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Factors that may affect the cost of hiring a mobile bar:

There are several factors that can affect the cost of mobile bar hire for an event. These include the location of the event, the duration of the event, the type and variety of drinks being served, and any additional services or amenities that may be requested.


When it comes to hiring a mobile bar for an event, the location of the event can be a major factor in determining the cost. Here are a few ways in which location can affect the cost of mobile bar hire:

Demand and competition

The demand for mobile bar services in a particular location can impact the cost of hire. Events held in major cities or popular tourist destinations are likely to be more expensive due to higher demand and the presence of more mobile bar companies competing for business. On the other hand, events held in more rural or remote locations may be less expensive due to lower demand and fewer options for mobile bar companies.

This can be the case for SO MANY companies, for us, our bar hires are the same price, regardless of the location of the event. Of course, thats the bars themselves. Of course fuel & potential congestion charges for central London for example, or so many cities now imposing clean air fees. But the mobile bar hire fees themselves will not change with our company.

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Cost of doing business

The cost of doing business in a particular location can also affect the price of mobile bar hire. This can include expenses such as parking, utilities, and emission zones, which may be higher in more expensive cities or regions. Mobile bar companies may need to charge higher prices to cover these costs and remain profitable.

This is a different way of saying we have to factor in things like city imposed clean air zone charges. We recently did an event in Bath, had no idea such a charge existed, then paid fees for non-compliance & this 3 day event, ended up costing us over £180 in charges. Even without the penalties, we still would have had to factor in over £30 worth of charges, just for driving in the town centre. These have to be passed off to the client, which means it can affect the cost of doing events in these areas.

Transportation and logistics

The distance between the mobile bar company’s base of operations and the event location can also impact the cost of hire. Mobile bar companies may charge additional fees for travel to and from an event, particularly if the event is being held a significant distance from their base of operations. This can include expenses such as fuel, tolls, and overnight accommodations for staff.

We as a company don’t tend to charge for overnight accommodation. We do actually prefer just to get back on the road & head on home while the traffic is quiet. However, sometimes, when the journey to the event. Be it Paris, or Scotland. An 8+ hour drive, followed by setup & build of the mobile bar, then followed by service & an 8+ hour return drive. Is an impossible feat. So times like this, charges for overnight accommodation would be required, but it is extremely rare for us.

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Local regulations and fees

Different locations may have different regulations and fees that mobile bar companies need to adhere to in order to operate. This can include things like licensing and permit fees, as well as requirements for insurance and other legal considerations. These costs may be passed on to the client as part of the overall price of mobile bar hire.

Overall, it is important for event planners to consider the location of their event when budgeting for mobile bar hire, as it can have a significant impact on the overall cost. By comparing quotes from different mobile bar companies and considering the various factors that can affect the price, event planners can make an informed decision about which mobile bar option is the best fit for their budget and needs.

For us & our mobile bars, this can most commonly be found in buildings, in London especially. They have so many risk assessments, ADHOC processes & emails they “cc” you into. We do add charges for these requirements. We have a downloadable generic risk assessment. These due diligence personnel can simply fill out their own details in the blank boxes. Anything further & we will charge admin time. We are after all a Mobile Bar hire company, we build bars & bartend. We don’t have an office full or HR personnel & a CC email with 20 participants can absolutely destroy our efficiency to do a days work, just to keep someone up a management tree happy of a company we don’t even work within. Our costs remain low, because we developed a system. An efficient one. If a company drags us into their ADHOC way of doing things. Im afraid these become billable hours.


The duration of the event is another factor that can impact the cost of mobile bar hire. A shorter event, such as a wedding reception or corporate cocktail party, may be less expensive than a multi-day festival or concert. This is because the mobile bar company will have fewer staff and supplies on hand for a shorter event, and may be able to offer a discounted rate to reflect this.

This is how a lot of companies operate.

With ours though, an event is an event. Of course, thats per day. If its a week long event, we don’t charge just one days use. But a 5 hour event, for the mobile bar at least is the same costs as a 2 hour event. The only factor that changes within this realm, is the cocktail makers working behind the mobile bar. As the Mixologists & bartenders will be on an hourly charge.

Type and variety of drinks

The type and variety of drinks being served can also affect the cost of mobile bar hire. There are always a number of clients who wish for us to provide the ingredients for the event, meaning they just have a total bill & have done nothing further than contact us, select cocktails & paid accordingly. So in this case, a mobile bar serving a wide range of cocktails, beers, Champagne and wines is likely to be more expensive than one offering a more limited selection of beverages. Additionally, premium or specialty drinks such as high-end spirits or rare wines may also increase the cost of mobile bar hire. Normally & as standard, we work to issue you a shopping list based on your cocktail choices, cross referenced with the length of your event & the amount of guests.

But in the before mentioned rare occasion, it is possible that we can also provide the ingredients & everything involved, but there is of course a further premium for this service.

Additional services and amenities

Mobile bar companies may offer additional services and amenities that can affect the cost of hire. These may include bartenders with specialised skills or expertise, such as mixologists or Flair Bartenders, as well as equipment rentals like ice chests, glassware, and ice supply. These additional services and amenities can add to the overall cost of mobile bar hire, but may also be worth it for events that are looking to provide a more luxurious or memorable experience for guests.

Other factors

There are a few other factors that can also impact the cost of mobile bar hire. These may include:

  • License and permit fees: Mobile bar companies may need to obtain various licenses and permits in order to operate at an event, and these fees can be passed on to the client.
  • Insurance: Mobile bar companies should have liability insurance in case of accidents or injuries, and this cost may be reflected in the price of hire.
  • Deposits and cancellation fees: Some mobile bar companies may require a deposit or charge cancellation fees in the event that an event is postponed or cancelled.
  • Distance and transportation: Mobile bar companies may charge additional fees for travel to and from an event, particularly if the event is being held a significant distance from their base of operations.

In conclusion, the cost of mobile bar hire can be influenced by a variety of factors including location, duration, type and variety of drinks, and additional services and amenities. By considering these factors and comparing quotes from different mobile bar companies, event planners can find a solution that fits their budget and meets their needs.


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