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Mobile Bar Hire at Euridge Manor, Somerset

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Mobile Bar Hire at Euridge Manor 

A weekend over the summer saw us at a weekend long wedding at Euridge Manor, close to Trowbridge, Bath & in Somerset. 

A client, which we have a long standing relationship with, spanning plenty of events at their home in West London. 

Hired us in for not only the provision of a Mobile Bar, but also 6 bartenders over the 2 days & Glassware hire for the whole weekend too. 

This Mobile Bar hire was booked in originally for much sooner in the previous year, was of course postponed many times like other weddings due to the Pandemic issues surrounding events & restrictions not allowing large numbers of people to gather. 

There are many options to select for the mobile bar, this client although on their last booking back in West London. For this Wedding in which they are hiring the mobile bar for. They opted for the Wooden cladding. By miles our most popular bar front.

Setting up the Mobile Bar

Arrival to Euridge Manor in Somerset was super easy, the hotel had fantastic access for suppliers to get down directly outside the marquee in order to load the Mobile bar in. 

As always, the Mobile bar was built in about 20 minutes, starting with our Steel frame with Aluminium panels, scary to most at first when first seen standing without any coverings, as without cladding, this can be quite “ugly” to many eyes. We certainly make it a priority to get the metal covered with the pretty panels chosen by our clients as fast as possible. 

But it’s definitely worth showing this stage, as a lot of other companies that have “Wooden Mobile Bars” are actually made from wood, with no commercial heavy duty strength or standards whatsoever. 

So the wood for our bars, is literally just cladding & a wood look finished after the build, not the materials in which the bar is made from. 

This Mobile bar is so much easier to be kept cleaner, has a much more fit for purpose build & is much more sturdy & withstanding during logistics & transport. 

Mobile Bar hire on the Friday night

The Friday night service, our bar was set up in an outside Marquee at Euridge Manor, this was because the area inside was very long, thin & not much could be installed in there alongside the amount of guests visiting. Caterers were the priority for the Friday, so our Mobile Bar was built out in the marquee just outside the facility at the requests of the clients. We served Mojito, Strawberry Daiquiris, Pornstar Martinis Among other cocktails. The Cocktail makers were also on hand to open beers, pour wines & general Spirit Mixer options swell. Something that is never a problem on our events, welcomed in fact. 

Only 2 Cocktail Bartenders were required for the Friday as far less numbers were in attendance for this, being that the main day, was the next day. When many more guests would arrive. 

For this, we brought approximately 1000 glasses for the weekend, normally enough to not need to wash any for the whole weekend spanning over both nights. But the legends at Euridge Manor provided commercial standard glass washing facilities, so I jumped at the chance to be on top of cleanliness at such ease & washed everything after the first event. Staying behind just one extra hour, in order to save myself from 2 hours work back at the unit after the event. 

Mobile Bar Hire on the Saturday Night

Saturday, caterers had an entirely different section of the hotel facility. So our mobile bar was installed into the reception on the Saturday night. 

This involved 2 flights of stairs, through a very narrow stairwell. 

Luckily, our Mobile bar is designed to compact down to very small segments which also flatpack. Meaning it was super easy to carry the Mobile bar up these narrow stair wells in order to then build the bar in the upper section of the facility. 

An indoor build this time. A DJ setup an elaborate lighting rig & as prior agreed with the clients, a Separate Shot table was put together close to, but not on the bar, so guests could help themselves to shots. 

The Saturday night required 3 cocktail bartenders for the evening as it was 150 guests, we also provided a Glass collector to keep on top of all the empties from our glassware hire. 

The Mobile Bar was in service for 4 hours, while guests danced, drank & ate their way through the Saturday night. 

Our Cocktail bartenders kept the drinks flowing & banter was rich over our mobile bar with the wooden cladding. 

This client hired 2 units of bar, to be placed together making up 3M total in bar length. 

We provide multiples of 1.5M & all our units are designed to seamlessly be placed together to create a longer mobile bar fitting most requirements. 

Provided the LED panel is not ordered with the Mobile Bar, we require no power, or electricity to operate this Mobile bar setup. 

This allows us to make cocktails in Fields out in the middle of nowhere, or just in an area in a room where running power can be difficult. 

This particular event, the Wooden bar front was used, therefore no power was required. 

Our mobile bars also drain the water away from the ice into buckets underneath the Mobile bar, meaning we do not require any running water either. 

Our manner in which we make cocktails, uses the same tin over & over for each cocktail. So washing up can be far less frequent, which allows us to hold a bucket of fresh, soapy water for the tin washing. Meaning we are completely independent of any fixed services such as Electricity or running water, making these Mobile Bars the most convenient for clients when selecting where they want the bar to be placed. 

The mobile bar tops also interconnect & when put together, just looks like one long seamless bar, that was purpose built & has been there all along. It also fitted into the room perfectly, again, as intended. You would never have known it was a mobile bar. 

As the sun set over Euridge Manor. The cocktails kept flowing, speeches were had & the guests partied until 1am. 

Packing away the Mobile Bar

We were faced with a very unique challenge upon the close of this event when breaking the Mobile Bar setup down & loading into the van for departure. One of the guests was placed in the room, less than 3ft away from the location in which the client wanted the bar.
Once they retired to bed after the event. We needed to close the event down with an extra care taken to how loud we were, so we did not disturb the guest sleeping in the room right next to the bar. 

We took apart the mobile bar with Ninja like precision & silence. Our mobile bar is designed around channels & a slotting system, so all the pieces fit together without any need for hard knocks, hammer like actions, or anything that would create excess noise. So we were able to get this Mobile bar out of the venue & to our van with minimal disruption. 

Which can also translate across to your parties as minimal disruption to your neighbours when we are loading out a mobile bar after your event. 

The glassware hired was also loaded back into the boxes, as it was kept on top of throughout the night too & taken away dirty. This is all cleaned up back at our unit on the Monday morning when all of our Glassware hires & Bar Hires are back in one central location for us. 

This makes for maximum convenience for our clients, when mobile bars are loaded out quickly & efficiently.

Before I set up Cocktailhire & I was serving events for other companies, I would witness these companies do full clean downs as they packed the bars away. A good practice I would like to think. However when you witness the fallout of this action. 

A client who has now had their night, is ready for bed & forcing themselves to stay awake while the company pack away their gear, just so they can lock up their property after the Cocktail Makers have left with their Mobile bar. 

So we just pack it away in the fastest manner possible, to cause minimal disruption to our clients evenings. Even if that means dirty. 

Cleaning is all done at the other end, where it is also daylight & we can spend the maximum amount of attention on returning our mobile bars to optimum condition for the next hire.  

Hiring our Mobile Bars

To hire our Mobile Bars, do not hesitate to contact us & tell us all about your event. 

We have a page here, showing all the different bar fronts that can be selected, or aesthetics we have available. Please do only look at this page when selecting a bar front, we do have an instagram page also, but this is not always the bars we provide, a lot of clients either have their own builds, or caterers already supply bars in which our cocktail makers are hired in to work behind. 

So the instagram is not a reflection of what bars we have available.