Our recent Mobile bar hire near Southampton

Cocktailhire had the pleasure of a mobile bar hire near Southampton a short while ago. The Client ordered our Brick fascia for the event, along with a Black bar top & hired a cocktail bartender to go with it.

This was a plastic cup event at the clients request, so the client chose NOT to hire Glassware as an additional service. For many, they prefer the idea of cleanup being a case of wandering around with a giant bin bag. Which is appealing, although with glassware hire from us, we would actually take care of that part of the cleanup.A mobile bar from cocktailhire.com

The Bar Fascia

Our Mobile Bar hire fascia chosen for this particular event was the Brick look. This is a Fascia, which is designed to LOOK like brick, as real bricks would be a logistical nightmare requiring lots of extra hands to transport. As well as extreme care as to not smash the bricks, or move the cement. But we think the Fascia looks real enough for a Mobile bar at our event.

Mobile Bar Hire Features

This client hired our mobile bar, because they said their Garden is extremely long. Saying distance in which the bar would be from the house, a table would be impractical. So they would rather invest to have a proper site in which to place a solid structure to get their guests sorted for cocktails.

Our Bars contain a Solid Steel Frame work, with Aluminium Paneling & most importantly, real SINKS with drainage. This is to ensure that not only our ice stays at the highest quality by draining away any water that would melt from said ice. But also as somewhere to discard liquids making this a complete stand alone unit independent of any plumbing. Which means our Mobile Bar Hire service can be put almost anywhere.



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