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How to Hire a Mobile Bar for a Wedding.

Hiring a mobile bar for a wedding can be a completely daunting task. Not only is this possibly the only time in your life you’re ever going to hire a Mobile bar, but also you have about 500 other things to organise for your wedding day. 

What should you be looking for in order to get the best value for money? While also giving you the least stress & least amount of your time or effort in organising, so you can concentrate on the other important aspects to get ready for your wedding day. 

Mobile Bars for a wedding are the same as any other Mobile Bar hire. It should be a stand alone unit that requires no connections. There should be functions for it to deal with its own waste water & have containers for melting ice, or wastage. The Mobile Bar should also come with Speed rails to house the spirit bottles & be made of heavy duty materials built for quality, avoid companies making wooden structures & hiring them out for weddings. 

For anyone wanting to view our video on our mobile bars, please see this here.

LED Mobile Bar

Mobile Bar LED

Finding a Mobile Bar Hire for weddings on The Internet: 

So your first port of call would be exactly where you are right now, looking on google to find out what options there are. You would have already discovered that there are PAGES & PAGES of companies offering the same product, what sets them apart from each other?

Quite simply, the best companies are the ones who realise what their task actually is & thats to take the strain from organising this away from you. A Mobile Bar for weddings company which is highly experienced in this area knows the core questions to ask. 

  • Where is the Event?
  • Which Bar (if there is a selection) would you like? 
  • How long is the Event? 
  • How many Guests are at the party? (So the Company knows how long the bar needs to be) 

This is all they need to know to install a bar. These are extremely simple questions to answer in a very quick format. Then the pressure should be taken from you, its all sorted, if you’re happy with the company, then its booked, deposits are laid down & thats it. You can concentrate on other areas of your wedding. 

Mobile Bar Hire Wooden

Mobile BAr Hire Wooden

All I want is to hire a mobile bar for a wedding, why am I being asked what cocktails I want? 

Because all the Mobile Bar Hire companies out there provide Staff too. Almost all of the lower tier Mobile Bar Companies & many Caterers can provide Bartenders. 

If you’re looking for just a bar without cocktails. You clearly won’t need this service. You can find people to make Vodka & Cokes anywhere for cheap. 

The Mid & Higher tier Mobile Bar Companies have access to properly trained & fully skilled Cocktail Bartenders that work exclusively events. So it makes sense to offer you their cocktail bartenders for hire. 

We offer this service too if clients require it. But unlike many other companies, we can actually offer a real all-in service not just an up-sell. You can actually get the Glasses from us too, the Ice supply & the Cocktail Bartenders. Meaning in just one phone call, you’ve cut so much of the planning & stress out of hiring a mobile bar for your wedding. Now you’ve solved the drinks & the staffing too.

Mobile Bar Hire - Brick

Mobile Bar Hire – Brick

The other Wedding Mobile Bar Companies offer that too. 

Thats right. They claim they can. So many of the Mobile Bar Companies, would say they can source your Glassware, Ice & Bartenders for the event. 

The truth simply is. There are not that many companies out there apart from an extremely select few, that own all these assets themselves & will be passing off your Extras on your event like Glassware etc to other companies. 

Which will primarily hugely increase your cost as you are factoring in other third party companies costs, plus the original Mobile Bar Hire’s markups on these services they’ve outsourced.

Then even worse, these third party companies begin hassling you for signatures on the day upon delivery, or to only speak to “The Client” all while you’re either putting your Tux on, Or having your make-up done, actually being In the middle of your ceremony or any other aspect of your day where you dont want to be pested by delivery drivers. 

  •  Your glasses will be delivered by one company. 
  •  Ice will arrive at any point in the day delivered by a completely different company & be sitting outside in the sunshine, melting away. 
  • Bartenders will turn up later in the evening with no idea who to speak to. 

We’ve seen it all happen over the years. So its definitely important to relieve you being bothered on your special day to get this from one company, who can see to all those aspects. 

Of course these things are all up to you, but from experience, its a best practice to find a Wedding Mobile Bar Company who can manage all the aspects you’re hiring them for. 

But I want to buy my own alcohol & ingredients for my Wedding, what if I just want the Bar & maybe the bartenders? 

Absolutely. We’ve done weddings or events before where the Groom has owned a wholesalers of their own, right through to couples who’ve driven vans to France to load up. 

The most common & understandably so, are couples who want to just very simply… Spread the cost over time approaching the wedding, just by buying 2 or 3 bottles of spirit with each food shop a week for 6 months. Whatever your reason for wanting to do this is fine. Any & ALL of the mobile wedding bar hire companies should be letting you buy your own stock if thats what you wish to do. 

If Bars are charged by every 1.5 or 2 Metres. Why is the Mobile Bar company trying to charge me for 4 metres? 

Depending on the capacity for the event. You should be allowing at the very least 1M of Bar for every 50 people. If your wedding has 250 guests at it. There is no way they’re all getting round a single 1.5M bar unit & most importantly, the amount of bartenders you’ll require to work an event wont physically be able to fit behind 1.5M together. 

When getting quotes for bars, you should definitely factor in the amount of guests along with the amount of Bar you’ll require to serve these guests their drinks. There are pockets of negotiation here, for example, if your wedding does have 250 guests, you can get away with a 4M bar with 4 bartenders. But you’ll need to hire in a Bar Back to support those bartenders. (a bar back is another person employed solely to provide the bartenders with clean glassware, ingredients & fresh spirit bottles when they need it so that the bartender does not have to leave their station & can just keep making drinks.)

My quote for a mobile bar just escalated because we mentioned it’s for a wedding? 

Our best advice for this… HANG UP THE PHONE! 

We see this constantly & its upsetting. Companies like this are what make this a very tough industry to gain clients trust in. 

A Birthday, a Wedding, a Bar Mitzvah, an anniversary, event summer BBQ. It does not matter what the purpose is, a Mobile Bar Hire for a Corporate office day, is the same as a Mobile Bar Hire for a Wedding. These are opportunists & we see them in ALL aspects of the event industry. Bands, Caterers, Mobile Bar providers that escalate their costs just for a wedding are quite simply cheap traders seizing an opportunity. Find a company thats prices are FIXED, regardless of the event nature & are priced according to what you need. NOT what they want to sell you. 

Mobile Bar Hire

Black Chesterfield Mobile Bar Hire

But the access to the room is so small, how can we get a mobile bar into it?

This happens a lot too. From Hotels with small hallways, no lift access & very tight doorframes. Through to companies that have built outdoor Marquees without consideration as to how they’re going to fill it with furnishings.

Our Mobile Bars flat pack right down into smaller pieces & the main bar section is only 5 inches thick when folded down. We can carry this into any space through the existing access. Then the other accompanying pieces are even smaller than that & present zero problems to setting up the Mobile Bar for your wedding in any space.

Of course this is not just for weddings, this allows us to access homes too & carry the bars right through normal domestic homes, thin hallways & setup in any area of the house. (provided the specific area is large enough to house the bar when setup)

I want my mobile bar to have pictures on it of my own choosing?

Absolutely. We’ve done this for weddings in many formats, from the couple getting their names printed out & placed on the bar, over to collages of photos of the couples lives together to this point, these things are NEVER a problem.

At Cocktailhire, we do have LED panels for our Mobile Bars for your wedding. We just set them to white, place your artwork into the frame on our LED bar & your collection of photos is illuminated for all your guests to see. We dont even charge for this service, we send you the measurements to get the artwork done on your own means, so you can shop around & find your own options & then we insert them on the day once we’ve built the mobile bar.

The companies I’m finding only have LED bars, what if I want a different design?

We see this alot. Companies purchasing LED mobile bars off the shelf & then just re-hiring them over & over without ever offering additional options.

While we know & understand that LED Mobile Bars are EXTREMELY popular, not everyone has the same tastes.

When we built our Mobile Bars, we had adaptability & variety in mind. Our Mobile Bars are built from a solid steel construction frame & then we add panels/fascias to whatever aesthetic you like. As mentioned we do have the LED panels, that are popular, but they are not always wanted, so they are exactly that. Panels, they come off & we change it up for other Panels which you would like.

  • Wooden look
  • Red Brick look
  • White Marble look
  • Black Chesterfield Leather
  • Grass Turf
  • Disco “Studio 54” style look
  • Great Gatsby Theme
  • Cocktail Neon sign style look

These fronts are also being expanded constantly, so there will soon be a Mirror Mobile Bar & white Chesterfield joining the collection.


To find out what we can do, the Prices we have for your wedding. Please fill out the below form & we’ll give you a call to listen to your plans for the big day, what you need & give you a true quote reflecting what you actually require for your event.


Stu Hoyland, Director – Cocktailhire

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