Mobile Bar Hire in Somerset

Are you looking for Mobile bar hire in Somerset? Or close by? Having an event in Somerset where the other Mobile Bar companies all seem to be coming from London & charging a huge premium for coming outside of the M25?

We supply Mobile Bar Hire near Somerset & any of those surrounding areas & if you hire the bartenders & Glassware too, there is no delivery fee on the Mobile Bar Hire. Check out this post below for the last Mobile Bar Hire we did near Somerset. 

The Mobile Bar fronts

This client chose a 3M bar in length & requested the Black Chesterfield with the Black Bar tops. This construction was new to our lineup in 2019, The Fascias are hand made custom to order & it has been made with high quality Faux Leather. the sides are matching, at also high Quality Faux Leather.

Mobile Bar Hire

Black Chesterfield Mobile Bar Hire

The Mobile Bar Frame

The Mobile Bar frames that we use are made from commercial grade steel. Built to my exact specifications, yes I did design our bars myself. Taking into account 20 years of experience of working behind Mobile Bars. I wanted to make sure we covered all the ground necessary of requirements for Mobile Bar Hire. From maximum space to work with, to high enough work surfaces that house the most commonly used Bins in the industry underneath them.

I have made sure that every Detail was Meticulously worked out to create the best Mobile Bars to hire in the industry.

The Mobile Bar Tops

Our Mobile Bar tops are created from a Wooden base, same as every other one on the market, But ours is topped & coated with a super durable sheet of Composite Aluminium called DiBond. This metal composite lasts long, is Scratch resistant & can be replaced with ease. Which makes it the perfect bar top as we can always make sure the Surface is new & shiny for your events.


As a result of this DiBond technology, you can order it to any colour you wish,  we can have bespoke designs printed on them at low cost to the end client. We even have a brushed pink aluminium bar top in our unit.


To book our Mobile Bars, or watch our video


This video will show you what to look for when hiring a mobile bar so that you may understand much more about Hiring Mobile Bars. Then you can visit Our Mobile Bar Page & fill out an Enquiry.


Stu Hoyland – Director @ cocktailhire

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