How to spot Cocktail Bartender Hire Companies That Are Not Being Who They Say They Are?

Have you booked a cocktail bartender hire company for your next event & you are completely happy with the trust levels on how you were dealt with, what the process was & the details you have on the company you hired?

at least 80% of you will say yes & we are so happy that you can. There are a lot of other great companies out there who really will make sure you have a great event.

But for the 20% of you who are now unsure. Whether you have hired a cocktail bartender in London, Essex, Berkshire, Scotland or any other part of the UK. It is not always possible that the company you booked with has anyone directly in that area.

So what cocktail bartender have I hired? What experience do they have?

If your event company has at any point been shady, rushing, forceful with extracting a deposit & in some cases, not even being on the phone to discuss your event. Its very likely that you have encountered one of the Cocktail Bartender Hire companies who farm your events out on public forums around the country. So at this point, not even the Bartender Company you handed your money over to, even knows who is attending your event themselves.


What do you mean farmed my event out?

Freelance is everywhere, it’s in every industry. So a-lot of the Bartender Companies will have plenty of freelancers on their books. As long as they use them regularly, can vouch for them & guarantee that these freelancers will be a beacon for the quality of the company they’re representing, there’s nothing wrong with it.

However, a few of the companies out there, through bad practices, malicious means, or just being terrible clients to work for. No longer have bartenders on their books. However, these companies have not closed their doors just because their staff have walked. Instead……

These companies are posting your event, which you’ve paid for, out on Social media in Bartender Groups for a fraction of the cost in which you’ve paid. Here are some examples from just this weekend alone.


Of course postcodes have been blocked over to protect their end clients addresses & I dont wish to name & shame the other companies directly for obvious reasons, so I have blocked over them too. I only wish to exploit their tactics.

So who is my Bartender?

But the fact is, with these practices, NOBODY knows who your bartender is on the night. As you can see, these companies have never hired them before. These are not private pages or personal facebook posts that have been screenshot either, but Facebook groups containing almost 30,000 bartenders.

Here is another example.

Its also a way of Bartender companies of creating extra profit for themselves by sending Cocktail Bartenders that are used to working for £10 an hour or less in a Public Bar out to an event with no experience & paying them barely more wages than they’re used to, not the Value in which the end client has paid a higher premium for.

Some of these companies post things like this 7-10 times PER WEEK. Which means they are not even maintaining a staff base or having good enough feedback to send one of their new found bartenders to their second event.

How do I spot these companies?

It’s simple.

ASK QUESTIONS, As many as you feel satisfies your assurance that this company you have found or chosen is Legitimate. ALL the real Bartender companies within our industry that have fantastic reputations are run by ex, or current Bartenders.

They will ALL know the answers to any & all the questions you can fire at them without hesitation or the need to ask anyone else anything.  They will also be happy to spend time with you listening to your event, wanting to know all the details that excite you. What you’re looking forward to the most.

If any company cannot offer anything BUT the above paragraph. Then we recommend that you move along to the next company immediately, if not, its your risk. We have even heard rumours from our own clients while they were shopping around before choosing us, That one company would not even answer the phone until they sent a fully filled out event booking form over to them & pay a deposit. absolutely SHOCKING.!


Basically, go with your gut.

If you dont “Feel right” about a bartender company, just call the next one. Like I said, 80% of the companies in our industry are legitimate & fantastic companies to book your events with. Just be ever SO careful about the 20%

If in doubt, DO your research. Check instagram out for photos, make sure they are real, recent & that the company look like they care.

Then check reviews, there are SO many platforms out there now to have reviews on, we ourselves actually place the links to find all of our social media & reviews at the base of every email we send. We are not interested in gaining followers, we just wish to be as transparent with our potential clients as we can.



Stu Hoyland – Director @ Cocktailhire

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