Mobile Bar Hire – 10 things to consider

From small private parties to large festivities and corporate events, mobile bar hire ensures that all guests get the perfect flow of drinks. The popularity of mobile bars is based on the convenience they offer, in terms of portability and service delivery. You, as the event organizer, have the freedom to choose where and when to use it.

Even though there are numerous businesses that offer mobile bar hire services, choosing one can be challenging. But with years of experience in this industry, we can tell you that once you know what to look out for, everything becomes very easy. So, what are some of the things you need to consider when choosing a mobile bar company?

10 Things to Consider When Hiring a Mobile Bar?

Planning and successfully executing an event can be a challenging task. One thing that people struggle with is getting the right drinks, mixing cocktails, and serving the drinks. In fact, the “bar” area in most events is one of the most challenging to handle. People love drinks and that’s why sometimes event planners seek the services of mobile bar hire companies.

There are is a wide array of mobile bars for hire and choosing one can be difficult. However, once you understand certain features, you can easily make your selection in minutes. Just like any other industry, there are also crooks in the mobile bar hire industry and the best way to avoid them is by knowing what a legitimate service provider for gigs offers. So, here is an overview of the top 10 things to consider when seeking a mobile bar for hire services.

1. What Mobile Bar Services Do You Need?

There are several types of bar hire services and each normally comes with its unique specifications. They suit different budget and tastes, making it possible to hire them for nearly every type of event you can imagine.

Full-Service Mobile Bar

This normally includes an all-inclusive package featuring bartending equipment, bartenders, glassware, cocktails, mixers, and alcohol among others. Generally, it functions like any type of an immobile bar but with the advantage of portability. It’s a one-stop solution for all your needs with the supplier handling the preparation and serving of drinks.

We offer full-bar services for all types of events and venue setups. Our drinks, setup, and finishes suit nearly all types of settings. To ensure that you get value for your money, we usually give our customers a comprehensive preview of our service package.

Mobile Cocktail Bar Services

It normally features bartenders and mixologists. Cocktail bar services are usually sought by those seeking to experience the ultimate mobile hire experience with a touch of VIP luxury. Not only do the visitors get full cocktail services but the mixologists can effectively create different combinations that suit different taste preferences. If you are renting this service, you are most likely to get full-bar services but the mixologists will only be making cocktails.

Dry Hire Mobile Bar

Even though sometimes you might have your drinks and bartenders, you might still be drawn to the idea of having a themed bar. If so, then what you need is a dry bar. The service provider is simply tasked to provide you with a bar that matches with the special occasion. If you need this type of service, we don’t mind installing dry hires for our clients.

Note: if you are going to choose our services, then note that everything is prepaid. The client is responsible for paying for all the services. We don’t handle financial transactions during events.

2. Functionality of the Mobile Bar

You have obviously come across stunning items with beautiful designs but when it comes to functionality, they can’t even deliver the bare minimum. Mobile bars run by crooks have such types of functionalities. If you just want a basic mobile bar with premium aesthetics, then you can easily get this anywhere.

However, this is not worth your coins. Chances are that you will spend a lot and not get worthwhile services. Functionality is a top aspect to consider. You should only spend on a service provider who offers value for money.

For instance, what type of equipment does the mobile bar come with? Is there glassware and are there bartenders who can effectively handle the number of your guests? What are the available packages?

You don’t want a service provider with a few bartenders serving hundreds of people. This means that your visitors will end up getting frustrated. Generally, one bartender should serve a maximum of 25-30 guests to ensure that everyone is served and all requests are handled effectively. You also don’t want to deal with an overworked bartender who is constantly overwhelmed while handling numerous requests.

The functionality of a mobile bar heavily relies on organization and efficiency. The better the functionality of the equipment and the more the bartenders, the better the service delivery. Make sure that the company you choose has a clean and accommodating workstation while the handlers are well-trained.

Note: although we have many bartenders, we usually work with the numbers that clients give us. We need to know the maximum expected number of attendees so that we can help you pick an adequate stock. You obviously don’t want to run out of drinks just when the party mood is starting to set in.

LED Mobile Bar Hire

Hire a mobile LED bar

3. The Design of The Mobile Bar

Materials are among the top priorities to consider. A professional mobile bar should be designed in such a way that it is portable but still maximizes durability. Generally, a bar that’s made with a high-grade wood or steel frame is not only durable but beautiful.

Design is one of the things that can help bartenders do their jobs effectively. Overall, the material used is a significant giveaway to the efficiency of the company. For instance, a mobile bar made with cheap wood usually reeks of inefficiency.

Besides that, the quality of the material should also match the quality of the service provided. Why should you pay £300 + VAT for a wooden bar that was probably made with just £150? This is a serious rip-off. Understand that most of these companies also reuse these bars several times before they make new ones. Legitimate and outstanding mobile bar companies usually charge for the quality of services that they provide. Any company that overcharges or has so many hidden costs should be avoided at all costs.

Note: for over the 6 years that we have been in business, we have learned that clients usually have varying tastes. That’s why we have multiple mobile bar design options. For durability and efficiency in service delivery, our mobile bars are normally made with durable frames behind the facias. This features custom-built, long-lasting, and rust-resistant aluminium and steel.

We are keen on conserving the environment and that’s why we use durable materials that are reusable. Our fascias are reusable and they are always in great condition, hence they are suitable for a wide range of environmental settings.

4. The Drainage System on the Mobile Bar

This is important for ice storage and water. Bartenders definitely understand the importance of a drainage system such as the ice sink. That’s why any serious mobile bar company for hire should always include professional bartenders in the design process.

Ice, for instance, is an essential part of making cocktails and other drinks. However, it needs to be stored in a cool and protected place that won’t hinder the operations of the bar. Additionally, the drainage system is important in ensuring that the water strain from the ice is effectively collected, making the ice last longer.

Check out for the drainage system to ensure that you are not just hiring a glorified and overpriced table shelf that has nothing much to offer. For effectiveness and efficiency, our mobile bars usually come with sunken ice wells. This helps to significantly minimise the chances of clutter and ensures that the finished product our bartenders create is of high-quality.

5. Versatility in Terms of Theme/Appearance with your Mobile Bar Hire

You will definitely want to use the services of a specific mobile bar depending on the theme or style of your event. We are a well-established company and, therefore, understand that diversity is important. We offer our potential clients a wide array of options. This includes the likes of inflatable bars and barrel bars among others. Generally, we try to offer as many options as possible to offer multiple options so that you can have plenty of choices. Additionally, we love to help our customers make the right selection that will lead to an
overall impressive appearance.

6. Speed Rails on the Mobile Bar

Does the mobile bar company you want to hire have speed rails? These are metallic rows that house the bottles found in lower positions and they are normally found next to ice-wells. They facilitate the service delivery process to ensure that the bartender can easily grab the bottles.

While a lot of people don’t prioritize this feature when looking for mobile bar hire, we find that this is a very crucial feature that affects the speed of service delivery. Additionally, it helps to create more space because there are other tools that need to be used when making drinks. Large speed rails help to minimise the chances of a long line-up.

Mobile Bar

Mobile Bar. Hire, Hire a mobile bar, working side of mobile bar

7. Quick Setup and Packing of the Portable Bar

Mobile bars for hire need to come with the convenience of easy setup as well as packing. While durability is important, how conveniently can you install it? How many people are required during the installation process?

Portability is essential and so ask the service provider how long does it take to set up the bar and how many people need to handle the task. As service providers, we understand that time is a crucial factor. That’s why you will find that our portable bars are not only easy to transport but it would also take a few minutes for one man to set it up. The packaging process is also quick as well thanks to the easily foldable sections.

8. Sleek and Versatile Design of our Mobile Bars

So far, we have highlighted how functionality, durability, portability, and storage are all important. However, a sleek look is also important. Just don’t forego the aesthetic appeal of a mobile bar because the functionality is important. You need a professional portable bar that has been designed with clear angles, smooth surfaces, and premium finish. It should have a certain appeal, whether you are hosting an outdoor garden party or a high-end evening dinner.

9. Customized Mobile Bar Features

The above-mentioned aspects are some of the most important to consider. However, adding some personalized aspect in the design can greatly improve service delivery as well as the appearance of the portable bar.

As professional mobile bar for hire service providers, we use designs that ensure our bartenders work efficiently without feeling like they are overwhelmed. Additional features you are most likely to find in our mobile bars include foldable shelving spaces, cutting boards, several bins for ice storage, a paper towel holder, and napkin holder among others.

10. Great Customer Service and Flexible Staff to come with your Mobile Bar

A good mobile bar for hire should offer excellent customer services to guests from all walks of life. This is in terms of handling requests, time management, having a good memory, and constantly monitoring the guests to ensure that all their needs are catered to.

If you are going to choose our services, then be ready to meet qualified professionals who are ready to offer you exceptional services. All our bartenders have situational awareness skills. They are always ready to handle any request or issue that may arise. Guests will be served by warm and friendly bartenders who can multitask and still connect with them on a personal level.

What Makes Our Mobile Bar & us Stand Out?

As service providers, our focus is not only in making profits but to ensure that our customers are happy with our deliveries. We Don’t Bite More than We Can Chew!

The mobile bar hire business is highly competitive. Even during festivities and holidays when the demand is high, we have to diversify our services constantly to meet the ever-changing market. But even in our quest to provide premium services, we only provide work with what we can handle.

Being in the service industry means that we have to constantly look for new ways to attract customers. But we have learned that we can’t handle all types of requests. Sometimes we may get numerous mobile bar hire requests and but at no point do we seek to overstretch ourselves.

If we can’t handle all the supply requests of our clients by ourselves then rest assured that we can’t integrate them with other suppliers. We want all our customers to get quality and customized services that meet their needs. Using different suppliers for one service, for instance, is complicated. Whether it’s a small personal event or a corporate event, we love to work only as a team with our well-trained staff handling everything.

Why do We Offer Mobile Bar Hire Services?

You are probably curious to know why we are offering this type of service that’s found in a highly competitive niche, right? Well, unlike many other businesses, here is why we love the mobile bar business:

We are Passionate About Service Delivery

Running this business isn’t a walk in the park. You might be tempted to think that it’s all fun and games being in the entertainment sector. However, this is like a calling and you need to be determined in order to make it. It takes dedication and the will to carry on before you can even begin to see any profits.

There is a Market

People host numerous events annually including weddings, graduations, and get-together among others. What we know is that with these occasions which happen throughout the year, there is a constant market. There is no doubt that people love to drink and they need quality services. So, regardless of the season, we can’t miss taking home our minimal income target every month.

Suitable for All Industries

Whether it’s a home event, outdoor get-together, or a corporate event, mobile bar hire business appeals to all sectors. We have worked with private individuals as well as corporates. So, we have integrated our product packages to suit different settings.

We have qualified staff with the right training hence they clearly understand event requirements and protocols in different settings. Over the past 6 years, we have built a marketable profile with an attractive image thanks to the quality of services that we deliver. It’s worth noting that even though we have mainly relied on word of mouth for marketing, we have managed to attract and retain clients across the board.

Versatility in Delivery Options

We know that every client has their own specific demands. So, most of the time, we love to work from the client’s perspective. We have created a wide range of quirky bar options to ensure that cater to the diverse needs of our customers including champagne bars, wine bars, cider bars, and cocktail bars among others.

Other Aspects of Our Mobile Bar Hire

When hiring this service, we understand that client usually have lots of questions. However, here are a few things that we think you should know:

What type of glassware do we have?

Well, we have a broad range of glassware for different occasions and settings. These are high-quality glasses that are recyclable. Besides glassware, our service package also consists of high-quality straws and napkins in addition to ice cubes.

When do we set up and close our services?

We understand that different clients have different requirements. So, we try to customize our services as much as we can to cater to different requirements. Generally, we like to set up the venue a day before or a few hours before. This way, we ensure that everything is correctly setup. Closing is usually done immediately after the event has ended.

Do we tidy up the venue when closing down?

All the drinking areas will not only be kept tidy during the event’s session but even after. We will collect all drink-related waste generated during the event as per the instructions of the client.

What Facilities Does the Client Need to Provide on Site?

This depends on the time of the event. Generally, we mostly need clean water and electricity supply. But in case you can’t supply this and we have to outsource, then we may be forced to charge you a little additional fee. Note that you can use your furniture or any other seating arrangement that suits your needs.

Can I Pay for Services During the Event?

No. Even though the client is responsible for making all the payments, we don’t handle any form of monetary transactions during events. So, once you have selected a service that suits your needs, you need to make payments. The earlier you pay, the better for us to start making the necessary arrangements.

Benefits of Mobile Bar Hire

If you are planning to hold a memorable event, then mobile bars for hire are the best services to use. The advantages of using such services include:

Allows you to focus on other things

Events can be tasking, especially the planning process as well as delivery. However, if you can hire a mobile bar, a huge chunk of the load will be taken off your to-do list. You won’t have to prepare the drinks that will be served at the party because that will be handled by the cocktail service.

Broad Range of Beverages

Mobile hire services offer a broad range of drinks for your guests. For instance, we have an experienced staff with the right training hence we can prepare almost any type of drink that you may need. This is definitely fun because it means that the taste preferences of your guests will be catered to.

Versatile and Aesthetically Pleasing Setup

Most mobile bars for hire come with different designs. The best thing about novel bars is that they are eye-catching and add a sophisticated touch of fresh and attractive air to events. Generally, mobile bars for hire are visually appealing. So, regardless of your theme and location, you can find a set up that meets your needs. Its offers a sense of premium sophistication with a luxurious visual appeal but minus the huge costs that come up with individually setting up such a venue.


Mobile bars are all-inclusive in that you get everything you need at one stop. Purchasing a wide range of drinks while still organising a party can be a demanding task. Sometimes you might even end up even forgetting the essentials. However, hiring such services means that all the needs of your guests will be catered to. These services are usually all-inclusive so you will most likely find essentials such as ice, glassware, and garnish among others.

Manned by Professional Bartender

This is always a hit with all types of guests. Such bars are usually managed by professional bartenders who know how to handle guests. This helps to add a class act. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy luscious shots made by a professional?

Availability of The Right Equipment

A lot of people don’t have the right tools that can help provide premium bartending services. But apart from well-trained professional staff, mobile bars also have the right equipment for preparing modern drinks including mixers.

Add on Services

In order to attract new customers and retain old clients, most mobile bar service providers normally offer additional services. This is designed to make your events are more enjoyable and engaging. For instance, you might find that some portable bars come with light-up letters or LED lights to enhance the ambience.

Can be hired at Any Time

Whether its winter or summer, an afternoon event or evening dinner, mobile bars are versatile and they can be hired at any time, anywhere. This is because they normally offer a customized experience that fits any season and day.

The best thing about this service is that your guests will get served drinks with personalized labels and napkins among other things. Looking at our service delivery menu, it tends to vary from client to client. So, on your big day, expect to get a customized cocktail menu and this is definitely exciting. There is intimacy, luxury, and personalization that comes with such a bar. The menu, design, as well as the services offered, are usually top-notch. Your guests will love the idea of drinks flowing throughout on a tap.

The Bottom Line

Mobile bar hire services are extremely useful for various events. They provide versatility in that you can request for services and set it up wherever you want. We are here to ensure that you have a wholesome experience, indoors or outdoors. We have different product packages to cater to the unique needs of your guests.

With years of experience in the industry, our staff have perfected the craft of mixology and preparing for clients a diverse range of drinks. Besides that, we offer multiple price packages to suit different budgets. We are a licensed business that takes all our agreements with clients seriously. So, if you are going to choose us, you will definitely have an amazing experience.



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