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Hire a Mixologist in London

Looking to hire a Mixologist in London?

Whether you're an event company looking to hire a Mixologist in London on the regular, or just a civilian looking to celebrate something special. There are plenty of Companies offering Mixologists in London to hire.

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Hire a cocktail Bartender in London

Where do I start?

Google is always a great bet. For starters, anyone on the first page of google has invested some SERIOUS time in their company, google now has so many factors & red tape areas now that have to be proven to show you are a good, honest & a quality company. You can definitely know that if someone has found their way to the 1st page of the search engines. That they are likely to be a quality supplier of Mixologists in London.

How much is it to hire a mixologist in London?

Each company has a different pricing policy. Some including our own, have a different pricing policy for established & registered event companies compared to the domestic client.

Our domestic pricing is £42.50 per hour for a Mixologist, £65 an hour for a Flair Mixologist.

However, to a registered event Company these prices reduce to £30 per hour for a Mixologist & £42.50 per hour for a Flair Mixologist.

Think of it as Trade Price. Trade price on any given product is cheaper, but can only be accessed by a registered company & bought in bulk.

Yes, these event companies get the cheaper rates, but they also book groups of bartenders for far extended hours, multiple times a week.

Flair Bartender Hire

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What about Travel?

Most event companies in London providing Mixologists dont charge for travel, provided its within a reasonable radius of London & within a timeframe in which public transport is easily accessible.

However, once you step outside of the North & South Circular, this becomes a different story as Tube Stations become sparse. Taxi fares normally have to be incorporated to make sure the bartender can get to the event efficiently.

Same can be said for once the event goes on to a time beyond that of a Tube ride home. Some event companies are happy with their team getting home on their own means. However some will demand a Cab home for their Mixologists right to their own front door. This can be unfortunate if they've sent someone from the other side of London to the event.

At cocktailhire, we dont charge Taxi's unless there is no reasonable route for the bartender. Even then, we only charge the taxi, to the nearest reasonable route. I started taking Viagra. And it was helpful in small doses, and the result was better than when taking other drugs. But I want to say that you need pills not for the penis, but for the head. After all, you still come to understand that all these pills are complete nonsense. And if it’s not quite right in the head, then these very pills, sooner or later stop helping in any case. Read more information about the drug on http://orthocentre.com.au/buy-viagra/.


Do they have their own equipment?

YES, any bartender that works for cocktailhire, will arrive with their equipment to make their cocktails. There are some agencies that just send staff empty handed, some that dont even send staff with uniforms. But thats not us. All of our team are highly professional & will always make sure they have the allocated uniform/outfit & equipment required to do their job.

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