Welcome to the list of links for shopping lists at cocktailhire. 

If you’ve been sent all your paperwork for your event, including the shopping list to make your purchases. 

This is the place to find all the links for those purchases. 

The links are all amazon ones, mainly for ease for our clients. Everyone has an amazon account, or at least 98% of the people we send shopping lists too & its a case of click & put in cart. 

First of all the citrus juices, the reason we purchase these ones, is the quality of the typical supermarket concentrates is so low, they are far too sour & need to be watered down, they also once watered down, lose a-lot of their abilities to perform in the same way naturally squeezed juice would. 

As for the puree’s this means we dont have to charge you guys prep time. Having items like this, means the bartenders time at an event before service is greatly reduced & meaning we can pass savings on to you by having these pre-prepared items for them.

We do our best to keep on top of these links, but should the seller have “Sold out” please just search for this product from another seller, also let us know so we can update the link on this page to help other clients. 

These are what the product looks like.

Also, please only click the links relevant to your shopping list. Only purchase the “Raspberry” for example, if it is on your shopping list. 

Lime Juice: 

Lemon Juice: 

Passion Fruit Puree’

Strawberry Puree’ 

Raspberry Puree’ 

Also, for clarification, the items in the supermarket do defer according to products, or there are questions we get alot on a subject. 

If we put “coffee” on your shopping list, we mean a new instant Americano product, this stuff is incredible for Espresso Martini’s. Nescafe Azera, we appreciate according to supermarket choice, there are variants of this product. But as long as its the americano instant, not just black coffee, you’ll be fine. 


This should give you all the information you need. We will update if you have feedback & we’ll see you on your event.


The Cocktailhire team.





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