Should you book a flair bartender or a cocktail bartender for your party?

Should you book a Flair or Cocktail Bartender – A simple guide to what you’ll get & whether or not its worth the money

So, you’ve made a decision that you’re going to have a bartender for your party or event. But every company you contact is offering you a ‘Flair’ bartender. What are they offering, and why is it so much more expensive?!

1) You’re getting tricks. Flair bartenders perform while making the drinks for your booking; ranging from simple rolls around their fingers and arms to bottles being thrown through the air!

2) If they are good at what they do, you’re getting a larger personality. This typically means their fun factor is higher, meaning the overall experience for you and your guests is a lot more immersive and enjoyable,

3) Flair bartenders are a lot harder to find and recruit due to being a much more advanced skill-set than cocktail bartending. This means companies have to pay more for them, meaning the budget for your event increases.

When will they actually make drinks if they are flairing all the time?

This is a little bit of a trade-off. Some companies will make out that a flair bartender is practically Superman and can do everything, simply to get you to spend more money.
Companies like this are more likely to outsource your event without even knowing how skilled the bartenders they hire are. You can read about how to avoid companies like this in one of our other blogs on how to pick a decent company.

Each of the Bartender hire services has their own style, their own way of doing things, even some tell their bar staff to put drinks service before flairing when times are busy, which is a fantastic approach to have.

Here at Cocktail Hire, we reduce the capacity per bartender to give you – the client – the best of both worlds.

Although a skilled cocktail bartender can handle up to 60 people at any single event, we here at Cocktail Hire have taken the approach to allow 50 per Cocktail bartender. We, however, reduce this down to 40 guests per bartender. This ensures that a bartender can serve your guests in good-time and still have the time to put on interesting moves.

Do I really need a Flair Bartender though?

We will also never try to oversell you unnecessary extras. As an example, if you have 70 guests you will definitely require 2 bartenders. However, we would always recommend that you have 1 flair bartender and 1 cocktail bartender. You’ll never see them both flair at the same time, and it is wasted money effectively having 2 flair bartenders.

But what if I just want a simple cocktail bartender to make drinks?

No problem! Just don’t allow yourself to be swayed by a company trying to up-sell to you. Let them know exactly what you are looking for. If they want the event to go well and are thinking about you as the client. They will build a quote around you.

It all comes down to whether you want the bartender to do tricks or not! If budget is an issue, or if you are dealing with a small area, then it’s probably best you don’t have one. If, however, you want something a little more special and can budget for it then it’s worth it! They can be a lot more fun, and make nights a lot more special.

But make sure that it’s your decision, don’t let a company convince you that you require one when you do not.

Written by Stu Hoyland, Director – Cocktailhire

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