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Hire a Cocktail Bartender

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Hire A Cocktail Bartender – A FREE Guide

Are you about to Hire a Cocktail Maker?

Are you looking to hire a Cocktail Bartender for your Party, Wedding, Event or Corporate bash? 

Never really done it before, or a previous experience has been less than satisfying? 

This free guide will assist you in what costs you should expect to be involved, the job your Bartender should be doing & how to avoid the pitfalls of a Terrible company running your event. 

How to hire a Cocktail Bartender? 

There are many different ways to do this, so many companies are trying new avenues with technology evolving, we’ve seen people use only email, seen websites which manage the bookings from start to finish right there on the website. We’ve also seen revolutionary new apps on smartphones handle peoples events. 

But take it from us, this may work fantastic for a Take-away, or ordering products from sites like Amazon. However, for hiring a Bartender, it is fundamentally the WORST method possible to Hire a Cocktail Maker for your event. 

The amount of phone calls we receive over peak season from distraught people, who have had things booked in for over a year, that have then been let down just 4 hours before an event because these faceless, voiceless companies which had a better offer with more money. 

These businesses do not care for the people who have secured & paid for their events. They’ve never even spoken to them. 

We believe that the ONLY way to do this, is to get on the phone with the companies & only consider the ones who will listen to what you say about your event, what’s important to you & are very pro-active in coming up with the best solutions which best serve YOU. 

We have even heard of one particular company that doesn’t even agree to speak to you until a Deposit has been laid down. This is not right. I would definitely recommend never handing over a penny, or even agreeing to an event with a company until they have answered all your questions, catered to all your concerns & you’ve built a trust with that company.

We do have an explainer video of the process from us, you can find it here. 

How much to hire a cocktail bartender?

With us at Cocktailhire, its £42.50 per hour for Cocktail Bartenders & £65 per hour for Flair Bartenders. 

Many companies will shrewd this pricing in darkness in order to make up their quotes as they go along. Some, just so you have to call in & they can apply salespeople on you to ensure that your enquiry for prices converts into a confirmed event. 

Prices do vary amongst company to company, but be very wary of hidden costs.

What if I can’t find a Cocktail Bartender near me?

You should expect to pay around 50pence per mile in Travel, ONE WAY. So if your event is 50 miles from the closest bartender, Total Travel should be around £25, there will be fluctuations, but as a core, this is a reasonable fee. 

You will find some companies that only operate in specific areas, you will find this very heavily if you are hiring a bartender in London for example. They may offer Travel for free within a certain radius. Great deal. However, if your event is going to be later than a tube is running, the costs of that “FREE” travel begin to escalate as they will demand taxi’s for their bartenders back home after the event. 

Costs to avoid when trying to Hire a Cocktail Maker: 

Some of these companies will also attempt to charge you a fee for equipment hire of what their bartenders will use to make drinks. DO NOT ACCEPT THIS. 

No professional service, which calls into your home, event or place of work, charges for the use of their tools. Any professional needs those tools to do the job which you’re ultimately paying for. You wouldn’t accept a plumber charging you extra on top of his labour for the use of his spanner. Or charging by how many inches of tape he requires. So why would you pay for a bartender, to bring shaker tins to an event as an extra.? If any company tries to do this, just move along to the next one. 

That being said, there are extras like Glassware & Mobile bars which will need to be hired in on occasion & of course this is an extra service. But a bartenders Base equipment must be incorporated into the cost of the bartender. 


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