Virtual Cocktail Classes

Online Cocktail Classes held through Video Chat for you & your Zoom, Skype or Video Chat Group during this time of COVID-19 & the various restrictions that affect us at this time.

Let’s face it, this is not an arm of the business we were ever expecting or hoping to launch, in the same way as it not being how you were expecting to operate your businesses or live your lives throughout this year.  However, we’re all getting on with our lives and making sure our clients can still drink delicious cocktails.

Along with a lack of demand that we, nor anyone, was expecting, as of this week (October 2020) our Inbox has been crammed full of requests for Online Cocktail Classes.

So, to match this demand, we have now opened the Virtual Online Cocktail Class.

We use high-quality cameras and studio microphones as part of our studio set up in order to maintain the highest quality possible feed to you at home.  The Virtual Online Class starts with a shopping list being supplied to everyone who has signed up to be involved in the group so that they can go and purchase the necessary ingredients in plenty of time for the online chat.

Once the ingredients are purchased & everyone is logged into the Virtual Online Cocktail Class, we can begin.

Our Cocktail Bartender will be demonstrating in real-time all the cocktails; and as you would expect these will be LIVE, so any questions, jokes and fun can all be shared in the group  Our interactive, live-feed video will not continue to press on while everyone else in the group is talking or having a friendly conversation about something.

We have put together a video for you of how our cocktail classes are run and we have even taken the set-ups out of the Business Unit and installed one of our mobile bars in our Directors’ own kitchen for this so that it creates a true home feel.

During the approximately 90 minutes Virtual Online Cocktail Class, we cover 3 cocktails.  We think that this gives the online attendees the best mix of fun, networking and learning 3 great cocktails.  Aim to have 90 minutes free for this Online Cocktail Class.

Of course; as I'm sure you can imagine, just a small group of say 2 people doing this on their own it’s probably going to last about an hour, whereas with a larger group of 10+ people it’s more likely to be closer to 2 hours.  Unlike other companies, our Online Cocktail Classes don’t have strictly set time limits. The Virtual Class finishes when the course is complete.

The Cocktails for our online virtual cocktail classes

We’ve designed this Virtual Cocktail Class menu based on the many years of doing this in person – in the wild so to speak.  Some people simply don’t want to drink, some can’t drink or quite often on the Hen Party scene (where our Cocktail Classes are most common) there might be a surprise pregnancy among the group and a non-alcoholic cocktail class was needed, sometimes at quite short notice.

We have the standard cocktail class, like all of our team this is adaptable, and the steps are EXACTLY the same for non-alcoholic as they are for the alcoholic, so the people not drinking can very much be part of the collective experience and not have to do anything different or take any different steps other than an alternative ingredient to a sprit bottle.

It keeps things highly inclusive and the group together.

These cocktails are as follows:

The Bramble:

Gin, with Raspberry, then a Lemon and Sugar sour mix.

For the Non-alcoholic option, just forego the gin.

The Cosmopolitan:

Vodka, with Triple Sec or Cointreau (a dry orange liqueur) with Lime, Fresh Cranberry and the Zest/oils of an Orange peel.

For the non-alcoholic option, instead of using the spirits, re-purpose the Raspberry from the Bramble Cocktail to create this drink.

The Mojito:

Rum, with Mint, Lime, Sugar and Soda Water

The Non-alcoholic option contains an inexpensive swap of Apple Juice for the rum; and then every other step is the same.

This works best for large groups; it balances a number of spirits and ingredients to accommodate not only all tastes but it also takes into account the people who do not want to have or cannot have alcohol.

We also have some dedicated Virtual Cocktail Masterclasses as well for the drink mixology enthusiasts. However, we have catered these to specific spirits because we understand that buying 3 different bottles of spirit for a 2 hour Online Cocktail Class, will quickly become quite pricey so these, are just with a singular bottle of spirit.

Option One:

The Vodka Virtual Online Cocktail Class:
First up:

The Espresso Martini: A fantastic way to get any evening started. No more do you need to be a trained Barista with expensive Café equipment at your disposal.  The innovation of instant coffees brands such as “Nescafe Azera” offers near espresso quality coffee, in instant format.

Second up:

The Cosmopolitan: A favoured vodka cocktail, this is in essence a posh vodka and cranberry, but come special, little touches, really elevate this drink to a new level.

Last, but by no means least:

The Pornstar Martini: There is absolutely no way we could have a Virtual Cocktail Class and not include what is currently the world’s most popular cocktail.

Passion Fruit, Vodka, Vanilla and Prosecco

Option Two: 

The GIN Virtual Online Cocktail Class:

Bramble: A modern, simple, fruity gin cocktail with stacks of taste.

Gin, with Fresh Raspberry, Lemon & Sugar, it’s basically a Gin Sour with Raspberry, but made the right way.


Green Garden: A fresh cocktail made with, you guessed it, green ingredients.

Gin, with Elderflower, Apple juice, Mint, Cucumber and a very tiny touch of ginger beer.


Southside: A subtle cocktail which is an elaboration of a Gin Stle Mojita - apparently invented during prohibition in the USA!

Gin, with Lime, sugar, Mint and prosecco.

Option Three: 

The RUM Virtual online cocktail class:

The Strawberry Daiquiri: A popular variation on the classic rum daiquiri and an excellent cocktail all year round, especially the warm days of summer.

Huge classic, the Rum, Lime & Sugar classic combo for the Daiquiri, with added strawberry


The Piña Colada: We all know the song. But the earliest known story states that in the 19th century, Puerto Rican pirate Roberto Cofresí, gave his crew a cocktail that contained coconut, pineapple and white rum in an effort to boost their morale.  We’ll teach you how to make this drink with as few ingredients as possible and tasting great.


The Mojito: This party classic cocktail thought to be a favourite of Ernest Hemingway.

A Rum, Mint combination, with added lime, sugar and topped with Soda.