Hiring a Cocktail Bartender for your event in 2023

Hiring a Cocktail Bartender from us is a very easy process, we cater for every scale of event, from the intimate dinner parties containing just a few guests, right up to the 300+ guests at a wedding, or even a corporate Christmas party, we’ve been cocktail making for it all over the last 20 years. 

 Our bartenders arrive at your event equipped with everything they need to create your chosen cocktails. They will bring their Shaker tins, the Pouring Spouts for the bottles, Knives & Chopping boards for the garnishes, all of it. 

Our cocktail bartenders will mix up delicious cocktails for the allotted time in which they are booked for, chatting to your guests & being a great feature piece for your event, be it a Birthday, a Random Saturday afternoon BBQ in the back garden, or a huge wedding catering for hundreds of people. Cocktailhire is the premium service to get your Cocktail Bartenders hired. 

How to hire a Cocktail Bartender:

In our office, we have Bartenders working to get through the enquiries we have. All you need to do is simply fill out this Enquiry form, then one of the Cocktail Bartenders will call you back to hear more about your event. 

We aim to say that this could take 2 working days, but this may take longer on busy weeks, or usually in August when the whole team tend to take their holidays. During this call, we will ask you all about your event. We’re looking to identify how many guests are at the event, the rough idea of a location in which you as a host were thinking about having the bar. Usually over the phone, we’ll hear ideas like “We were going to have the bartender on our kitchen island” or of course “Is our dining table ok for them” Of course we’ll make suggestions on other great locations they can be put to get the best out of your booking. 

But ultimately, its the things you’re not saying which is why we called. Its, listening to the excitement surrounding certain aspects of your event that tell us very much how the event is going to go, what style of bartender works best for you etc. For some, a bartender that just stays in the corner & makes drinks, can be exactly what a host is looking for, whereas for many, a vibrant, extroverted type is exactly what they envisioned. 

When we are on the call with you, we are making notes so we can make sure we send you the right bartender for the style of event you’re having. 

What kinds of drinks can the cocktail bartender make? 

Anything you would expect a cocktail bartender to make. Without that sounding to patronising or that we aren’t covering the subject enough. This is actually one of our most frequently asked questions. The cocktails chosen is an obvious, you’ve picked out your menu, of course your Cocktail Bartender you’ve hired is going to make those drinks. 

We do know however, what this means, is basically “what other drinks is the cocktail maker willing to put together?”. The answer is exactly what you were hoping, anything that can be reasonably made without over cluttering the workspace, or slowing down their original reason for being hired. We’ve answered the question in this way, because there are 2 things that happen at events with other drinks, one is absolutely no problem at all, the other, just causes a nightmare. 

1: the Client providing some Gin, some Tonics & asking to make something like G&T, a few bottles of prosecco, for glasses of. Basic mixers like Cola or Lemonade, so we can just take the normal spirits & make typical spirit/mixer type drinks should someone want it, a few bottles of beer to open. Absolutely perfect, we’d love to do it. Hand the ingredients over & we’re all over it. 

Or 2: the guests that bring their own booze, then ask us to keep hold of it & its “Only for me & my wife” Yeah, we tell these guests to place their bottles somewhere else, we’re happy to give glasses & ice to these guests. But the second you start down this path. Before you know it, another 5 guests ask the same, then the bartender then has 10 random bottles that only specific people are allowed to have, they’re never going to remember which belongs to who & socially, after a few, other guests begin seeing those bottles & wanting drinks from them. Or for the bartender to begin making off menu drinks, with other peoples bottles. So this is something our bartenders do everything they can, to not be placed in this situation. So if guests arrive with their own bottles, our cocktail bartenders would 98% of the time, very much recommend that those guests be guardians of their own bottle, away from them. 

Anything else, they’re fine with. Within the realms of what they’re hired for of course, they’re not going to go off to other areas of a home making Cups of Tea or Coffee for guests. 

Do we have to pay for the cocktail bartender to prepare?

Not at all, we aim to have our cocktail bartenders to you 1 hour before the service time. We do not charge for this hour, because its for what we may need, not you. This is of course prep time, cutting fruits, boiling kettles for sugar syrup etc. However, this whole process usually takes only 15 to 20 minutes. The largest reason why we add an entire hour for prep time, is because things like traffic happen. It allows the hired cocktail bartender substantially more buffer time, if there is a problem on a road getting to you. Or if a train is disrupted, a tube strike etc. It accounts for us to have a further 40 minutes before we need to begin panicking about potentially not being ready for your guests arrival, the time that MATTERS. 

So this first hour of their arrival is free. But it is for the Cocktail Bartender to be ready for the service time. 

What if the party is going so well, we’d like the cocktail bartender to stay longer? 

At least 1 in 3 home events are like this. Again, one of our most frequently asked questions. These things happen & are difficult to predict. We get it. 

It is entirely possible & most of the time, yes, happens literally all the time.

However, to prevent clients from booking our cocktail bartenders for the minimum possible & then “winging it” with the additional hours. It is a more premium rate, to stay on for additional hours beyond booking. So it is 1.5x the hourly rate to keep a bartender on for longer than their original time. This also must be paid direct to the cocktail bartender, at the moment of asking them to stay. We do not collect any payments after the events.

For years, we had people claim when it comes to paying the outstanding balances, that they were drunk, didn’t mean it, was a mistake. etc when we called on Monday to take payment for the additional hours worked the Saturday night previous. But by now the cocktail bartender needs to be paid for additional hours they’ve now completed, that have not been paid for yet by the host. So to mitigate this, extra hours, must be paid for, on the night, at the moment of requesting. NO EXCEPTIONS. Our bartenders are also told not to accept the “Ill sort it with Stu later, we’re cool” They wont accept this. They are specifically told not to accept this response. 

Our cocktail bartenders also reserve the right to say no to extra hours if not in the booking. Of course, they want more money, they’d love to stay. 95% of all requests to stay on, the cocktail bartender is more than happy to do so. But there will be moments, where the cocktail bartender needs to deal with their own childcare, say from a babysitter, while they’ve been at your event, perhaps they have a 4 hour drive home that they just want to get started, perhaps another event they need to get to directly after yours. Or, in extremely few cases, they’ve had events where they’ve had clients rude to them & just don’t want to stay, or worse, Narcotics to a level so intolerable, they want out ASAP. 

Does the Cocktail Bartender bring their own equipment?

The Cocktail Bartender will bring along the equipment they require to make drinks at the event. Not to provide glassware for the event for guests to drink from. 

Another & the most frequent question we get of all. Like any professional you’ve ordered to come & perform a task, they would bring their tools to do so. You wouldn’t hire a plumber & have them turn up to say “Have you got a spanner i can borrow for this?” Same concept. So a cocktail bartender booked through us, will turn up with Cocktail Shaker tins, Pour Spouts for the bottles for accurate pouring, Jigger measures in case. spoons, Knives & a chopping board etc. 

But as we have discovered since covid, now we have grown into a national company. Distributing Glassware over these kinds of distances without adding sky high costs to our services, is impossible. So Glassware is something that must be sourced locally. There are plenty of glassware hire companies out there, but when we discuss with clients, if its less than 40 guests. Its actually cheaper to do an IKEA run & then own the glasses for another time.