How to Hire a Cocktail Maker Bartender for your Party or Event

Hire A Cocktail Maker for your event in 2023

Are you having a private party or event? Are you needing something a bit more than your partner having their sleeves rolled up & spilling everyones drinks everywhere, stressing about guests drinks while you could be having a cocktail maker do all this for you, so you can be enjoying the event & relaxing like the intended reason you had this event in the first place. This is exactly what we provide, Cocktail Makers, for hire . No other way to dress it up than that. We’ll send a cocktail maker, for a booked number of hours, to make cocktails for your guests.  We are a national company, we can reach London, Cities on the South Coast like Portsmouth or Brighton, The North, from Hull, to Manchester, Midlands, Birmingham, Coventry, The Cotswolds. We have cocktail makers situated everywhere so we can always try to ensure that we send someone that is local to you, this way we can make sure you save on travel costs. So you can have more budget to funnel into the fun things.  We provide Cocktail Makers for hire on all kinds of events, from our most popular styles of events, the home parties. The kitchens, the Back Garden BBQ’s. Right through to larger scale culture based weddings with 600+ guests, or Corporate balls They come at a premium, but we also provide the Flair Cocktail Makers too, the ones that will throw bottles around & entertain your guests with all kinds of bottle based tricks.  But our core of the business is in Cocktail Makers without the flair.   

What Is the Difference Between A Cocktail Maker, a Bartender and A Mixologist?

None, quite simply. This is just a matter of opinion of ones job role. A Bartender, a Cocktail Maker, or a Mixologist is essentially, the exact same thing, their sole job role. Is to make drinks for a guest & if anyone ever says otherwise, then they dont understand the role. A Mixologist is rumoured to have accrued more specific knowledge , based around a particular product or niche. But ultimately, they still make cocktails for a guest, just like a Bartender or a Cocktail Maker. We provide all 3 of these things, very easily, because they are the same thing. We have been providing Cocktail Makers for events for years now, our director has been making cocktails at events for 20+ years. From the luxury hotels in london, to crazy locations around Europe, the Yachts of a Monaco F1, right through, to the best & most favourite of all our events. The intimate event of usually less than 50 people, in a hosts home.

What else can my Cocktail Maker do?

Whatever else is required in the realms of cold drinks for your guests. Alot of clients, people enquiring have pre-conceptions about our Cocktail Makers potentially being Diva’s. Cocktail Makers that will only make cocktails. This is not the case, our Cocktail Bartenders are there, to make drinks for your guests. If this means opening a bottle of beer, no problem. If this means pouring a glass of Prosecco, no problem, a Gin & Tonic, still… No problem. We have to be realists & draw the lines at thinks like Tea & Coffee. We are not there for that. (has happened before) But hiring a Cocktail Maker from us, does not mean that they will only make cocktails & nothing else. Our Cocktail Makers are also going to intelligently gauge & work out the type of party that they are there for & the personality needed for the appropriate event. For example, a Cocktail maker sent to a Hen Party where they have deliberately set up a separate room for the bartender to serve drinks from. The Hens would most likely not appreciate a vibrant cocktail maker that keeps leaving their station to join in with their activities in other areas. Whereas, a Hen Group, that have created the centre piece to be about their cocktail maker, will want someone to be so much more upbeat & extroverted.  

Mobile Cocktail Makers with Portable Bars

We will get asked for very often, if our cocktail makers come with Mobile Bars. Its a question i would love to answer in a simple way. But it has not become simple. In the shortest possible way i can put it, but not directly. YES. We can supply Mobile Bars for your event. But they do not come with the cocktail maker as something they can bring along with them. They would be delivered & picked up by a separate entity from the cocktail maker. Our mobile bars are very vast in the options you can have with them. How you want them to look, the fronts or tops you would like for your aesthetic of your event. So the cocktail maker would never be able to logistically have this stored at their home permanently to bring along with them. Back in the days when it was just our director operating alone, this was exactly the case. It was so easy to just pack a bar stored on site & drive it along to an event he was already going to. But now, cocktailhire is a national company & all these mobile bars are stored in a central location. So the cocktail maker would always be coming from somewhere separate & the bars would be built for them prior to their arrival. For this same reason, this is why Glassware is not included with a cocktail maker, nor is it something we offer as a service without the mobile bars. The cost of logisitics to get all of this taken care of from a central location for the country is just too great & we would be charging far too much in fuel usage to the end client, you.

Can you upgrade your cocktail maker to a Flair Bartender?

The simple answer is YES. Please check this out on its own page right here. Although a Flair Bartender is an extremely niche requirement among people looking to book a Cocktail Maker, Post-Covid its also a lot harder to find flair bartenders. Now luckily, our director is one. So there is always one within cocktailhire to hire. however, this comes at a serious premium, Flair bartending is a very rare skill for cocktail bartenders & booking out our Director for this, means he is not within the business running logistics that day. Or that for example 4 bar hires were needed on the other side of the country. The premium would need to counteract that we’d need to hire someone else to take care of all that logisitic, so our Director can come do the Flair Event. Flair Bartenders are a thing we can provide if a client is very strong in their requirement for one. However, we arent going. to shy away from the obvious fact. That this is a premium service that comes with a. premium price tag & a minimum service requirement time of 4 hours.  

Why Should You Hire A Cocktail Maker?

Hiring a cocktail bartender will relieve you of the pressure, stress & workload of running around after your guests at your event. You after all held the party so that you could socialise with your friends, or held that event for networking, or utilised your office space for a team bonding exercise. By hiring a Cocktail Bartender for these events, frees you up, to perform the intended purpose of the space. To socialise, to host, to organise. 

Enhance a guests experience with a Cocktail Maker:

No matter how many private home events we do, over the 20 years+ experience we have, people are still shocked & pleased when they see a Cocktail Bartender at a home event, or even an office. Ok, such a thing is expected at a Large scale wedding or anything rivalling in size. But the more domestic events, its always a pleasant surprise for guests to be greeted by a Cocktail Bartender ready to make their drinks for the night.

A Cocktail Maker can in effect reduce your overall shopping bill for the event:

This is huge for some, especially the couples looking at the constant escalation of their total wedding bill. Keeping a lid on how much stock or ingredients are being used at an event, can hammer a client or hosts pocket. Sometimes harder than they budgeted for at the supermarket. A Cocktail Bartender always manning the area in which all this valuable stock is kept. Will really, although be freely given out, actually restricts very heavily its use. a Cocktail Bartender will pour in measures right for the drink, whereas a guest in free service & a “Help yourself” situation, a guest helping themselves will just pour colossal measures, which in our experience only leads to 2 possible outcomes. Extremely drunk & liable guests for accidents or less than ideal scenarios. Or, drinks that tasted far too strong & were then just left on the side as wastage. This all comes from your pocket in the end, so what you’d spend on a Cocktail Bartender for the event, you’d save in not wasting so many drinks being over poured or wasted because of poor quality / Too strong drinks.

You Can Get Cocktails Specially Designed for Your Party

We have this scenario ALL the time. Hosts would like the Cocktails to be named either after themselves, the guests, the kids. Or be re-named according to the theme of the event. Its not strange at all, for example, to have a Peaky Blinders themed event & then name a bunch of the Cocktails after characters of the popular show. Or for a corporate event, for the Cocktails to be named around the products involved. A wedding, for the cocktails to be re-named based around memories of the couple getting married. These requirements are very easy to be accomodated & dont even require our input, if you change the names. The only thing we would ask, is that the descriptions are left intact. So that our Cocktail Bartenders can know what the cocktail actually is/was, before it was re-named.

You Get More Time to Spend with Your Guests

When you or your family members are hosting the event and trying to serve the guests drinks simultaneously, things can get hectic. We touched on this in a previous segment.  You hosted this party or event so that you could be social, organise other things, or get the networking or team bonding going. Your efforts would be wasted, if you were then tying yourself to the bar area for the duration making drinks for guests instead of hosting them. 

Hiring A Cocktail Maker Saves You the Effort and Time:

Without having to run around after your guests, ensure drinks are well distributed, recharging glasses. You are free to chat to people. In addition, a lot of the time, (IF) the Cocktail maker has time, you’ll find they’ll attempt to take care of the floor too & when possible, the cocktail bartender will have a run around the room to retrieve empty glasses & make sure there are no empties just lying about the place. Now to be sure we are sincerely accurate in our statement here, this isn’t an essential & paid for part of the service, we will not sell this service as floor clean up as part of the operation. If the bartender is too busy, its not within their remit to take care of this. But, as a job habit, they want to keep everywhere around them as organised & free of dead glasses as possible.

Your ingredients & Shopping for the event is far more precise & cheaper with a Cocktail Maker:

It was briefly touched on before. But having not only the Cocktail maker at the event to make sure usage of the drink is right. But also, with the backing of our office, you are receiving a much more precise shopping list, of exactly what is required for this event. This is going to take all of the guess work out of the ingredients for this, you’ll know how much ice is needed, how much vodka, how many limes etc. This ultimately will stop you buying ingredients you dont need, buying too many of a certain ingredient. Or worse, potentially running out of cocktails at the event because the guess work being put into a shopping list was incorrect. By hiring one of our Cocktail Makers. We can make sure you have the list that will last you the duration of the event you’re booking us for & that the guests can enjoy cocktails, for the party duration intended.