Mojito Cocktail

How to make a Mojito Cocktail at Home:

The simpler you keep this recipe, the better off you’ll be.

50ml White Rum

15ml of Sugar Syrup or 1 heaped teaspoon Sugar

15ml Lime Juice or 3 Lime Wedges

8-10 leaves of Mint

Small amount of Soda Water

The Method to make a Mojito Cocktail at Home:

Firstly, we shall dictate this as if you have Lime juice & not wedges.

Place the liquid ingredients in the glass, If Lime & Sugar are both liquified, if not & your sugar is still in a solid & granulated stage, stir until the sugar is dissolved into the Rum & lime juice. We do this now in order to not over dilute the ice later.

Mint Leaves next, DO NOT CLAP with them in your hand, like many sources would claim. All you achieve with this step, its making the air smell minty around you, which is a great smell. But thats particles you want in your drink. Not the air.

However, their advice about the mint need a little help isn’t wrong. So the best way to do this, is get your 8-10 mint leaves & gently rubbing them within your hand against each other. This causes some slight abrasion between the leaves & creates a far greater effect for your drinks benefit, than the air around the drink. Place all the lives that have been rubbed against each other into the glass.

Now you’re ready to add ice.

Crushed ice is on the recipe for every single document you can find. If you have any to access, easy peasy. If not, you can use cubed, we will cover more of this later.

If you’re passionate about crushed being essential & only have cubed… A Rolling pin, a Carrier bag & an outlet of aggression will be of great assistance to you.

Stir all the ingredients, making your main focus to lift all the solid items, be it Lime wedges, undissolved sugar & Mint, or if using juices  & Syrups, Just lift the mint from the base.

Drop a straw & You’re done.

Mojito at home

Making Mojitos the easy way at home

Where did the Mojito come from:

There are so many stories about this & Paragraphs upon paragraphs of information involving dates & specifics. We are not going to cover it to that extent, so we will try to condense this down, to be insightful, yet thorough enough. However, also not put you to sleep.

So there were a few previously known factors already at play here for sailors out at sea. That fresh citrus would help treat Scurvy, that putting Rum in the water would save the water from spoil after months out at sea.

So these ingredients already had a place of being mixed together for almost all sailors.

So you could technically state that still water should be in the original Mojito Recipe, although later, it was adapted to soda, in order to use the bubbles & CO2 in order to carry flavour & taste better.

Stories then state that once a British vessel found its way docked into the port of Havana in Cuba, They were also using Mint in this same concoction to treat on their island & it was having further positive effects. So the sailors took this recipe, among many other things. (but as mentioned, we will not got that into depth here)

The was used for time. It was only when Tourism became popular in the regions of Cuba that Sugar began to be added to this already legendary concoction so many had heard of before & thus.. the Mojito was born.

It was well known, but it really began kicking off into the world of complete mainstream & for a while was by miles the most popular cocktail in every bar on the planet. After the launch of the James Bond Movie “Die Another Day” When James (played by Pierce Brosnan in this particular one) Decided to mix it up a little & instead of ordering the typical & book led drink of Vodka Martini, he opted for the Mojito. Since then, the world couldn’t get enough of it. As a bartender in cocktail bars at the time, it was like an overnight sensation. Bars that were not even aware cocktails even existed are now scrambling around to find mint in supermarkets to be able to cash in on this cocktail & of course back in the mid 90’s, Hardly any supermarkets sold such an ingredient.

This is where some insanely poor alternatives began being used & luckily the stage of swapping out Mint for spearmint supplements (even chewing gum at some point) or Lime cordial instead of its fresh alternative became picked up on & shunned rather immediately so this was very short lived.

Lime juice or Lime Wedges in My Mojito?

Fundamentally these are the same ingredient. So it really doesn’t matter. The way we would say its as bartenders, or Event bartenders specially, we are used to making mass amounts of Mojito’s at one time. So we would say Juice. Its faster, its more efficient, it makes stirring the other ingredients less effort as massive chunks of crushed lime is removed as an obstacle.

But if you’re only making one, possibly 2 for yourself & a guest, or just a partner at home. Then I would suggest just getting a lime & wedging it down into 8 pieces. Then you can make a choice depending on how many you need to make.

If just one or 2, I would manually squeeze each wedge into the glass, by the time you’d even pick up another instrument, the Lime part of the drink would already be complete.

You could use a Rolling pin, or something in your drawers or cupboards that would use a similar trait, if the handles on your potato mashers are long enough to reach the bottom of the glass, id use that.

But it is important to remember, if you’re also using granulated, caster or any other kinds of sugar. That you do not put sugar into the glass at this stage. The granulated sugar will act like Sandpaper to the rind of the Lime & will strip the rind away & leave hundreds of fine particles of lime rind floating around in your drink. Something many would not seem too bothered by. Until these particles then go up the straw & find a resting place in your teeth in which you are not aware & you walk around all night socialising, while sporting a fashionable look of green bits stuck in your teeth.

You CERTAINLY don’t want to add Mint at this stage as you’ll completely decimate it to shreds, bruise it also & this will cause the same effect, only with brown bits.

Juice is much more for the bulk production of Mojito’s. If you’re having a party, or after dinner cocktails where you’ll need to make a lot in one go. Thats where Juice comes into play. You can buy this pre packaged from sites like amazon.

Or of course, you can just use a juicer at home & have all this done in advance.

There is another method also, using a fork. We use this on Hen Party Masterclasses a lot when we’re out cocktail making on those kinds of events. Cut the Limes into halves. Hold the half lime over the glass & stab the fork into the centre of the lime, rotate the lime around the fork over the glass & all the juice will just extract straight out into the glass. We do think half a lime is too much to put into a single Mojito, but it is a faster method, so guess thats the compromise.

Mint Leaves

Mint Leaves

Why the Crushed ice?:

One reason & one only. So the spoon can move through the ice easier to churn the Mojito once all the ingredients are in there. Thats it.

So anyone who says you can’t use crushed ice in a Mojito, has no clue.

When we are hired as Cocktail Makers at events, be it Weddings, Hen Parties, Birthdays even Bartending at Fashion events. We request crushed ice, it is easier to use, it is what guests expect the drink to look like. So we would like to deliver on expectations. So many times, the clients cannot obtain it, have no idea on how to if Supermarkets don’t sell it, or what do to in order to crush ice.

For the larger scale events, we do have a very high speed, high capacity ice crusher at our unit & when Bars & Glassware is hired, we will usually make efforts to sort all this out for the clients at a cost. But If you’re making a Mojito at home, you will not need to worry about any of these things. If you don’t have crushed ice. Just stir & mix all the ingredients, make sure the sugar is dissolved, before you put the ice in. Really simple. Then just use cubed ice & use something just to get the ingredients off the bottom of the glass.

Is it important which rum I use in a Mojito at home?:

Confusingly, Yes & No.

No its not important in the sense that we have already written to use White rum. All white rum, is simply the same. What makes a Rum different is its Ageing, its Spicing, its flavour additions to what is in effect, white rum.

So at the base level spirit, it does not matter which brand you buy. Be it Bacardi, or Havana etc. It is a chemically identical product.

Yes its important when you want to start changing it up a bit.

Some prefer an aged rum in their Mojito, some prefer to use the Spiced rum you can get, others the flavoured types. All of this is fine, you can use all these things.

But our only advise when changing these things up & mixing about ingredients, is that less is more.

If you want the spiced rum, only change the spiced rum, if you want to add Strawberry etc. Only add the strawberry as using more premium or specialist rums would be lost the second you begin adding the other flavours.

You’re done.


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