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Cocktailhire Director was once a Masterchef Contestant

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Masterchef Contestant

Did you know our Cocktailhire Director was once a Masterchef Contestant?

Masterchef Cocktailhire2

Masterchef Cocktailhire

He can cook as well as make cocktails.

Cocktailhire director Stu Hoyland was once a Masterchef Contestant a few years back.

He made it through all the auditions, interviews & everything, just to get foiled on set in his very first episode.

A Production issue which saw Stu being taken away from his bench for an apparent Microphone Issue in the final 2 minutes of the cooking sector of the show completely shattered any hope of getting any decent food out to the judges as he returned to completely overcooked accompaniments & Burnt fish. He still had to serve it even though he knew it would end his Masterchef journey.

However, his instagram does show off his eating habits, plating skills & general cooking addiction plenty enough to prove that he was not sent off from the show for a lack of skill, more a victim of circumstance.

Masterchef Contestant

Masterchef cocktailhire

What that means for cocktails?

Well, it means that cocktailhire has been founded on a strong base of quality drinks. Our director is clearly a pioneer for taste, quality & presentation on both the food & drink side of things. So you can always ensure that booking with us, will always ensure higher quality drinks, service & taste.

Since being on the show. His appearance is brought up a-lot & has even been plugged on some events. But it has also seen Stu involved in a-lot of consultancy within the Masterchef world, not only performing at events directly for the studios of Masterchef, but the Contestants that have gone on to open their own Restaurants have called upon Stu for his Cocktail Talents. Creating Menus, Training Staff Members, or even performing Flair for when TV crews have been covering the opening.

Masterchef cocktailhire

masterchef cocktailhire


Stu Hoyland – Director @ Cocktailhire

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