Mobile bar hire at The Savoy, London 

After literally YEARS of trying to let one of our largest clients know that we have mobile bars available for hire, they finally give ours a run. 4.5 Metres of Mobile bar were hired. Which is 3 units. 

Particularly, this was a custom build of Mobile bar for this client. 

After stating very clearly, that the only bar they would be interested in hiring, was the Mirror Brick style & if we at Cocktailhire didn’t have one, would we be able to make one. 

So materials were obtained & the build began, this took 4 days to create. Starting from the wood purchases down at a local B&Q, a specialist supplier was required for the mirror bricks with bevelled edges & strips were required for the edging. 

After installation in the Savoy Hotels very own ballroom. Which thanks to their rear access doors, was very easy to get the bars into the Ballroom. We began to build the Mobile bars in their palatial & very Venetian style ballroom. 

Once the floor protecting sheet goes down to protect the carpets from any liquid spillage the mobile bars may be putting out. The Rubber drugget matt & the anti fatigue matts go down & then the bar begins to be built on top of this stable, solid & easy to work on floor. 

Our bar is made from an aluminium & steel framework, which was fabricated to our exact & specific design, This offers the strength, stability & perfect working platform we require to do our jobs to the best of our ability. But also, offers a blank canvass in which clients can then select a pretty exterior to go on top of this bar. 

In this case for the client & the Savoy, the Mobile Bar exterior in which they chose. Was indeed the custom built, Mirror Brick Cladding. 

Usually, the other companies that would also provide this cladding, usually are owners of the Cantilever bar system. A modular mobile bar, which offers an almost “Mecano set” style approach to building a mobile bar. Although the fronts are of beautiful mirror, the bar tops are of brushed aluminium. So we wanted to go a step further with ours & produce a bar with a mirror top also, to completely seal in the mirror look that the clients were going for. Just to achieve a higher end finish than that which they would normally expect by hiring the cantilever system from another bar company. 

We nailed it we feel, the clients were so happy, that they immediately booked the bars for a month further down the line. With the very same mirror front on it. 

But back to this one, our Mobile bar for hire in the Savoy. We were set up on the North facing wall with our Mobile bar, as the feature directly in front of you when you first walk into the ballroom. Some beautiful whiskeys on top makes this really seal in an elegant look. Grey Goose featured in the ice buckets also on the top of our Mirrored mobile bar, alongside a few flavoured chilled shot style bottles too, such as 100% agave tequila & caramel vodka.

Mobile Bar Mirror

Mirror Brick Mobile bar for hire

This client elected to have 2 bartenders from us & 2 of their own, with our bartenders taking care of the cocktails, while their own bartenders ran the other drinks. 

This isn’t usually the way we work, as we much prefer to portray the ability to take care of everything on our events. We get asked so often if we’ll open prosecco, or pour beers & clients are always shocked by the fact that we’re happy to. As if they have had other companies that have refused to in the past, or just wouldn’t expect cocktail bartenders to make normal drinks. 

But with cocktail hire, with or without our mobile bars, we are predominantly a labour company. Our bartenders are happy to make Spirit & Mixer drinks, along with cocktails, Pour prosecco, beer, any of those things. 

As always with the Savoy, reception drinks were hosted upstairs in one of the smaller spaces. While our own Mobile bar was downstairs in the main ballroom, the client elected to have the Savoy provide the facility upstairs for use. This service is only for 90 minutes after all. 

We prepared all of our garnishes, pre-mixes, anything we needed to be able to efficiently do our jobs in the hours approaching the event. 

We were lucky enough to have some footage from Tete-a-Tete films also of our bar, which was wonderful for us to use. 

The focus on the camera guy here though, was that of one of our bartenders flairing, not the bar. But supplemental footage of a further event using the Mirror Brick bar allowed us to capture the bar for people to see. 

Mirror Mobile bar hire

Hiring a mirror mobile bar in london

When the event moved downstairs, we were then back on familiar territory, our very own Mobile Bar. Glasses are all laid out, our prep is already done, so its a simple migration for us. Being ready to smash out cocktails immediately without any transition issues. 

I believe the menu for this event, was Lychee Martini, Passion Fruit Mojitos & Old Fashioned. Alongside some other choice drinks, like our previously mentioned whisky selection. All provided for & laid out by the client, at the hosts request. 

Lychee Martini, served in a coupette glass by our cocktail makers on our Mobile Bar hire looked fantastic, the drink itself is very simple. Just Vodka, Lychee Liqueur, some Lemon & Lychee juice, really allows this sweet drink to sing, with a tiny little dose of citrus to cut through it. With a tinned lychee dropped in for garnish, this was by miles the most popular cocktail of the night. 

The Passion Fruit Mojitos are always a winner for the reception segment of the event, but usually die off after the first 100 or so as people migrate over to the wines on tables & whisky on offer. Old Fashioned is always a nice staple which we will regularly be asked for, especially after dinner & while we’re speaking of aperitif style cocktails. This client always has our cocktail makers knock up mass batches of Espresso Martini shots also, so that their floor team can go around handing them to tables just after the clients finish their desserts & prior to the hosts wanting everyone back to the dancefloor. 

The bar front took 4 days to construct & was done personally by the Director of Cocktailhire, Stu Hoyland. Containing so many bevelled mirror tiles, all enclosed by a tiling strip in order to seal off any ends where tiles perhaps could still be sharp from the cutting process. 

Then the bar tops, we have our bar tops cut to measure at the supplier so its done by CNC machine & contains no sharp edges. Its then bonded to a more sturdy wooden base & blocked out so that the bar top sits very secure on the mobile bar. 

This of course teamed with the same frame work we take to every single event, of a solid steel & aluminium frame, forms the structure of the mobile bar, this teamed with stainless steel ice wells, makes for a perfect setup for a cocktail bartender to hammer out their job with ultimate ease, precision & flow, making sure that the guest receives their ordered drinks, or floor teams are not left waiting to have their cocktails made so they can take them to tables. 

The enticing part for this bar, is even the Savoy’s own management team came to check out the bar, took our card & requested more information on hiring it for their own internally booked events, so our team clearly did a great job at installing these bars & providing some fantastic mixologists & cocktail makers for the event. 


Our Bartenders who served this event were Stu, our director. He was there building the bars anyway & needs to hang about in London to be able to take them down after the event, so made sense to have him work the event. But also Kohl, another bartender with a vast wealth of experience & knowledge in this field. Kohl has also worked events for us in The Dorchester, The Berkeley, The Rosewood & many other fantastic London venues in which give him & so many of our other bartenders, the phenomenal level of experience that is hard to match in any bartender hire company if you’re looking for Mixologists to make cocktails at your event. 

We can provide not only Mixologists & Cocktail Makers, but also Flair Bartenders too, making your cocktails in style & in an attention grabbing & eye gazing manner for your guests to be wowed & have a talking point for your event. 

We serve a lot of the London Hotels & our Mobile bars have found their way into quite a number of them, just 1 month later, as mentioned this client booked this bar again a second time for use in the Park Plaza hotel in Westminster. 

But to book this bar yourself, do visit our Mobile Bar page, which contains everything you need to know about our Mobile bar, but also plenty of images in which you can choose which bar fronts or tops you can choose from for our bar. We can order some items bespoke, which of course comes at a premium, but its an option. Or another great low cost solution for custom built bar fronts, is printed artwork inside our LED enclosure. 


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