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Mobile Bar hire in Surrey

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Mobile Bar Hire in Surrey 

Earlier in the year we built a Mobile bar hired out for a 21st Birthday in Surrey. 

A client called for her daughters 21st Birthday & wanted something special, that was still at home because at the time, government guidelines were still sketchy & the client could not necessarily plan ahead for a venue to be able to take this amount of guests. 

Mobile Bar Location

Their beautiful home was a converted barn, usually most of the converted barns we visit are usually AirBnB or rented for weekends for Hen Party events or similar styles. 

It was lovely to see one lived in for once & made a home. 

A early evening arrival, saw us placing the bar in a nice quiet corner under the stairs while the caterers were still setting up & laying the table. All hands on deck, with all the family members doing everything they can to assist either the caterers, or us with anything to ensure a smoother preparation for the event. 

This family chose our Wooden bar cladding in order to match all the wood interior & exposed beams. A great choice & if we may say so ourselves, it blended in with the environment beautifully. With a banisters & staircase going around the room & forming a beautiful wooden balcony which overlooked the room in which the client was hosting the event. 

The wooden cladding for our mobile bar is just one of so many decorative fronts or tops available. However, this wooden one, by miles is our most popular with clients. 

We do have a red brick bar front also & this client toyed for quite some time, between the faux red brick look, or the wood. 

But eventually the Mobile bar the client settled on, clearly was wood. 

The Mobile Bar installation

As always, we first of all ship in the solid Steel & aluminium mobile bar frame, this is a compact, lightweight & flat packed frame, which has been designed to fold in half one more time than most of the mobile bars on the market, making the largest piece of this bar only 0.75m x 1.08m & less than 0.2m thick. Which then folds out into an incredible 1.5M bar. 

What this does, is make our mobile bar so much more accessible to so many other people, where space in hallways, doorways, garden access etc would be an issue for a larger bar unit. With these, they just slip in nice & easy through all the tight gaps around a home, office or in many cases, a Marquee. 

Placing the Mobile bar in the corner under the stairs also allowed the usage of the entire under-stairs area for stock storage. Vodka, Rum, Gin & any of these other items were so easy to get in behind here for easy access as well as being out of sight storage so guests were not seeing anything unsightly. 

Access to a kitchen was so easy also, just adjacent to where the bar was placed. 

Setting up the mobile bar & ingredients

Usually we do not require many things on events, the bar, especially without the LED panel when that is not booked is self sufficient, offering its own drainage systems & having no need for power. 

But access to boiling water once arriving, does allow us to make Sugar Syrup very quickly, which if we have that chance. Speeds up service dramatically & with Mojitos being on this menu, being faster because we actively have syrup for sugar. Means no delays in making Mojitos, even in large amounts. Our cocktail makers do not want to have anyone waiting & this simple thing with a kettle really can speed up service so exactly that happens. Nobody waits for their drink. 

The mobile bar, no matter what decorative cladding is preferred. Hugely speeds up service for the cocktail bartender. We do respect & understand very heavily that a client does not care what the service / industrial side looks like. But we cant stress enough the importance of having a Mobile bar which actually enables the cocktail maker to work at their maximum efficiency & speed. 

Hiring Mobile Bars

We go to mobile bars all the time which have been ordered by the clients. Or were on site already. Some of the set-ups we’ve dealt with completely slow a cocktail bartenders service speed right down & a client won’t care why, only that they are slow. 

Hiring our Mobile bars, for us, which were designed & fabricated to our exacting standards, along with the way we work. Makes sure that when hiring the cocktailhire mobile bars. For cocktailhire bartenders. That you’re getting the fastest possible set-up for our cocktail makers. 

The process for hiring these mobile bars could not be simpler. We have a page here where our bar options are on show. We are growing this all the time. About to add a bricked mirror front & top to this collection. 

Mobile bars on our instagram

Clients immediately do check out our instagram to see what bars we have & this is a bad idea. 

We post what looks good, even if the client provided a bar & on instagram, is a very high concentration of the bars our clients provided for us to work behind, not our own collection. 

So please be mindful if you found us on instagram & are trying to select a mobile bar option from us. Definitely please stick to this page on our own website to make your choices. Our clients also value privacy very highly, so its so rare that we update our instagram. Possibly a bulk upload once every 6 months or so, just to show new things. But without hashtag or posting at any level of peak time, in order to not trend or be noticed. 

Allowing us to have our “trophy cabinet” of mobile bar hires or events so anyone who wants to look can see things we’ve done, or been doing. Without trying to gain traction on the socials. 

Back to the Barn. Opposite the mobile bar, the hosts set up a beautiful spread of cold foods for guests to help themselves throughout the night. Help yourself cocktails, help yourself food. You cant really go wrong with this arrangement & this client also hired the glassware from us with the bar in addition. 

Glassware with Mobile bars

We now only offer glassware hire, alongside Mobile Bar Hire. As the logistics are already in place to deliver the mobile bars & is just impossible to provide this with only glassware without placing an astronomical price tag to it. 

A devastating step backwards, but there are no national glassware hire companies & its clear to see why. We tried it for a month & immediately had to pull back & stop doing it. 

However, with the bar, this barn was able to have glassware hired as well as the mobile bar. 

Mobile bar with black tie theme

Black tie party was the theme & all the ball gowns, along with the tux’s were a great theme for any party. Nobody gets the chance to dress up like this too often & its nice to see the efforts many went to in order to make this event what it was. We do so many parties with themes & the black tie is always a nice one. Sometimes clients team this in & go with a “Great Gatsby” theme too, but not all. 

Cocktail choices with this mobile bar

Pornstar Martini. Mojito, Margarita, Peach Bellini & Long Island iced teas were the cocktails for this menu. Classics cannot be recommended enough at these styles of events. In a home where the focus is on friends just getting together & having the social aspect being the main focus, cocktails should all be famous, classic & well known. This allows everyone to just know what’s on the menu, then be able to order the cocktails from our hired cocktail mixologist as they need them, as opposed to having to have an entire rundown or description of what everything is, so that the guest can make a choice. 

We normally recommend 4 / 5 drink choices from our menu for a good balance between choice & expense at the supermarket when buying ingredients & these clients liked to stick to that advice. 

And of course, as always, loading out was nice for the client. When you hire the glassware from us, this usually takes care of a huge percentage of the party cleanup too. With all the glassware gone from the end of the event, only leaves the leftover food & a sweep up in order to put all this stuff right again. Making the next mornings all the more pleasurable, when most of the remains of the night before are removed before you even go to bed. 

So its definitely a service worth going for. 

To hire our Mobile bar services & glassware alongside it, cannot be simpler. All you need do, is visit our mobile bar page. Click the enquire now button, which will send us an email. We then have a chat about your requirements & give you the perfect opportunity to ask any questions. 

Then we email you all the details, while you decide which bar you want, along with which cocktails to choose from the list & then we go from there. 

We look forward to seeing you on your event.