How to Hire a Cocktail Maker Bartender for your Party or Event

Hire A Cocktail Maker

Do you intend to hire a cocktail maker? Every event is a reason to rejoice, whether a private gathering is conducted at a suitable location or home. Cocktails are popular because they are classy enough for clubbing and sophisticated enough for drinking at exclusive events. However, where do you get the skills to make a cocktail? As easy as it seems, cocktails are complicated and require a certain level of expertise to make them. Usually, you can hire a cocktail maker experienced in this sector to come to your home or private occasion to make and serve the cocktails.

What Is the Difference Between A Bartender and A Mixologist?

If you are having a private adult party and planning on serving cocktails, you can hire a bartender or a mixologist. In the past, people referred to a bartender as someone who caters to people by pouring them drinks. On the other hand, mixologists are people with the art and skill of making cocktails. Mixologists would create various types of cocktails from different ingredients. As a result, more people found it beneficial to hire mixologists who would also play the role of bartenders.

People nowadays use the two words interchangeably. It is common for you to hear people refer to mixologists as bartenders or cocktail makers. All cocktail makers do not play the same role. There are different types of cocktail makers, like the regular cocktail makers and the flair bartenders.

Cocktail Bartender

If you buy your drinks for the party, you will end up overspending because you will buy more than what your guests require. You can also purchase fewer drinks for your friends or colleagues, and some people will end up missing out. The goal of hosting a party is not to leave the party disappointed but rather to have the best time on your account. To make your private party elegant, social, and fun, you can hire a cocktail bartender.

One thing about cocktail bartenders is that they prepare cocktails that both men and women can enjoy. Cocktail bartenders come to your private house party, either at home, on Airbnb, or elsewhere. They will serve your guests’ different types of cocktails and signature cocktails. The good thing about this is that your guests can also customize their drinks. For example, guests that don’t want alcohol can get virgin cocktails like Cinderella, No Tequila Sunrise, Shirley Temple, and Roy Rodgers, among others. Otherwise, your guests can also choose to add more shots to their drinks.

Hiring a bartender will spice up your party. Your guests will not, at any point, stay without a drink in their glass. A bartender can be the life of your party; they are quick to make you and your friends feel welcome. They are punctual, and they fill up glasses immediately when they spot an empty glass.

Mobile Cocktail Bartenders or Portable Bars

Serving drinks at a casual table is okay, but for some occasions, like a baby shower, hen party, or bachelorette party, you have to go all out. Usually, we get the best flowers, dresses, suits, and decorations for our extraordinary events. In the same way, you can  hire a cocktail bartender who comes with a portable bar. Clients can choose the type of portable bar that matches their theme, like the vintage type of stands, LED illuminated bars, standard wooden bars, among others. Along with the mobile bar, you can also hire different types of glassware and many other items that you would want to accompany the bar.

Flair Bartender

Colleagues’ end-of-year parties should not be as formal as the workplace. It is a party, and people need entertainment and fun. If you are planning an end-of-year party or any other party, you should hire a Flair Bartender.

A flair bartender creates a polished appearance at your party while they entertain your guests. Flair bartenders offer similar services to a cocktail bartender while entertaining the guests with flair shows. Besides, they offer a personalized interaction with each getting a drink. Even the most socially awkward person at your party will find something to smile about and enjoy the party.

You can hire a flair that comes with everything, including the glassware. In contrast, you can employ the flair bartender without other items if you already have the bartender.

Why Should You Hire A Cocktail Maker?

Hiring a cocktail maker will save you from thinking about whether the drink will be served at the right time or how you will create a pleasant bar. Cocktail makers handle every other aspect that concerns drinks. The staff is highly trained, and they know when to serve drinks and when to entertain the guests. Apart from these benefits, you should hire a cocktail maker for the following reasons:

Elevate The Look of Your Space

Your space can look disorganized when you hire a standard attendant, waiter, or waitress. The waiting services can keep the place looking organized, but they will not put much effort into the overall look and customer experience.

Hiring a cocktail maker will leave your place looking elegant and unique. Cocktail makers specialize in making the whole look appealing to people by blending with the environment. Besides, you have the option of choosing the cocktail bar for whatever occasion you like.

It Reduces Your Limitations and Liabilities

It can be challenging to limit drinks for your guests when you are serving and hosting simultaneously. Your guests can also get too generous with the alcohol when you let them pour their drinks. Besides, a drunk guest can easily get injured.

Cocktail bartenders can tell whether a guest has too much to drink and immediately stop serving them or alert you if needed. The cocktail bartender can estimate a person’s age to tell whether a minor is trying to get a drink and stop them.

You Can Get Cocktails Specially Designed for Your Party

Regular bartenders serve the standard drinks that you can order at the clubs or your local drinking joint. However, if you want to make your event special, you can request signature drinks. For example, if I host a private event, I could invite the cocktail maker to come to my home, see the environment, and learn all about me. We can discuss the themes and goals I need. After that, the cocktail maker comes up with some of the few signature cocktails.

The cocktail maker can come up with different cocktails that are blue and pink for a baby shower. Your guests can order their favorite drink that will come in a different color depending on the gender that they support.

You Get More Time to Spend with Your Guests

When you or your family members are hosting the event and trying to serve the guests drinks simultaneously, things can get hectic. It would help if you gave your guests all your attention because that is the point of hosting a party. You can hire a cocktail bartender to make drinks and serve your guests. In turn, you will relieve both you and your family from pouring drinks duty, which will give you more time to entertain your guests.

Hiring A Cocktail Maker Saves You the Effort and Time

After you have had fun and managed to cater to your guests and everyone has said their goodbyes, that’s when reality strikes. You have to clean up after your guests. You have to collect all the bottles, clean the spilled drinks and wash the glassware or other items used to serve drinks.

Cocktail makers save you the effort to start cleaning the environment and putting all the items back in place. Some come with their portable bar and glassware, which they can pack and carry all the items with them. If you had offered an area where the cocktails should be served, they would clean any mess at the end of the party. For this reason, you also save the money that you would use to hire cleaners if you don’t have one.

On the other hand, it is also expensive to invest in glassware and a cocktail bar that will cater to all those guests. For a one-time event, it is not worth your effort. Glassware is expensive, and it can break at any time during the event. To save you the effort and risk involved in purchasing the glasses, cocktail bartenders come with glassware and a whole cocktail set. They have invested in glassware and cocktail sets by purchasing in bulk. Therefore, they don’t incur a huge loss when the glasses break.

You Will Never Run Out of Drinks When You Have a Cocktail Maker

As seen, the cocktail maker first takes the number of guests that are coming to the party. He will then estimate the ingredients and can work with your budget by picking out less-expensive ingredients. Since they are professionals, the cocktail makers know how to account for people’s drinks. Therefore, you will not have cases where there is a shortage or an overflow of drinks.

I’m sure you’ve decided you’d want a cocktail maker for your next private or house party. To minimize disappointments, pick a reputable cocktail maker for your occasion. As a result, contacting your friends and family for referrals is the best method to identify a reputable cocktail maker. Otherwise, you can go online and search for a cocktail maker near me, and Google will present you with an unlimited number of cocktail bartenders. Finally, while shopping, make sure to read their internet reviews. Reviews determine the sort of service provided by a cocktail maker.