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Meet Stu Hoyland, the Founder of  Cocktailhire & author of this site – Your Trusted Bartending Partner.

With over 20 years of experience in  flair bartending while at the best destinations across Europe. Stu Hoyland is a highly skilled professional who has been trained by judges of world-level competitions and award-winning bartenders. Chiefly known for his speed and efficiency, Stu is one of the fastest bartenders in the country who can add a touch of flair to his work while still maintaining a fast pace.

Stu’s adaptive personality and exceptional bartending skills have since earned him recognition on international commercials and features on BBC shows. He has also been flown to high-profile events in Venice, Paris, Spain, and similarly runs events in the homes of the rich and famous in the UK.

Markedly frustrated by the lack of quality in bartending services provided by other companies, Stu therefore decided to start Cocktailhire with a mission to deliver exceptional service to clients. The company is, in brief, dedicated to providing the highest quality bartending experience by prioritising guests, clients, and events.

With a team of skilled bartenders who share the same work ethic as Stu, Cocktailhire has built a reputation for excellence. Earning  5-star reviews on Google, and a base of repeat clients. If you’re looking for a trusted partner to elevate your event, get in touch with Cocktailhire today by clicking the ” Contact Us” button.

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