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We also offer the facility of Mobile Bar Hire in 2023 for your event too. 

We’re going to spare you the sales talk about “This will be a centrepiece of excellence for your event” or something corny like “You need to hire this mobile bar because your life will be better”.

The way we see it, A mobile bar hire is something that someone wants, or doesn’t want before they even speak to us. You’ll bring it up, long before we even think about it. 

So let's tell you the initial facts about our bars to hire, so you can compare it with the other ones you’ve looked at. 

We designed our bar ourselves, completely from scratch, catered to our exact designs. They were designed by our bartenders, fabricated FOR use by bartenders. Not a factory that had an “idea” of what a bar should look like. 

Our bars contain an additional fold when it breaks down. That may not sound like much, but this opened the avenues to get our mobile bars in through far tighter spaces to get to its final setup location. This can be from insane back of house setups in Department Stores, for their product launches. Right to, just easier to get in through a hallway, or a very tight spiral staircase in many of the homes we attend. Making this one of, if not THE most portable bar on available. 

All of our bar fronts & tops are built in house, never outsourced. So what you get from us, is not off a conveyor belt, from anywhere. 

Mobile Bar Hire in 2023 - A flatpack bar

Mobile Bar Hire in 2023 – A mobile bar with wood cladding

The back of a mobile bar, piled with glasses and ice. Ready for service. This was a bar hired from us

Styles Available

There are many styles available of bars available from us.

We have a Steel & Aluminium frame which operates as the framework, or structure of our bar, then we have the decorative & much more appealing cladding finishes to go on after to create & complete your chosen look.

These fronts & tops are forever expanding. But currently, you can choose from the following bar services:

1: Wooden Pallet style cladding.

2: LED Panels, these can also be set to white backlights & your own artwork can be enclosed inside the frame, creating a personal touch or bespoke POS piece for brands or corporate bar hire use.

3: Brickwork, this is only an aesthetic wallpapered look of course, we aren’t going to supply mobile brick bars to an event.

4: Black Chesterfield, possibly our most popular bar front in the range.

5: White Chesterfield

6: Brick Mirror Finish

A chesterfield leather fronted mobile bar hired from us

Mobile Bar Hire in 2023 – An LED panel bar inside a converted church, the mobile bar was hired from us

Mobile Bar Hire in 2023 – The brick fronted bar. imitation brick that is!

By this stage, you would have decided whether or not to add a mobile bar to your enquiry. 

But these Portable bars can be expanded & scaled up too, they are designed to fit next to one another. Our mobile bars come in multiples of 1.5Metres in length. Currently we can link 3 together to create a 4.5Metre bar, but this is ever expanding. 

We also have Posters we had printed to go inside the LED panel to create even more styles on our mobile bar. 

This expands our range even further to. 

Disco “Studio 54” style panel:.

Neon “Cocktail” Sign.

Great Gatsby “Art Deco” design.

Or of course, this LED panel can illuminate your own designs, we give you the specs & you get your own printed. We can install it upon set up & have your own Bar front illuminated. This is a feature exclusive to us, so ask us when discussing your mobile bar hire about this option. 

Other than what it looks like, why else should a mobile bar be on the menu?

Speed. How else can we say it without a sales speech. 

Quite simple, on our mobile bars, which we designed. Makes our bartending faster when we are behind it. This is it. Other than how it looks, this would be the only other reason. This mobile bar for hire, is designed so everything is in the perfect place for our bartenders.

Bottles of Spirit are down by knee height for effortless grabbing, simultaneously leaving the workspace up top, free of these bottles. So glassware can be placed here, perhaps fruit prep, or just space so the bar feels less cluttered. 

A Stainless steel sink unit with drainage, keeping melted ice, away from the actual ice. This makes your ice last longer & you get more out of the bags you ordered for the event. Meaning our bartenders spend more time shovelling that ice into your glasses, as opposed to trying to strain away water from the ice remaining. 

A structure that our bartenders can be more abrupt & less caring with. 

This is going to automatically make them faster, when we work on some of the beautiful kitchen islands we are placed on, if a mobile bar is not hired. Or we’re working from an expensive dining table, or it has happened in the past, a Grand Piano. Our bartenders need to take great care to preserve this surface in which we are now working on. It takes time to be more careful. Whereas with the bars you can hire from us, our bartenders know that these are a work surface designed for their purpose. They can spill things on it, bang items down quicker & just be a bit more boisterous with a mobile bar from us. 

From York to Kent – Bars available for a wedding bar event receptions

We get asked so often, if we can have a bunch of drinks ready for a wedding reception, or a guest arrival. The mobile bar, with 3 tiers of workspace, allows us to completely fill the bar top with reception drinks, without impacting any of our workspace, to further create more drinks. 

From Espresso Martinis, to Bellinis & Long Islands, a 1.5Metre Bar top on our mobile bar, is plenty of room to fill with reception drinks for your guests arrival.

A wedding bar is completely a possibility when you hire bar from us. Bar mobile solutions are something we provide for your event. We designed them custom, they are a bars bar. Our staff love using them, so your bar services will be that much more impressive. use our hire services, you won’t regret it. Our bar solves all your event problems. Bars for any occasion.

Bar Services – Glassware Hire with Bar Hire

We only hire glassware, alongside Mobile bars, so now you’re hiring a mobile bar, this now allows a whole new task of finding glasses to be taken off your plate. 

Since we grew to a national sized business, covering an entire country. Running Glassware hire, alongside just bartenders became impossible. A fuel crisis made it impossible to run glassware hire on a national scale. So in the last 6 months, we took the decision to allocate Glassware hire, ONLY to Mobile Bar Hires. As logistics are already being organised & priced for, it's the same van.

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