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Events across the board are held every single day all over the UK, We can provide no-nonsense service, at getting Mixologists to your event. From a shop promotional day, to a product launch with media. A movie premiere, a hotel wedding. Right through to exhibitions. We can send excellent Mixologists to your event to make cocktails for all your guests. Allowing you to focus on the other levels of production for your event. 

Why choose us over your existing 'Hire a Mixologist for Events' company?

Quite simply. The knowledge our director Stu brings to the company alone, he is a Flair Bartender, an ex Masterchef contestant, in a previous, younger life a DJ. Whom also had to build his own rigs & manage his own production side of wiring in sound systems.

Now a director of a company building mobile bars & supplying Mixologists to events, his knowledge of almost every segment of an events logistics & production, gives him the ability, insight & will to make sure we slot in where required. 

Using us to hire a mixologist for events means you get our mixologists who are so able to adapt at every event. It means we need less information to make sure they are the right fit for an event. In the office we know our place , and that's around you. Not hassling an event manager constantly all day, or dragging you into streams of “cc’d” emails finding out every intricate detail of an event. 

Time, Place, How many guests so we know how many to send & that's usually it. Of course, we offer so much more comprehensive assistance to those who need it, but so many of our event company clients have done this so many times. They dont need any help on a menu’s cocktail choices or issuing shopping lists. But should an events company like yours need this assistance, we are here to offer it. 

In short: We only eat as much of your time booking us, as is minimally required, leaving you to continue organising all the other stuff. 

The Mixologists we offer for events.

Within Cocktailhire, as mentioned previously, being run by a Flair Bartender at heart, the director of this company can lead by example at an event. Infact, he still does attend many events still when time can be afforded.

But this allows an ability to ensure our Mixologists are of the highest quality with the greatest of attitudes. If a bin is full, we won't point at it & tell someone else to deal with it. We’ll do everything we can to ensure the bar operation is taken care of, in all its aspects. Cocktailhire also has plenty of bartenders in its books to adapt to all kinds of vibe of event too, from the super formal Movie Premieres, where a well statured mixologist is required to just be silent & make cocktails, to an art gallery launch, where a more chatty atmosphere is preferred. 

The Ultimate Services From Cocktailhire

Our services are rooted from giving solutions to most common events problems, therefore enhancing our credibility. Since you’ve reached this far, let us give you a brief of our ultimate services.

Cocktail Bartending and Making

Our  cocktail bartenders are very professional when it comes to serving luxury drinks. They can also be pretty versatile in conversation, aside from how much work they already have in bartending cocktails. You can be sure that they will give you the best cocktail of your preferences; Mixing the good drinks, Overall speedy serving. The event will instantly lighten up with them around.

Glassware Hiring

This is a very in-demand service from Cocktail Hire. We decided to make this service available when we learned about the hardships of event professionals in getting  glasswares. At every bar party, glasses and flairs become the most basic necessity. However, we have found out that clients don’t have enough glassware to accommodate every guest most of the time.

Benefits of our Glassware Hiring

You don’t need to worry about flair and glass-matching. Whatever kind of bar party you have, we will be sure to give you the right and matchy type of glass to fill in the lack. Since we are a company of bartenders, you can expect that we know exactly what kind of glasses you need and we can give them to you immediately.

You have no responsibility for washing the  glassware. Even though the usual hiring glasses in markets require you to clean the glassware after use, we will not burden you. First of all, you hired our glassware to be used, so returning it in a clean state is unnecessary. Second, we have a more effective method of cleaning glassware, so we prefer it to be us cleaning. Last but not least, we want you to feel the essence of the party.

It is surprisingly lower in cost. Instead of adding a lot of fees in charging glassware, we charge according to the guest’s quantity. That way, you will have a more accurate computation of payment and avoid paying unnecessary fees. Therefore, you saved more money.

Mobile Bars Hiring

We have three types of  mobile bar hire for you. They all have their distinction and specialization so that you can choose according to the party theme and budget.

1. Mobile Bar Full-Service

For all kinds of occasions and venue settings, we provide complete bar services. Our beverages, arrangement, and finishing are appropriate for almost every celebration. We usually give our clients a detailed sample of our service bundle to guarantee that they get the most bang for their buck. This usually entails an all-inclusive deal that includes glassware, bartending equipment, cocktail makers, bartenders, alcohol, and mixers. In general, it works like any other static bar but with the added benefit of mobility.

2. Mobile Bars Cocktail Services

Mixologists and  cocktail bartenders are usually present in this package. Those looking for the most satisfactory mobile hiring experience with a touch of Premium class frequently request cocktail bar services. Guests receive extensive cocktail preparation because the mixologists can also efficiently design various mixes to suit various personal tastes. If you choose this package, you will almost certainly receive full bar services. However, the mixologists will just be preparing cocktails.

3. Dry Mobile Bars Hire

Even if you already have your beverages and bartenders on hand, you could be intrigued by the concept of having a cocktail event. If that’s the case, you’ll need a  dry bar. Cocktail makers guarantee the only responsibility to offer you a service that is appropriate for the occasion. If you desire this option, we are happy to provide dry hires for our customers.

Note: We have more services to offer, so feel free to contact us anytime.

Why Do Most Clients Prefer CocktailHire?

We cannot be liked and rated five stars consistently without reason. And since we want you to know our credibility, we listed some of the reasons why we are more preferred as event’s partner than other companies.

We are very easy to reach.

We don’t like anyone panicking just to get a hold of your customer service. Through the five years of experience, we have always been hands-on in being  reachable to our clients. We provide a lot of contacts and emails to ensure that we will receive all the messages. This is actually an essential attribute that service providers should never lose.

We understand instructions easily.

If we’re going to put it in a creative phrase, we eat instructions as appetizers. Most clients that avail services in us have built trust and confidence to the point that they sometimes send only the essential details. Indeed, we only need the basic information such as date, the number of people, what kind of service to avail and we will pretty much handle the rest. Meaning, you won’t have to provide a very detailed note for us to know what to do.

We handle the heavy work and provide a light ambience.

In the first paragraphs, you notice how many responsibilities an event planner has. But with us around, you can cut the work by up to 80%. Why? Because we can rent you  glassware, the  bars,  bartenders, provide entertainment and drinks – we can pretty much handle all occasions. Perhaps, our skill and convenience are the reason why many event professionals favored our service. We are not intimidated by huge events because we have been trained to handle them in the first place.

We are ready to hustle

Every  mobile bar can serve a hundred guests. There are two  bartenders at each bar, so we are always ready to hustle. Moreover, we do not waste the space in the bar through our speed rails. As you may know, it is the place where bartenders can comfortably put the glasses of liquor to open more areas in the bar. Cocktailhire also have a dedicated stainless steel ice container that prevents excessive ice melting. We will always give the best service no matter how many guests.

We are Your All in One Event Partner

Events nowadays are becoming more and more modern, and we should adapt to the innovation.  Cocktail Hire is definitely one of the most competitive service providers that can help you in events. If you are interested in us, feel free to check our website and leave us a message. We are Cocktail Hire, we make events, and we are your all-in-one event partner!



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