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Hire a Cocktail Bartender for a Wedding

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Hire a Cocktail Bartender for a Wedding.

So now you’re looking to hire a cocktail bartender for your wedding, the venue is picked out, the date is set. All the preparations begin to come together.

But the companies you’re getting quotes from seem to be getting more expensive just because it’s a wedding?

This is a common occurrence & we cant say it as gospel that it’s a practice all other companies take, but we have seen it time & time again with so many different events companies.

Should you book a flair bartender or a cocktail bartender for your party?

Hire a cocktail bartender

The price goes up as soon as we mention a wedding?

The opportunistic companies, will increase the price over a wedding, just because in so many cases, every other resource being hired in for the day, from the Band, to the Marquee Company, to the Caterers, to these Bartender hire agencies also think “Why not us too”

But the fact is, 90% of these suppliers, no matter what it may be for. Dont need to be told its for a wedding. You wouldn’t need to tell a Marquee company why you’re erecting it. You dont need to tell a Caterer (apart from the cake obviously) We are not in control of what these companies do with their pricing, but thats definitely something to take away.

They pay their teams the same amount, the ingredients are the same price. So the increased cost to you, is quite simply, going straight in the companies profits for no reason other than “Because they said so”

Does this mean you need to pay more for hiring a cocktail bartender for a wedding?

Not at all. As we mentioned earlier, some companies will be opportunistic. However, at cocktailhire our prices remain fixed throughout.

Our pricing is very simple. £42.50 for a Cocktail Bartender, £65 an hour for a Flair Bartender. These prices do not change whether it’s a Birthday, a Christmas party, a Corporate event, a Bah Mitzvah or a Wedding. These are the prices, no matter what the occasion.

And what about the Mobile bar for our wedding?

If you booked the Mobile bar, its as above, the same price as if you booked it for a Birthday. Our pricing does not fluctuate because of the nature of the event.

Once we give you the total price of the event, it does not change.

Rest assured, that with cocktailhire Your wedding will not suddenly increase in cost, just because its a wedding. Jump over to our enquiry page now & ask us to contact you to chat about your plans for the wedding & where we come in?


Stu Hoyland – Director @ cocktailhire

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