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Hire a Barman for an Event

What occasions would you hire a Barman for? 

You can hire a barman, or bartender for any purpose. From Birthdays, Weddings & Anniversaries. Right through to “just because its a Saturday” We have been used for events before just because its the first sunny day of the year & someone wanted to last minute host an event in their garden. 

Hiring a Barman for a home. 

For so many people, its a service that most of the world didn’t even know existed. Whenever I tell people what I do for a living, 98% of the people I tell are completely shocked that this is a career, business or service that I can make a living from. 

They then rush to think of all the home events, parties & reasons in which they would need my companies services. 

You can literally hire a bartender for anything you can think of at home. 

Should you book a flair bartender or a cocktail bartender for your party?

Hire a Bartender for a Birthday: 

Hire a barman for an 18th Birthday: 

Birthdays are possibly our most popular reason to hire a barman. Hiring a Bartender for an 18th birthday which can be booked for many reasons, from using us as a pre-cocktail event before the Birthday son/daughters big night out. Or most likely & as we speak to so many parents over the course of the event, having their 18th Birthday at home, is more of a matter of safety, piece of mind & supervision over their teenagers on their first experience with professional cocktails. Its always a popular number to be looking to hire a barman to come & make cocktails for an 18th Birthday. 

Hire a barman for 21st Birthdays:

Most commonly, this is usually when the kids are always away at university now.  The parents want to organise something amazing for their son or daughters birthday. But its rare they get to see them anymore, so they would like to make the most of when they are home & be part of the party too. 

Hiring a barman for a 21st Birthday is a fantastic idea. The parents get to enjoy their children’s big event, without having to follow them out to a club or pub & make their day very special & enjoyable for all ages. 

I would say that 50% of everyone that looks to hire a barman for a 21st birthday with us. Definitely use us for a Pre-Cocktails event before the 21st birthday group head out to a club/pub for the night. 

Hire a barman for 30th Birthdays:

Stepping away from the events in the parents homes now. People are going to hire a barman for a 30th usually as a day event. I would say 75% of our events where we’re our bartenders are hired in for a 30th are daytime events in the summer. Theres normally a Barbecue going on & food is a large focus along with the cocktails. 

Not only the host by now is likely to have children, but even if not, certainly a degree of the guests attending do & its a highly efficient, pleasurable way, to spend time with all your friends in one place. Without worrying about age restrictions on venues. Whether or not venues cater for kids, not only in non-alcoholic cocktails, but also in food that you would want for the event too, a 30th at home, is easy. You decide the menu, be it from an outside caterer, or just popping the pre-bought food into an oven prior to everyones arrival. 

Then you hire a barman in for your birthday & make sure their are plenty of non-alcoholic options for the cocktails are available. 

Hire a Barman for a 40th Birthday: 

Our most popular number out of all our Birthday events. We always love to chat to our hosts throughout the night & a lot of times, they do suggest to us as to why they wanted to hire a barman for their 40th birthday. 

At 40, they don’t tend to see their friends that often anymore, by now, careers are on huge momentum, family life is pretty time consuming, along with the idea of going to a loud club or pub to see their friends becomes nothing short of genuinely repulsive to so many of our clients. 

So their option is to hire a barman for their 40th birthday. Just like the same benefits of the 30th birthday, families can visit, your guests can if they wish to bring their kids along to a safe environment. Be catered for & be able to still be home by 11 & it be completely acceptable. 

Bartender hire

hire a flair bartender

Hire a barman for a Surprise Party: 

Talking of hiring a barman for a 40th. It definitely warrants a paragraph or 2 about Surprise Birthdays, almost ALL the events in which hiring a barman for a 40th Birthday that get booked, are 90% by the Spouse for a surprise birthday. 

To Hire a barman for a Surprise party is one of our favourite things to do. We as Bartenders love watching the setup as we begin to prepare for our side of the event. All the little touches, the excuses for the spouse being absent. From giving needless errands, to paying for “days out with their friends” while they get everything ready. It’s beautiful to see the faces of every client that gets surprised. 

Even if part of the comedy for us is watching 30 – 200 people all telling each other to “Ssssshhhhhhh” prior to the big moment when thats actually the “ssshhhh” thats the largest cause of the noise in the first place.

Hire a Barman for Cocktail Masterclasses:

Yes, you can also hire a barman in to teach your group how to make cocktails of your own. The format is a 3 cocktail menu, Which we will teach you over a 2 hour window (minimum of 12 guests) In this time, you & your guests can learn all kinds of different techniques, the simplicity behind a cocktail before bartenders or bars make them complex & with that understanding, be able to go on & make cocktails for your own homes in the future. 

These are an extremely fun & interactive way to entertain the friends you have over & this is especially suited to the smaller numbers. Our masterclasses start with a minimum of 12 people & have gone all the way up to 24 for a single bartender. 

For the more corporate based Masterclasses where we have required more bartenders to teach larger numbers of office teams is done in a very different format as Team exercises & a degree of rivalry & incentive begin to be introduced. 

Bartender hire

Cocktail Making Classes

Hire a Barman for a Wedding: 

Lets definitely not forget this huge milestone in a persons life. Our summers are very heavily reliant on weddings. Your special & fun day where you hire a bartender to have fantastic cocktails on the menu. Making sure your guests have a fantastic evening. While hugely relieving pressure of you when you have already put so much into organising something so huge. 

Hiring a Barman for a wedding is not always super easy. A lot of catering companies already hired in for food, will claim to supply Bartenders for the bar. Always double check this, if you want cocktails, 98% of the time, the caterers cannot fulfil the cocktail side of things & will outsource this. You’ll then not only pay the Other outsourced companies rates. But the commissions for the caterers too for finding them. (a huge commission for quite simply googling a company like you are now) 

Definitely go direct with bartender companies, collate the quotes together & definitely go with the company that made you feel the most comfortable, not always the cheapest. 

Hire a Barman for an Anniversary: 

This is always a huge pleasure when people hire a barman for an anniversary, its great to see people celebrating being together for extended periods of time, we love the huge milestone anniversaries & for the more recent ones, we find that its the couples in which we previously did weddings for, so we get to see the same people from the weddings & we always do remember them, as well as most of their guests. 

Hire a Barman for a last minute event: 

There have been a few occasions over the years. Where we have been called upon very late into the night to hire our barmen out to events that night.

Be it from another event company which have been booked way in advance letting clients down. To just sudden spur of the moment late night after parties. It has happened. Of course, there is usually a premium on these last minute events, as they take a mammoth amount of organisation under pressure & tight timeframe to organise. But they can still be done. 

Some of the last minute events we have done, have turned out to be some of the most memorable. 

I typed “Hire a cocktail maker” into google, but then its displaying a Hire a Barman. Is this the same thing? 

Yes, depending on the company in which you have contacted. Most of them, should specialise in Hiring a Cocktail Maker as their Barman. 

Hiring a Cocktail Maker with our company Is extremely simple, a cocktail maker is the same thing. So all of the above categories and more, if a company like ours is mentioning Hiring a Barman a lot. You can definitely Hire a Cocktail Maker with us too. 

And is Hiring a Barman, a Mixologist? 

Yes, as with hire a cocktail maker, hire a mixologist is the exact same thing. For all the things listed above, you can also Hire a Mixologist with us.

So im going to Hire the Barman. What do I do about Glasses for the cocktails? 

Some, but not all companies, will have their own glassware which they can hire to events. The Bartenders will bring those along, clear them all away & play as many as they can back in their boxes so the collection team know most of it is handled. Collection team if its not already the bartenders at your event will then make sure the rest are all collected & taken away dirty. They are washed back at our unit. So clients do not need to worry about any of this aspect of the event. 

We want to hire the barman, the glasses, but then do we need to Hire a Mobile Bar?

This is also a service in which we provide. Our goal was to be a one stop shop for the entire Cocktail operation at an event. With this ability, it also allows us to make sure the “All in” package deals for Hiring a Barman, Glasses & to hire a mobile bar was as cheap to the client as possible. 

We have a dedicated page to our Mobile bars so you can read into them, with explainer videos included also in case you are shopping around & need to know what to look for, as well as the kinds of questions to ask. 

Check that out here. 

For all the above requirements & to talk to someone about Hiring a Barman, Cocktail Maker or Mixologist for your event. 

Fill out this enquiry form & someone will call you back with in 2 working days to hear all about your planned event. 



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