How to Hire a Cocktail Maker Bartender for your Party or Event


Hiring a Flair Bartender is a fantastic addition to any event. They can really add a huge WOW factor to any party. Their famous “Tom Cruise” in Cocktail style performance makes all the guests at your party know that you really put some thought into hiring true professionals to do the Cocktail making at your party.

However, hiring a Flair Bartender can be a very daunting task. Especially if not only you’re not even sure what they do. Or if you do know, what is required for a Flair Bartender to do their role, or even if you need one. If you need any help in understanding this, please feel free to check out our blog on the subject found  here. 

Hiring a Flair Cocktail Bartender with us is very easy. Our bartenders come Equipped with everything they need to not only create your chosen cocktails, but also to perform their tricks. 

Our Flair Bartender Hire service uses only the BEST Flair Bartenders out there, we only use flair bartenders with credibility, the ones who have competed & ranked in their profession, the ones who do the TV spots & we have done plenty over the years. Without even realising it, you’ve seen cocktailhire Flair Bartenders on everything from Advertisements on TV for products like Malibu Rum, right through to Music Videos shown internationally along with even Hollywood Movie spots to throw in too.

Our Flair Bartenders are not recruited out of bars, but are very well experienced & established in the private event industry, so they are extremely respectful to the homes they visit, along with the kinds of Guests they encounter. 

So you can relax in the knowledge that hiring a flair bartender from cocktailhire means that you can concentrate on other matters that need attending for organising your event. 

If Flair is a little too much for you, please take a look at hiring a  Cocktail bartender from us, all the same knowledge & great tasting cocktails, but without the tricks. 

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