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Contact Cocktailhire - Bookings

Send us an enquiry to have one of our bartenders call you back to talk about your event. Yes, you did read that correctly. Bartenders, here at

We don’t task sleazy salesmen to call you, we employ bartenders in our office, because when you make an enquiry, the people that call you back, have to be

  • Intimately knowledgeable about your event
  • Answer any & all questions you have,
  • Have the actual experience on how to best tailor our service to you.

Sales people that have never attended any event can’t do this, they also cannot help select your cocktails with you either. Only bartenders can do that. So what better people to call you, than the team that make a living from working events.

Our Bartenders don’t work on commission, so they are not interested in getting you to spend more than you wish to, in fact. They work hard to actually reduce the overall cost of many peoples events rather than up-sell our clients anyways.

So fill out the Enquiry form & our Bartender team in the office will always try their hardest to call back within 2 working days to talk through your event with you.

We do not do payments over the phone, so there is no pressure ever from anybody to buy today. 

They’ll always finish by emailing you everything that was discussed, so it puts the ball in your court to contact us after the chat. No sleazy sales, just transparency & simplicity.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Stu Hoyland, the person to contact at cocktailhire

Contact Cocktailhire

Stu – Director at:
834 Manchester Road, Bury BL98DU

Please fill out the form below

*New Years Eve bookings are a minimum of 5 hours of service.  Any enquiries below this time frame, we will not be able to answer, apologies.