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At, over the years, we have not only found that clients having 50+ guests in their homes, never have those levels of glassware around to cater for them, of course, heading to supermarkets for glasses might be a free service they offer, but can be ugly as the glasses never match and the washing up isn’t fun!

So, We Hire Glassware! Which makes this add on service an extremely cheap, straightforward process charged per person attending the event, instead of an intricate web of charges per glass, nor a need to browse what types of glass you think you may need.

Simply, we know what cocktails go in what glasses & bring all of it based on what we as the professionals know we will need for the night. Just saved yourself a whole lot of google research & calling around. (Not to mention the washing up or recycling).

Ask us how we can help by filling in our enquiry form, or by emailing us. You'll be talking to an actual bartender, no sleazy salesmen or office workers. These are people that know exactly how to help you put on your event. They've been there, seen it. They are the expert. Why talk to anyone else?!

We do usually say that glassware hire is only possible when we also provide a mobile bar hire service. But still, let us know, You never know what we might be able to come up with. If you don't ask, you don't get!


Row of champagne flutes on shelf