Hiring a mobile bar? Thinking of using a mobile bar for weddings, or simply placing a mobile cocktail bar at your next get-together with friends? Well, mobile bar hire is one of the things we do best here at Cocktailhire, so we can provide you with the best quote today. 

We have a wide range of mobile bars available, so there’s bound to be the perfect bar for you, your venue, or your home somewhere on our site. If you’re looking for the perfect mobile bar hire company that will cater to your every need, then you’ve come to the right place. 

This isn’t new to us, but we understand it might be new to you. So, if you want some additional information about how to hire a mobile bar, then we have a completely free advice blog available  here for you to look at. Our priority has always been transparency, so take a look at the blog post so you feel more confident in the process. 

The best thing about the mobile cocktail bars we offer is that they’re all custom made. We know that one size doesn’t fit all, so we work with a team of excellent designers and fabricators to turn our visions of the perfect mobile bars into a reality. And trust us, every mobile bar we have available is something we’re truly proud of. 

Every one of our mobile bars has a solid metal base frame, so they’re sturdy and available for use time and time again, but more importantly, they each have a unique design that will fit seamlessly into the aesthetics of whatever party you’re throwing. Whether it’s for a wedding, birthday party, or a simple get-together, we’ll have something that’s perfect for you. 

But one thing we also understand is that our vision won’t always match up to your vision, so we allow the fronts of each bar to be interchangeable. Our LED panels can house your own artwork, logos, and pictures. Once you have the mobile cocktail bar, all you need to do is fill the front with the message you want to display. 

This final bit of customisation is important to us, because it means that everybody who is looking for a portable bar hire business can add their own finishing touches to it, making each mobile bar personal to you. We find this is perfect for birthdays, weddings, or corporate events, where personal messages are not only a nice touch, but necessary. 

Want to know something else that’s special about our mobile cocktail bars? The tops are interchangeable too. Whether you need a black bar top, wooden, white, or even pink (here’s looking at you, hen do planners) we have it all, so you can take our mobile bar, and turn it into something that works for you. 

Better yet, our mobile bars are exactly that: mobile. They fold down to small pieces that are easy to carry and easy to set up, and our largest piece is only 0.75m in width and 15cm in thickness, so it’s perfect for anybody to carry and set up without issue. Throwing your cocktail party in an apartment? No problem, we can take our portable bar and set it up anywhere with no fuss! 

Please note: If you do choose to hire one of our LED mobile bars from us, then you will need access to a power socket so you can plug it in. Other than that, we can take one of our mobile bars and set it up anywhere you like. So, if you want a mobile bar hire company that can deliver a portable bar wherever you need it – you’ve found them!

Now we’ve finished describing our mobile cocktail bars to you, it’s probably about time you saw them, right? Well, check out our  photos on Google for more information. You’ll also see some of the cocktails our  bartenders for hire have produced, and other cool things like that, so you get an idea about who we are here at Cocktailhire. 

Ready to get started by making an enquiry? Then fill out our enquiry form by following the link below to discuss the options we have available so we find the perfect match for you! We’re open to discussing anything, your ideas, questions, and options, so don’t hesitate and reach out to us today! 


How can I hire a mobile cocktail bar from you?

It’s simple enough. All you need to do is head to our enquiry page  here and fill out the details required. After that, we’ll be in touch with information about the bars we have available that will suit your needs, and we can discuss everything further until you’re happy with the final outcome.

How do I find the perfect portable bar for me and my event?

That’s where we come in. We’ve been doing this for a long time now, and we don’t expect you to know exactly what you need right away. Instead, we take the information you provide us on the enquiry form and we mull things over, so when we get back to you, we have suggestions we think will work for you. Not satisfied with the options we present? No problem! All our team are open to discussions and suggestions from potential customers. We believe that mobile bar hire should be a collaborative process. Yes, we’re experts at hiring mobile bars out, but you’re an expert at knowing exactly what you want at your party or event. Together we’ll make quite the team! 

What information do you require when I make an enquiry?

Just a few things. Before you contact us, you’ll just need the following things nailed down:

  • Your name (which we imagine you’ll have perfected by now)
  • Your email address
  • Your contact number
  • The rough size of your party (just so we get an idea about who you are catering for)
  • The date and location of the event (so we can see what we have available to hire)
  • The time of the event
  • And a comment in the message box explaining that you wish to hire a mobile cocktail bar, and any initial thoughts you have about style, and what event the mobile bar will be used at

Don’t worry if the details change slightly here and there. These are all things we can discuss when we call you or send you an email about the enquiry you’ve made. That’s why we only need rough estimates for now. The details can all be ironed out later if needs be.

Who will handle my enquiry?

Our bartenders. That’s right, we don’t have a separate sales team who pushes different mobile bars down your throat that you don’t want. We simply use our bartenders, because they know best after all! By discussing your enquiry with a professional bartender, you get the best results for your event. They know what size bar will work, the designs available that match your vision, and everything else you’ll need before the big day. No, we aren’t salesy, and no, we don’t want you to spend more than you need to. We’re passionate about parties and events, and we just want our mobile bars to make yours the best it can be! 

How quickly will you get back to me about hiring a mobile bar?

We aim to respond to all our enquiries within 2 working days, but we also know that sometimes we’re a little busier than expected. But don’t worry, we always respond to enquiries in the order that they were made, so if 2 working days have passed, we’ll still be getting to you as quickly as possible, so keep your phone nearby in case you get a call from us soon! 

What if I change my mind after our call?

Our bartenders call you to discuss your options and to make sure you’re comfortable with the process – that’s it. No payments are ever taken over the phone and the bartender that’s dealing with your enquiry will always email over all the information you’ve discussed on the phone to make sure everybody is clear about what you discussed. But if, after all that, you change your mind, then that’s fine too! We don’t push our bartenders to meet sales targets or turn enquiries into cash, so they won’t hassle you with further emails or phone calls. If you want to walk away, we’ll miss you, but we won’t chase you. The ball is in your court at all times.

How much notice do you need for mobile bar hire?

If you’re looking to hire a mobile bar from us, then the best course of action is to give us as much notice as possible. Why? Because then we will probably have more options available for you to choose from, and we’ll be able to get everything finalised with ample time before your event. However, we also recognise that sometimes you haven’t even thought about hiring a mobile bar until your big day is just around the bend. In these cases, we’ll do our best to supply you with a mobile bar from the selection we have available. However, our services are popular, so it’s best to get your enquiry in early to avoid disappointment.

Please  checkout our photos on google to see the various fronts in which we have available.

Fill out an Enquiry now to discuss with us your options, ideas & questions about Hiring a Mobile bar from  Cocktailhire.