How to Hire a Cocktail Maker Bartender for your Party or Event





Hiring a Cocktail Maker from us is a very easy process, we cater for every scale of event, going from the very small dinner parties containing only a few as 4 dinner guests, right up to the huge corporate 300+ guests at a Christmas Party, or even the Hen Parties in private cottages, or apartments, we’ve been cocktail making for it all over the last 10 years. 


Our cocktail makers arrive at your event equipped with everything they need to create your chosen cocktails. They will bring their Shaker tins, the Pouring Spouts for the bottles, Protective matting for the surfaces you ask us to make cocktails from, Knives & Chopping boards for the garnishes, all of it. 


If required, we also hire Glassware for our events, so if you hire the glasses too, you don’t need to worry about anything once you’ve hired your cocktail maker other than the shopping list that we send to you.  You can even get us to take care of that too (a small charge is applicable for this additional service) 


Cocktailhire is extremely passionate about hiring only the best & only highly experienced cocktail makers.

We do not use anybody we don’t know, So unlike the other cocktail maker hire companies out there. We know that our cocktail makers are the best quality out there. 


All of our cocktail makers for hire go through a highly meticulous process to ensure they meet exacting standards before they do any events for us. Not only to ensure your cocktails are the best that they can be. But also, to cement that our cocktail makers have the absolute highest respect for the homes & events in which we are hired to make cocktails in. 

So our clients can be completely relaxed & safe in the knowledge that once they have hired a cocktail maker from us, they can focus on the other things & on the night of course, ENJOY THE  EVENT. 


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