & the City Cosmopolitans

Cocktail Making Classes – Find the right Masterclass in 2022

How do I book cocktail making classes? 

Our Cocktail Makers are fantastic at Hen Parties, Corporate Office buildings, Birthday Parties & any other event where you would want to have a fun Cocktail Making Class.

What is a Cocktail Making Class? 

Cocktail making classes have been around for years, there are many different types of formats of these classes. From being held in bars all over the country, hosted before the bars get busy for their evenings trading. Right through to huge corporate office buildings wanting something as a team bonding activity for their staff members. 

Its a class where you learn a number of pre-determined cocktails as a fun activity & get to drink the cocktails in which you created during & after the event. Its hugely popular with smaller numbers of parties. 

Sex & the City Cosmopolitans

Sex & the City Cosmopolitans

Cocktail Making Classes in Bars: 

Hugely popular is the Bar based cocktail making masterclass. For this, your group would need to head to the venue in which you booked with. You would have either chosen on your cocktails in advance, or you would be using their allotted course with fixed cocktails. 

You pay your per head figure & you proceed to walk behind the bar & create your drinks. 

It does have its positives:

You’re already out, this way, every member of your party is all dressed up & ready to hit the town. Its a fantastic way to get a night started. 

However: Although our reasons are biased as we offer the alternative, this kind of cocktail making class in our opinion has more drawbacks than positives. 

Too Early for a Cocktail Making Class (in our opinion)

Its too early – Not that its our opinion to tell you when you can or cannot start drinking. Cocktail Masterclasses in bars are considered low value income to the bars, its merely a way to make a quick couple of hundred quid before the main trade starts up. You’re not catered very well for, other team members are still walking through your party either carrying food to the business in the other room, or in some cases we’ve heard of. Still cleaning the venue from the night before, or setting it up for the night to come. Imagine trying to have your big important Hen party with someone banging stools away 6ft away from you.?

But they’ll have you in at times like 5pm to begin a large scale evening out. For a group of Hens is almost immediately condemning them to a before midnight return to bed. We know this is a plus for some, but for many on their rare weekends away or out, they want to make the most of an evening. 

To be 3 cocktails & a couple of prosecco’s deep before 7pm & nobody has even had dinner yet, so add some wine to that before 8. Is quite a fast paced level of drinking for this time of the day & its almost guaranteeing to be ending nights early, or even if your party did want to move to a club. Risking denied entry because of the party having far too much to drink by the time you want to move to a late night venue. 

Hen Party cocktailhire

Hen Party cocktailhire

Getting behind the bar for your cocktail making classes: 

You cannot get your group behind the bar in a number that would be ideal: The bar can only usually cope with 2, possibly 3 of your group behind a bar at any one time. So you find yourselves in a “Queue” to get your turn to make cocktails, by the time the third or fourth group get to make their cocktails. The first group are thirsty, nursing empty glasses. Not to mention that everyone is fed up of the teacher/bartender now repeating themselves 4 times. 

What is the Alternative for Cocktail Making Classes:

In your very own home, at a time which suits YOU. 

We specialise in bringing the cocktail masterclass to the client. This can be many things as per our experience over the years. 

We have had Cocktail Masterclasses in peoples homes, from 18th Birthdays where the parents can keep an eye on their son or daughters first experience of legal drinking with their friends. 

To of course as I mentioned it a lot already, hen parties at one of the Girls houses. 

We bring all the ingredients, glassware, ice & spirits to you. Set it all up so once we’re all ready to go. Your group just needs to come over & begin the cocktail class. 

Our most popular format by miles for Cocktail making classes. Is when the group books holiday accommodation in a different city, or the countryside in the middle of nowhere. With the ease of AirBnB now, its so easy to book these kinds of weekends away. 

Our Bartender will go in, set up usually on the dining tables of these accommodations. Which are 90% of the time. Absolutely huge, to accommodate the amount of people that are staying in these holiday getaways.  

This way, we can teach not only far more people at the same time, its in a circle around the table as opposed to being along a bar, so everyone is facing each other & having so much more fun. 

What does the Cocktail Making Classes Consist of: 

I have carved our way of doing it, out of performing all the other cocktail making classes for so many other companies over the years, from working for other agencies, running the cocktail making classes for bars, even having my company hired in to do them on a massive scale for Butlins once upon a time. 

Learning from their mistakes on how they do things, we have stripped our class down, to exactly what it should be. 


You won’t get a super boring bartender regale tales of his experiences with an Old Fashioned in New Orleans, or an even more boring bartender talk about what year Bacardi was invented or the chemical differences between Gin & Vodka. 

Even worse, the complete mood killer when a bartender hands out a test about boring cocktail facts to win a bottle of cheap Prosecco. (which will be shared around your group anyways) 

You booked us for a cocktail making class & thats all we do.

3 Cocktails, all crowdpleasers, ones you would actually want to know how its made for future use. With a tiny little bit of information about why a cocktail is made in this way. No boredom lectures about where Angostura bitters came from. 

Our bartenders concentrate our cocktail masterclasses on the sole reason why you’ve booked it. TO HAVE FUN. We’ll make sure you have exactly that. 

Hen Party cocktailhire

Hen Party cocktailhire

Larger Scale Cocktail Making Masterclasses: 

For the larger scale Cocktail Making Classes. We need to offer a different format. For parties of over 20 people, we need to change it up. 

For this, we bring in a second bartender, or a third, for each multiple of 20 people. To learn the very same 3 cocktails from our standard cocktail masterclass. 

Then in the spirit of all these larger scale Cocktail Making Masterclasses. The Business & corporate clients always want to insight rivalry between the set teams. 

With the information the teams have gained from the 3 cocktails they have already crafted. 

We then introduce a Mystery Box of ingredients. This is a selection of Spirits, Liqueurs, Fresh Fruits, Juices & some dry ingredients. 

The teams then have 15 Minutes in which to create their own cocktails with these items. 

Winners receive commendation from us & the offices would usually put up some kind of prize for this victory. 

NOTE IN ADVANCE: Our bartenders are unable to be tasting judges for these competitions, they will almost always have to operate/ drive vehicles after this event & cannot touch a drop of alcohol. The judges are usually line managers or supervisors that are given the decision making authority on who wins these competitions. 

Charity Cocktail Making Masterclasses: 

A lot of clients are Charities wanting to do something for their supporters. Myself & my team at Cocktailhire have been used many times to offer an evening of Cocktail Masterclasses of Charities from supporting institutions. Right through to charities being there for the disabled. We have performed Cocktail Making Classes with all kinds of requirements in mind, from an inability to use body parts, through to intolerances to alcohol & other ingredients. 

This cocktail making class can be adapted to suit most requirements. If you have any particular needs, requirements or intolerances to ingredients. Let us know so that we can adapt the cocktail making class to suit your needs as best possible. 

To book or enquire about one of our Cocktail Making Masterclasses. Fill out the enquiry form below & someone will give you a call back to hear all about your plans for the event.