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The Espresso Martini

The Birth Of the Espresso Martini

We all know it as the coffee cocktail & while there are hundreds of cocktails out there containing coffee, this is by far the most famous all over the world. You cannot go far, or into any bar on the planet without anyone knowing what this drink is.

Created in London by Dick Bradsell in the 1980's for a specific guest. It rose to fame as the drink that would "Wake me up" (there was a further part to that quote, but we're not sure of the rules of swearing on a professional site)

Bartender making an espresso Martini

Hire a bartender to make an espresso martini

How do you make it?

Here at Cocktailhire for our events when you hire a cocktail bartender with us. We keep the drink to its simplest format possible.

We do this for 2 reasons. Firstly. Speed, if you're at an event & the bartenders are flat out, you do not want to wait while the bartenders exercise "Mixology" You've got 250 guests that have just walked in & they all need a drink at the same time.

Secondly, for ease. People ask what recipes are all the time, the less ingredients something contains, the more friendly it is for the guest to attempt to make one themselves.

The cocktail itself is made up of.

35ml Vodka.

15ml Coffee Liqueur

15ml Sugar (usually syrup for speed)

50ml Espresso Coffee.

Espresso Martini on Table Top

Make an espresso martini

For an event, we will make up the espresso by the litre & add 100ml of sugar to a Litre of coffee. This way, we have 3 bottles to pour for the entire cocktail making sure the drinks are poured at maximum speed, while maintaining the same quality throughout.

For events, this is paramount. Consistency across the whole event, tasting the exact same quality at Midnight as you did at 8pm right when the event began.

You can count on us to remain top quality, throughout your event.


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