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If you want Flair Bartender Hire for 2023, it is a fantastic addition to your event. Be it for a wedding, a private home party, all the way through to a huge corporate event where you need that extra little something to grab eyes on your bar. 

Dazzling guests or clients with tricks, spins, stalls or bottle flips. If you’re not entirely sure what any of these things are, or what it can even look like. Please check the video out. 

Why a hire a flair bartender for my event?

Very much like our approach to Mobile Bar hire, If you’re visiting this page, we dont need to “Sell” you anything, You’ll make up your own mind. 

But if you’re unsure of what a Flair Bartender even is… Please allow us. 

A Flair Bartender is a Cocktail maker, or Mixologist, that decided they wanted to take their skills to a next level. Think “Tom Cruise, Cocktail” where he does all kinds of bottle flips, spins & tricks in the movie. Now try to imagine this, with 40 years of evolution. Its a lot more complex now than we all saw in the 80’s. These guys spend literally YEARS learning how to do this, to form moves with glass bottles, shaker tins, spoons, anything they wanted to learn tricks with in their career. Trust me, they didnt just pick up a bottle & become a pro at this immediately. 

They elevate your event in 2 ways. 

How do flair bartenders elevate your event?

1: Tricks – Quite simply, its pretty awesome to watch, we have included a video where cocktailhire’s director has a Flair session down on the south coast when he visited for events. But you can find these videos all over the internet. We also filmed another short, where one of our London flair bartenders had a little throw around late one night. You can see this below. 

2: Personality – Flair bartenders require a larger personality to go with their skill. It makes them more approachable, easier to get along with, a Flair bartender is still there to make drinks for the guests as much as any other cocktail bartender, they may have all the tricks. But they still need to knock out the Old Fashioned, Pornstar Martinis & Mojitos for your guests. It becomes very consistent that on events, people are a little more reserved about approaching a flair bartender. Assuming that their tricks come first, drinks later. IF they even make them. 

This is certainly not the case, a flair bartender. If worth their salt, will work harder than the average bartender to make sure guests know that they are completely approachable, that they are still, very much like the other bartenders, still their to make drinks for your guests. 

A Flair Bartender Hire for 2023 throwing bottles behind a bar while guests look on

Is hiring a flair bartender an additional cost?

Of course it is. We cant escape that fact, like any job, any career. As you get better at your craft, as you develop skills extremely rare, that nobody else can do. It immediately reflects in your Salary. Same thing here. 

Now the cost of a Flair bartender is steep, we cant lie to you. They have to be booked far in advance too, but only you can decide if they are worth the cost. Is Flair that important to your event?

Why not enquire with us & find out if its within the budget for your event to have a flair bartender? 

Will my Flair bartender still make normal drinks?

Absolutely. As a flair bartender myself, i can tell you that we love surprising people, by doing tricks with things they didn't think possible. 

Our director, who is one of our flair bartenders has had amazing, some of the best reactions in fact. From performing tricks in simple opening of bottles of beer, done in new ways people have not seen before. Or from a straw boomeranging around a person & magically returning to the Flair Bartenders hand before placing it in a Gin & Tonic. 

No matter what the drink is, your flair bartender is hired to entertain your guests. Not just throw bottles around for cocktails only. 

What do I need to do to hire a flair bartender?

Fill out the Enquiry form, by hitting any of the buttons down this page. This enquiry comes through to the office, who can call you back to find out about your requirements & the event. 

We will state very clearly now, that the minimum event time that you can book a Flair Bartender for, is 4 hours service. This has nothing to do with us as a business, or the commissions we take from the Bartender. It is simply, a flair bartender will not come to a job, which is less than 4 hours of service at minimum. 

We get alot of Corporate events, where service is only 1 hour, or the event moves along to something else very quickly & the Flair Bartender is no longer required. If this is the case, we still need to charge the 4 hour minimum. Whether you use the flair bartender for that entire time, is up to you. 

Click the blue button to send an enquiry, or call us on the mobile number on the header & have a chat with us about your requirements.