Mobile Bar Hire

You are planning a wedding, get-together with friends, corporate parties, birthday parties, graduations, pool parties, red carpet events, VIP events and many other functions. Do you want to make the event epic and memorable? Has a mobile bar crossed your mind?

Hiring a mobile bar makes your event stand out and adds class, from the bar set up to bartender hire, alcohol choices, cocktails offered, decor and music. When you hire a mobile bar, you don’t have to stress over anything as the mobile bar company in which you hired will take care of your party and ensure that it is perfect.

Mobile bars fit perfectly in homes, or any space with no bar. A portable bar comes equipped with all The utilities a mobile bar needs, making sure even drainage for the ice melting is taken care of. Then you just add the drinks, cocktails, and a bartender (which of course can be hired from us also).

This way, a mobile bar will make your event stand out and be unforgettable. At cocktailhire, mobile bar hire is just the tip of the iceberg of the many services we offer. The benefit you get from cocktail hire is the perfect definition of magnificent.

The initial Steel & Aluminium frame, is the base unit in which holds the Structure of the Mobile bar.

There are many styles available of Mobile Bar available from us.

The Cladding or panels are attached of the chosen style.

And then its a case of choose the style finish.

1: Wooden Pallet style cladding.

2: LED Panels, these can also be set to white backlights & your own artwork can be inclosed inside the frame, creating a personal touch or bespoke POS piece for brands or corporate use.

3: Brickwork, this is only an aesthetic look of course, we aren’t bringing a brick bar to an event.

4: Black Chesterfield, possibly our most popular bar front in the range.

5: White Chesterfield

6: White Marble

A mobile bar is a simple way to help your guest quickly access professionally made drinks served efficiently. Our mobile bars have a solid metal base frame, so they are sturdy and available for use time and again. The tops & fronts are completely interchangeable too. Whether you need a black bar top, wooden, white, or even pink, we have it all. You can take our mobile bar and turn it into something that works for you. Our main purpose is to make your event the best you can ever have by providing the best services.

There is a wide range of mobile bars available, so you can select the perfect bar for your event according to your budget and how big you would love your party to be. If you are looking for a mobile hire bar company, you are in the perfect place. Immediately as soon as you approach our company, you get a real bartender to guide you through the entire process to make sure you get the right bar for you.

Because every party holder wants something different and unique, the mobile cocktail bars are custom-made to fit each customer’s need. Every bar has a unique design that works and fits into the aesthetics of your event, making it exquisite. Different parties have different styles of presentation, and a specific plan will include a particular setting.

We understand that our vision won’t always match your vision; that’s why we have designed the fronts of each bar to be interchangeable. Our LED panels are not only visually impressive outright on their own, but can also house your artwork, logos, and pictures. Once you have the mobile cocktail bar, you can fill the front with your intended message. If you choose to hire our LED mobile bar from us, you will need access to a power socket to plug it in.

Just as the name suggests, the mobile bars are precisely that: mobile. They fold down to small pieces that are easy to carry and set up. These bars can fit perfectly even in events with small spaces.

Top advantages of a mobile bar at your event. Our biggest attraction for so many people, is how condensed our bars fold down to. The bar folds into pieces so small, we can gain access through the tightest hallways & smallest of doorways.

These events don’t come every day, and you want your event to be memorable and of a kind. There are so many benefits of hiring a mobile bar at your event.

Keep your guests happy and entertained.

Your epic day is here, and you don’t want to make your guests feel neglected; instead, you would love them to be entertained and drinks flowing. Secondly, with the many guests, you have invited, you can’t manage to attend to them and still make the most out of your day.

A variety of drinks.

At a party with lots of guests, you are bound to have different people taking different types of drinks. A mobile bar is perfect for these events as guests can have their unique beverages, and you are entirely covered. Some guests may need mixed cocktails, and the bartender can serve them anytime.

Professional bartenders.

When you hire a mobile bar, you get professional bartenders who will mix drinks for your guests as you have a good time. They mix drinks, and their service is top-notch and worth every coin. There are napkins, labels, and flowers at the mobile bar, making your party look more elegant. The bartenders use the proper equipment when serving your guests, so quality service is guaranteed.


You can hire a mobile bar for the span of only an event. Flexibility makes your guests feel special, and they can have a drink at whatever time they feel comfortable. They are also mobile to fit in any small or big space, so you don’t have to worry even if your party is on the rooftop. They are also designed for the theme of your party.

How to Hire a Mobile Cocktail Bar

You don’t have to settle for a mobile bar that doesn’t fit your standards. You get the best at the mobile cocktail bar by visiting our page and filling out the required information. Here you can be contacted by one of our bartenders to discuss everything until you are satisfied with any questions you may have about the mobile bar. Our bartenders will also ask questions to ensure that you are getting exactly what you ordered.

How to find the perfect portable bar

Different events will have different kinds of mobile bars. After talking with the bartenders, they make suggestions that will work best for you and your event, from the design theme to the size of the mobile bar and your budget. Our team will work with you effortlessly together as a team to ensure you are getting the best service that fits your pockets. We’ve been doing this for years, and we understand what theme works best with weddings and what works with graduations and so forth. It would be best if you had an expert on getting high-quality mobile bar hire services, and that’s what cocktail hire is all about.

Information to Fill Out When Making an Enquiry

There are a few details that you will fill out on the customer support inquiry page above to contact us. They include:

  • Your name
  • Your contact number
  • A working email address
  • The date and location of your event (so you can get the best available mobile bar)
  • The time of the event
  • Any additional information you would like a cock tail mobile bar to know and what event you propose to hold.

Who Will Handle My Enquiry?

We have a team of professional bartenders who have many years of experience in providing mobile bars. They know what design will work with your party and the size. Our team doesn’t work on a commission basis, so they will not persuade you to hire an expensive mobile bar. Instead, they work alongside the clients to ensure they cut any unwanted costs and leave you with finer details and an epic party.

You get to discuss your enquiry with a professional and get the best results for your event. We are passionate about parties and we want to offer the best services.

The Bottom Line

Planning and making your event memorable doesn’t have to be a hassle with you buying drinks from various bars, and sometimes your guests would have preferred something else. A mobile bar is the perfect definition of class and excellent service. With a mobile bar from cocktailhire, you get to enjoy exceptional service and a variety of drinks at your comfort, in your own home or marquee. Your guests also deserve the best cocktails, which can be obtained from a mobile bar for their pleasure.

You also get to relax as your guests get the best service. Your big day is here, and you don’t have to burden yourself running up and down trying to serve your guests.

Fill out an inquiry form to discuss your options, ideas, and questions. Otherwise, sit, relax and enjoy your party as you let us do what we do best and make your event memorable.