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New LED Mobile Bars

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NEW LED Mobile Bars

Make their first appearance at a School event in Sherborne

After a very long design period, some fabrication errors & eventually finally finding the type of LED panel we wanted to create. Cocktailhire Mobile Bars now moves into the LED Mobile bar market.

It was a long process, there were stock LED panels available off the shelf, or to mail order. However they did not offer the flexibility or adaptive manner in which we wanted so that we could offer clients the MAXIMUM range of choices about what they wanted from an LED panel on a bar front. So we had to Fabricate them ourselves from scratch.

With this new LED panel which fixes onto the front of our existing mobile bar design. Clients can now order posters with their company logos, photo collages, or any design they choose at cost price, just by submitting their own designs to a printing company of their choice based on Dimensions we can issue. No other company offers this cut price personalisation on this service.

Take advantage of this new mobile bar by visiting The Mobile Bar Page on our site Cocktailhire

LED Bars that change colour

We have not re-invented the wheel here, this is a feature we won’t lie about, almost every other available LED bar on the market can change colour. However, not every LED bar on the market can incorporate your poster of choice & backlight it in an appropriate colour. So this really is a more stunning feature than you’d think. The possibilities become endless.

We’d love to thank our clients Daze Entertainment for this event, we love working with you & can’t wait for the next one.

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