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Mobile Bar Hire – 5 things to consider. 

How to choose a Mobile Bar Hire Company

So, You’ve decided you want to look at Mobile Bar Hire for your birthday. The big wedding, a hen party or just a simple summer barbecue. But how do you choose a Mobile Bar company that will be the best fit for your event?

This FREE guide will help you work out what you need. How to avoid the crooks of the industry, and more importantly. Ensure that the bartenders you hire are suitable for the gig, and, well known!

As well as an aesthetically pleasing & great looking Mobile Bar, you could be hiring a Mobile Bar to protect your own furniture, have the event outside where there is no kitchen island, or just wanting the guests to enjoy a fully equipped mobile bar hire.

Hiring a Mobile Bar

You’re taking the plunge and deciding to rent a Mobile Bar for your event. Be it a birthday, wedding, or even a barbecue.

After looking around online it’s a struggle to know what options you should be looking for.

So How to Choose a Mobile Bar Company? If you don’t want to read through this, we have included a Video on this subject so you can check this out.

See our video explainer about what you should be looking for with mobile bar hire below.

Some of the mobile bar web sites have fantastic images, while some.. Don’t.

While it may be extremely exciting to have an LED mobile bar, or found one that matches the colour of your new kitchen.

Should you be focusing on going with companies that have great looking pictures though?

Functionality of the Hired Mobile Bar

If you are just looking for a pretty bar, you can get those anywhere. But for the same price as a bar that’s been DESIGNED to make your bartender better at their job. Isn’t it worth spending just a few more moments finding a better value product for the same price. One that will actually make your event run smoother, as well as look the part?

If you’re going for a mobile bar, you need to consider functionality too. It’s so important. Usually, this would be requisite for high volume parties. Where a bartender is working up against their maximum capacity for guests. Usually a bartender can handle up to 50 guests on their own, but this is them working at their fastest. They will become flustered, at times building up a little head sweat, a Mobile bar will hugely impact their ability to organise themselves so much more efficiently.

Your bartender will work faster, with more confidence. They’ll also be able to keep not only a cleaner workstation behind a mobile bar. But most importantly serve your guests much faster & be so much happier while doing so, versus a table in the corner.

Ask what materials the Hired Mobile Bar is Made from.

To pick out the right provider for a mobile bar. We start by looking for things your bartender would need to be able to do their job effectively.

Look at what the bar is made from. Believe it or not, this is a huge giveaway as to the kind of company you are looking to hire. While some will pick “stock” bars from a company selling them off the shelf, which is fine. It’s a quality item. Just not to adaptable to your own needs. It is still better than what some of the companies out there are hiring out to people.

There are a few, by this I definitely mean more than one company building cheap wooden bars themselves & hiring them out as professional items.

A wooden bar – including labour. Can be put together for less than £100, yet some companies hire them out for £165 + V.A.T. or more PER HIRE, literally DOUBLE the production value. For the matter of hours it will be in your event, Its still “New” & also gives these companies a product they can re-use 4 or 5 times before it wears out & they start the process again.

This practice isn’t right. We highly recommend avoiding these companies as you never know what else they are overcharging for.

What should my Hired Mobile Bar be made from?

Here at Cocktail Hire, we offer Mobile Bar Hire too, and whilst one of our options is for wooden fascias for people who desire that look. The frames behind our facias are made from hard-wearing custom-built steel and aluminium. This is extremely hard wearing, can take a beating & still come out looking durable. Our fascias are renewable, always in fantastic condition & will look a lot better in any environment than a hand built wooden bar that you’ve paid over the odds for to hire. Something very serious to consider when thinking about how to choose a mobile bar company.

Drainage systems for Water & Ice On your Hired Mobile Bar

You should also be looking at whether or not the bar has a sink with drainage for the ice? A well made mobile bar would have been designed by a bartender. Or at the very least had bartenders involved in the design process.

A working sink with drainage is essential for a good bar. We have to put the ice somewhere that isn’t in the way or a hindrance to the operation of the rest of the bar. As well as utilising the drainage to strain water away from the ice, this makes the ice last much longer & creates the finished product of a far better quality drink.

Sunken ice wells, built into the mobile bar. This really helps to minimise clutter while also ensuring that the bartender can do their job seamlessly.  Watch out for companies that don’t offer this as they are just hiring you a glorified table with a shelf for an over the top price.

Does your mobile bar hire company provide Speed rails?

Most people might not know what these are unless they see them! These are metallic rows that typically fit next to the ice well and house all the bottles in lower positions. this makes it very easy for the bartender to grab.  We realise this is not that much of a priority for anyone looking to hire a mobile bar. But they are extremely important to a bartenders speed.

This is because they also, more importantly, free up workspace & surface space behind the bar for the bartender to put their ingredients, glassware and other items that they need to make your drinks. So although you are not concerned about the item itself, it provides nothing to your side of the bar, or how its perceived to you, or your guests, it will make a colossal difference as to how fast your bartender can work, make your guests drinks & ultimately make your event far better.

Not many mobile bars on the market have these. But if a company has made this investment into their mobile bars by getting a speed rail. It’s a sure-fire way to be certain that they know what they are doing and will usually provide a first-class service.

how to choose a mobile bar Hire company Summary:

To sum up. You should ask to see photos of not only the front of the bar but the rear too.

Dont accept wooden construction, unless it’s a panel to clip onto a steel frame. Look for sinks built into the unit. (not just buckets placed on the work surface) Then also whether they have rails for the bottles to fit in. If they have these, you can be sure you’ve found a good bar for your event.


Happy hunting for your bar & we hope you have a fantastic event, even if its not booking through us.


Stu Hoyland, Director – Cocktailhire

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  1. Thanks for pointing out that a mobile bar would be able to work faster and even enjoy what they are doing compared to using just a table on a corner. With that in mind, we will invest in one for our wedding this coming December. It would give me peace of mind that our guests would be having the drinks they want without waiting for too long.

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