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Choosing the right location for a mobile bar hire is an important consideration that can have a big impact on the success of your event. A well-placed mobile bar can add convenience and atmosphere to your event, while a poorly-placed bar can create bottlenecks and disrupt the flow of your event. In this blog, we will explore some key factors to consider when choosing the location for your mobile bar hire.

  • Event layout: The layout of your event space is an important factor to consider when choosing the location for your mobile bar. You will want to choose a location that is easily accessible to guests and that fits in with the overall flow of the event. For example, if you are hosting a wedding reception, you may want to place the mobile bar in a central location where it is easily accessible to guests, but not too close to the dance floor or other key areas of the event.

In addition to this when considering the location, is the potential bottleneck areas. For example, placing a mobile bar in a small hallway, or access point to a larger space, is going to create access issues into that larger space, something that can really destroy an event.

We have also had issues in the past where clients have not taken into account access to other areas, such as fire exits, or even toilets. they wanted a mobile bar too large for the area & as a result, the venue demanded either the bar be downsized, or moved to an area where the mobile bar was not creating an obstruction for vital spots like previously mentioned.

It is also essential to select the correct sized Mobile bar based on the amount of guests you have attending your event. We have had so many events where the organisers have tried to save money on the units required for the size of the event & the amount of guests invited to an event, to which we have then experienced 300 people, all trying to cram around a bar designed for 100 people. Not only can your guests not adequately fit around the bar, but the cocktail makers cannot work like this either, we do have a formula for our mobile bars & staffing them. You can only have 100 guests per 1.5M bar unit, and only 2 mixologists also per unit. Considering we also only allow 1 cocktail maker per 50 guests, these numbers are just a matter of scaleability. Simply, if you have 300 guests at your event. You will need 3x 1.5M units of mobile bar & 6 bartenders.

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  • Event theme: The theme of your event should also be taken into account when choosing the location for your mobile bar. For example, if you are hosting a vintage-themed event, you may want to choose a location that fits in with the overall vintage aesthetic of the event.

We do get a lot of clients, who for example, would want the LED bar, because it looks modern, they saw it at another event & had to have it. But we have had this before, where the clients space is a beautiful period building. Gorgeous oak beams everywhere, traditional art & everything not being straight. In some cases, a modern bar for contrast would look amazing, but with the amount of incredible condition wood on offer within this venue. a Complimenting wooden mobile bar, or a Chesterfield one accentuating the wonderful furniture already in this room would have been perfect. Although it is not our place to tell a client what would look better, it is of course the clients event. We do want our mobile bars looking their best for the event.

  • Accessibility: The location of your mobile bar should be easily accessible to guests, with minimal barriers or bottlenecks that could disrupt the flow of the event. Consider the location of restrooms, food stations, and other key areas of the event when choosing the location for your mobile bar.

We touched on this earlier, this might not even be your decision when it comes down to it. The venue in which in many cases, the client has hired, will have their own event managers, their own security, their own due diligence & will outright refuse to let the client have everything they want, the way they want it. We have seen over the years, not only it be demanded that the entire bar be moved, because of fire exits, or toilet obstruction etc. To guests not being able to make it into the main function room, just because either a cocktail mobile bar, a food truck, or just a table containing guests name cards & table locations have been there, obstructing the passageway.

  • Power and lighting: Your mobile bar will need a reliable power source and adequate lighting in order to operate effectively. Consider the availability of power outlets and lighting in the location you choose for your mobile bar.

This only counts for the LED bars. We have created our bar to be completely independent of a reliability in power. We require no running water, we can take a supply out to it. we require no power as with LED small lights now using next to no power, can place magnetic lights under the bar top for our visibility. It is only the large LED lighting panels on our bar fronts, that would require the power source. So please consider this if hiring only the LED mobile bars from us.

Any other bar, no problem, we dont require that.

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  • Weather: If you are hosting an outdoor event, the weather should be taken into account when choosing the location for your mobile bar. Consider the direction of the sun and any potential wind or rain issues that may affect the operation of your mobile bar.

This takes very special precedence & we have to outright refuse events at times. Because clients want to put Mobile bars with bar staff out in the garden, in the snow (on our rare occasions we have it here in the UK) with 2 bartenders behind it. for 5 hours, with no heat other than a coat. This kind of condition is unacceptable & shame on any client who thinks this is ok, just because they’re hiring some help in. We’ve also been left out in the rain in the past. With no offer of shelter, then even asked if we can bring drinks indoors on trays so guests didn’t get wet. Again, the height of winter, left outside with only a £20 Aldi style heater designed to heat a small tiny room, now having to heat us outdoors. But being warned about electricity usage.

You should of course be worried about your guests too, an outdoor bar when the weather is looking questionable will be no fun for anyone, from grass areas which were meant to gorgeous receptions now becoming grass bogs. To the temperature just being unbearable for your guests to be in. We just had an event in December this year in 2022, where the client built a massive marquee for 300 people. But failed to heat it & it was as mentioned, December. So the entire party just gathered in their internal cafe. Even the band for the marquee, were left performing for nobody.

In conclusion, choosing the right location for your mobile bar hire is an important factor that can have a big impact on the success of your event. By considering the layout, size, theme, accessibility, power and lighting, and weather conditions, you can ensure that your mobile bar is placed in the best possible location to meet the needs of your guests and enhance the overall atmosphere of your event.


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